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Stuck In a Rut

Do you ever feel like you're stuck in a writing rut? As if all the stories you write are really similar with only the names are changed to protect the characters?

Sometimes I feel that way. I realized recently that I have a tendency to send my characters to the hospital. One or the other gets injured or someone in the family has a crisis. Whatever the circumstances, off they go to the hospital! It's alarming and annoying and I wonder why I do that. It's not like my family is constantly rushing off to the hospital. We've had a few emergency room or urgent care visits over the years. With four kids, that's inevitable. But it's not like we're constantly there.

So, why do I do it? The only thing I can think of is that stories need crisis and conflict to move
forward. Perhaps that's why I'm always sending them packing. One story I'm working on has both a nursing home AND a hospital involved. To be fair, one character is a doctor, but still! The tre…

Meet the Authors!

Wednesday, October 26th What's Write For Me will feature Eden Baylee, GR Holton, James Ross and Mandy Maxfield Howe. Below is a little bit about my authors. Hope you'll join us! 

Eden Baylee writes erotica, provocative stories incorporating all her favorite things: travel, culture and sex. She left a 20-year career in banking to become a full-time writer. Her debut novel, Fall into Winter, is an anthology of erotic novellas. Fall into Winter is a provocative collection of erotic novellas. Two take place in the fall, and two in the winter, thus the title. The first story is called “Seduced by the Blues.” In it, Ella Jamieson trades self-control for a stolen moment with a man twelve years her junior, and she is surprised when he continues to pursue her. If you love blues and jazz, particularly great guitarists, this story will fulfill your passion for music and much more. The second story is called “Act Three”, and it’s a tale about a ménage à trois with one woman and two men. Th…

Let's Chat with Dawn Colclasure!

I met Dawn a few years ago on My Space. She was the first person to contact and friend me there. When we made the move to Facebook, we kept in touch. She amazes me with her skill and faith. I'm delighted to have her visit my blog.
When did you start writing?

I started writing when I was a young child. I was in a car accident at a very young age and had to have a lot of reconstructive surgeries done. A nurse at one hospital gave me a blank journal and encouraged me to write poems inside it. That’s when the writer in me was born and I haven’t stopped writing since.

What gave you the idea for your first book?

I was lucky: My dreams inspired the idea for my first book. I had these dreams of a man which lasted for several years and, at one point, I dreamed that everything was turned into a novel that was called “November’s Child.” I actually wrote that book and got it published.

What genre do you write?

I don’t like to write in just one genre. I like variety. I like the challenge of wr…

Meet Monday's Guests Carol Saller & Daniel Ferry!

To listen in to the show tomorrow, follow this link:

Carol Fisher Saller, an editor of the "Chicago Manual of Style" and the author of "The Subversive Copyeditor", blogs about academic writing and editing at "Lingua Franca" for the "Chronicle of Higher Education". She has also worked as an editor of children’s books and has published several books for children. Her new book "Eddie's War", a middle-grade novel about an Illinois farmboy during World War II, is published by namelos, a cutting-edge digital and print-on-demand publishing house founded by Stephen Roxburgh.

Daniel Ferry: Born in Panama, the author spent the first part of his life living and traveling as an Air Force “brat.” Ferry has a degree in Journalism from the California State University at Northridge and presently lives in San Diego, California.

For excerpts of Daniel's novel, visit: http://w…