Tuesday, September 29, 2015

I Love Dialogue - Bad Fall Excerpt 3

Frank's evening is shot to hell when he finds out that Ralph Penwarren is missing from his room and off wandering around, no doubt causing trouble. Frank had told him to stay in his room, because he'd caused so much trouble during the day. Getting all the spare staff members he can find, Frank divides them into search parties. He's paired up with a young orderly named Matthew.

"So, who is this guy?" Matthew asked.
Frank explained to him who Ralph Penwarren was.
"Oh, him! Yeah, what a prick. Friend of mine was out for a smoke. The old, fat guy's out there, right? Wouldn't give him a light. Like butane's gold or something. Billy went most of his break without a smoke. Had to hotbox it."
"Yet another reason I gave up smoking," Frank replied. "Has he completely alienated the entire staff?"
"Just about. I've heard people bitching about him all day. I'm on a double, Matt explained.
"I wish I knew how he got out. I can't believe no one spotted him."
"Prolly waited until the guard left and took off. I know you had a guy outside, but a man's gotta piss sometime, dig?"
"Yeah. He should have had someone relieve him first."
"Well, if the fat guy was bribing other people, maybe he bribed the guard too? I mean, it's possible, right?"
"That had crossed my mind. I hate to think one of my people would do that."
"Dude, we all have a price. I gotta admit, some guy offers me a hundred bucks to look the other way so he can sneak out, I'd think about it."
"What if he offered you another hundred to get him in his mother's room?"
"No, man. I wouldn't want my kid going through my shit. Hell, I don't want my mom going through my shit, dig?"
Frank chuckled, nodding. "I dig. Me either, as it happens."
"You worried about your porn stash?"
"I got some interesting books when I was in India. I don't think she'd appreciate them much."
"How about your girlfriend?"
"Don't have one of those at the moment."
"I heard you were seeing the new shrink."
"I took her to lunch."
"And breakfast and she fixed you dinner. So, you tap that?" He held out his knuckles for Frank to bump.
Frank gave him an evil eye. "You in the habit of taking a woman to bed that you just met?"
"No, man...."
"Neither am I."
"Sorry, dude. That whole ADHD problem, makes me talk too fast for my brain to keep up."
"I have the same problem sometimes." Frank stopped walking at the end of the hall, just before they started down the stairs. "If I were a mean spirited, antisocial sociopath, where would I go for fun?" He looked left and right, shrugging exaggeratedly. "Oh, I dunno," he said in a high, kid type voice. "Gee, whiz, Unca Frankie! I think I'll go to Disneyland!"
The young orderly laughed. It echoed down the stairs. "Come on, boss. He's not that bad, is he?"
"He's a murder victim waiting for a killer," Frank replied as he headed down the stairs.
"Damn. I thought he was just some mean, old, fat guy."
"He's Satan's Hell Spawn."
A strange sound filtered up from the ground floor. Frank held up his fist, using battle signs instinctively. He gestured to the kid to stay where he was and headed down.

© 2015 Dellani Oakes

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

I Love Dialogue - Bad Fall Excerpt 2

Frank and Marka start dating. Happy in one another's company, they decide to have dinner together. Penwarren is still being a pain in the butt, so Frank decides he'd better stay longer than he'd planned. He and Marka go by his house to get more of his clothing and he's in his apartment to change after work.

Frank loosened his tie and hung up his suit. He realized that he'd left his other clothing in the car. He finished changing and called Marka again before going out to get his things. The temperature outside had dropped considerably. He shivered in his shirt sleeves and trotted back in the building as quickly as he could. He dropped his clothing in his room and jogged down to hers. Arriving breathless, he tapped at the door. Marka opened with a grin.
"Finally! Dinner's almost ready. Will you open the bottle? It's one of those tricky wire thingies."
"No problem. Anything else I can do for you?"
"I'm sure I'll think of something."
Her smile held promises that he couldn't even think about collecting on tonight. He was getting strong vibes from her. She was decidedly interested—quite possibly as much as he was. But she wasn't going to give it up to a man she just met. Not that he'd do that anyway. That wasn't his style. He'd never been a one night stand kind of guy. He'd done it from time to time, but it wasn't his usual mode of behavior.
"Frank? You in lala land?" Marka handed him the bottle.
"Guess so. Been a long day. I swear, I'm ready for that man to leave." He explained the current crisis.
"Are there words to describe a man like him?"
"Haven't found any that properly do it. Calling him a dick and a douchebag, while satisfying, don't really do him justice. Insufferable, insignificant, egotistical prick comes closer."
"My dad would describe him as the head of a pimple on the ass of the universe."
"Bingo! Your dad and I would get along, I bet."
"Like a house on fire. Remind me never to introduce you." She winked at him.
"There's a way to slay my hopes."
"By not introducing you to my dad?"
"Can't get a man's opinion if you don't meet him."
"Perhaps once I have you hopelessly hooked."
"You're kidding, right? You had me hooked when you asked for toilet paper."
Marka stopped in her tracks, staring at him, her mouth slightly open. "You're serious."
"In fact, I think I was hooked when I saw you on TV."
Marka still hadn't moved.
Frank laughed nervously. "What?"
"That's so incredibly sweet. No man ever fell for me because he saw me on TV."
"First time for everything," Frank said, clearing his throat.
It had finally struck him how his remarks could be interpreted. Not that he cared, he just didn't want her to think he was some sort of sick, pathetic, stalker type who hadn't gotten laid in almost a year.
If the shoe fits, boyo.... Well, not the stalker part.
He poured them each a glass of the sparkling grape juice. They toasted one another as well as the meal.
"And to Mabel Penwarren. May she recover fast so her damn son goes home!" Frank said.
"Here here!"
Their glasses tinked against one another once more.

