Sunday, October 23, 2011

Meet the Authors!

Wednesday, October 26th What's Write For Me will feature Eden Baylee, GR Holton, James Ross and Mandy Maxfield Howe. Below is a little bit about my authors. Hope you'll join us! 

Author Eden Baylee

Eden Baylee writes erotica, provocative stories incorporating all her favorite things: travel, culture and sex. She left a 20-year career in banking to become a full-time writer. Her debut novel, Fall into Winter, is an anthology of erotic novellas. Fall into Winter is a provocative collection of erotic novellas. Two take place in the fall, and two in the winter, thus the title.
The first story is called “Seduced by the Blues.” In it, Ella Jamieson trades self-control for a stolen moment with a man twelve years her junior, and she is surprised when he continues to pursue her. If you love blues and jazz, particularly great guitarists, this story will fulfill your passion for music and much more.
The second story is called “Act Three”, and it’s a tale about a ménage à trois with one woman and two men. The title is also a play on words as the protagonist is a theatre director, and quite used to being in charge of his plays.
The last two stories take place in the snowy regions of Canada and Austria. In “The Norwegian,” Leah Jones isolates herself in a cabin to complete her latest book, but is soon distracted from her goal when she reunites with a man from her past.
Finally, with “The Austrian and the Asian,” Elena Lee returns to Austria, a country where she had a torrid love affair ten years earlier and must come to terms with doubts about why she ever left.
James Ross
James resides in a small coastal bay community in northern California; he is the author of the forthcoming historical-fiction trilogy The Desert Sun Saga. The first novel, The Desert Sun – Life In Motion, is planned for release in 2012, with Brogan Creek Massacre and Dann’s Honor to follow.
His poem Tunnel is included in an anthology of global poetry published earlier this year as pay attention: a river of stones
An accomplished musician and songwriter, a selection of his compositions were performed by an international ensemble in Warsaw Poland at a 2005 Habitat for Humanity fund raising concert.

To view more poetry, lyrics, and photography by James, please visit Craft Your Life in Motion. 

He is available on Facebook and Twitter. In addition, original artwork is available at Zazzle.

GR Holton
On a warm summer morning in 1962, G. R. Holton was born in a small town in Massachusetts and is the second eldest in a family of eight children. He is happily married and living in eastern Tennessee. He has two daughters, a son, a step-daughter and a step-son and is also the proud grandfather of four beautiful girls.

G. R. took an interest in computer games to pass the time, and then one day he made a friend on one of those online games with chat. They became great friends and after a few weeks of talking, he met her husband online and hit it off quickly. He gave him a couple of his screenplays to read and he was hooked. He knew at that point he wanted to try writing.
One night, after days of not being able to come up with a story to write, he had a dream of three teens on another planet and in a cave. This was it; he knew what had to be done. He sat down at the computer and over the course of three months he had written his first book, “Journey to the Edge”. He knew he couldn’t stop there, so he continued writing and “Guardians Alliance” was born. He has also published a children’s picture book called, “Squazles” about not judging others and did the book design for Cameron Titus’s “A to Z book: A Habitat for Humanity Project”. “Journey to the Edge” is being rereleased as “Soleri” this coming December from World Castle 
Publishing. His latest, “Deep Screams”, also from World Castle Publishing, is a science fiction/horror thriller which is now available in eBook and paperback at the major online book retailers. He has also been named to The Authors Show’s 2011 “50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading” and has been in the local newspaper numerous times for his writing accomplishments. He hopes you enjoy reading his dreams as much as he has in dreaming them. 

Mandy Maxfield Howe
Mandy resides in the Silos and Smokestacks region of the Midwest, where she has served for the past ten years as an educator of young children with special needs. In addition to editing The Desert Sun Saga along with James F. Ross, she has submitted for publication her first children’s book, My Favorite Color. 

As a nature photographer and writer, she encourages others to explore their senses and become attuned to the world around them.

To view poetry, prose, and photography by Mandy, please visit Reflections of a Mid-Life Awakening. In addition, her original artwork is available at Zazzle.


Eden Baylee said...

Look forward to talking to you Dellani and learning more about the other authors too.


Dellani Oakes said...

Thank you, Eden. I'm really looking forward to it.

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