© 2015 Dellani Oakes

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

I Love Dialogue - Bad Fall

Frank Atherton is the assistant director at a nursing home in Ohio. For an ex-military man, the job may seem a little tame, but he actually likes the mundane, day to day routine. After the chaos of war, it's nice to relax. He's happy there, until Ralph Penwarren shows up. An insufferable man, Penwarren has already made Frank's life hell, and it's only been a couple hours. Instead of staying at home, Frank decides to stay on site in one of the guest rooms, in case there is an emergency with Penwarren. By chance, he meets Dr. Marka Ventimiglia, a new psychologist on staff.

Frank hung up, turning back to his visitor. "Sorry. Had a little problem with a guest. He's a real jerk. In fact, he's the reason I'm here tonight instead of home—with a beer." He flopped into the chair with a sigh.
"I hear a story in that."
"His name's Ralph Penwarren. His mom lives here. She fell and he blames us. Long story short, he's going to make us as miserable as possible before he leaves."
"My Gran would call him a pip," Marka replied with a sly grin.
"Mine would call him a prick," Frank countered. "She's been married to a Marine for fifty-six years. She doesn't take crap from anyone. She'd eat Penwarren for lunch."
"Sounds like you should give her a call."
"Maybe I will."
They were laughing quietly over their little joke when someone knocked at the door. It was Kathy. She bustled past Frank with several rolls of toilet paper.
"Sorry it took me so long. I dropped by Dr. Ventimiglia's first, but she wasn't there. I didn't want to go in.... Oh, hi! I didn't know you were here."
"I came to see if he had a spare. That's how he found out he hasn't got any either."
"All you have to do is call housekeeping. We'll take care of it. The numbers should be on top of the TV."
"They were. I didn't realize there was anyone there at night."
Kathy smiled, handing her some toilet paper. "Once in awhile someone gets up and pees the floor or spills. Most nights are pretty quiet. I inventory and fold sheets, that sort of thing."
"Thanks for the information. I'll be staying in a guest room for a few weeks. After that, I'll move into a house in town. They're remodeling. It's not ready yet."
"Oh, sweet! What house?"
"The cute periwinkle blue house on the corner of Main and Fifteenth."
"You'll love it! My husband helped with the remodel. He finished the floors. All oak," Kathy said. "It's got a great view of the park and pond."
"Yes, I saw. That and the kitchen are the two things that sold me on the house."
"Kenny also helped with the cabinets. He's a great carpenter. He works here part time too."
"I look forward to meeting him."
"If there's anything else you need, holler. I'll be sitting in my cave watching TV and folding sheets." Kathy withdrew, a questioning look on her face as she passed Frank.
"Night, Kath. See you in the morning."
"Bright and early," she replied, winking as she left.
Blushing, Frank shut the door behind her. "God, we'll be the topic of gossip for the next week."
"What? Why?"
He pointed to himself, then her. "You being here in the middle of the night—"
"It's just past ten!"
"Around here, that's like two o'clock in the morning anywhere else. Be prepared for it. The entire staff will know before noon and half the residents by supper."
"I hate to think what the talk would be like if we were naked." She paused, reddening. "Sorry."
Frank burst out laughing. "Don't be. I was thinking it."
"But you're too much of a gentleman to say it. Sometimes my mouth works faster than my off switch."
"No, you just beat me to it."
"You won't get in trouble, will you?"
"Only with myself."
She was clearly puzzled.
"I handle things like that. Actually, it's flattering."
"Yeah." He scratched his head, one hand in his pocket. "Found in a room with a pretty woman like you— Sorry, now I need my off switch."
"Could be worse things."
"Yeah, we could've been naked."

© 2015 Dellani Oakes

Friday, September 11, 2015

The Unfit Author July 27 - August 2, 2015

Below are the songs I danced to 7/27/2015:
Duration Song and Artist Time
3:51 Bawitiba – Kid Rock 11:06 AM
5:17 Low Down – Boz Scaggs 12:16 PM
4:17 Pick Up the Pieces – Average White Band 1:25
15:00 Stretched Forgot time

Below are the songs I danced to 7/28/2015:
Duration Song and Artist Time
3:55 Flower – Cody Simpson 112:33 PM
3:44 Every Breath You Take – Sting 2:43
5:44 Criminal – Revivalists 10:00
6:44 Smooth – Santana 12:00 AM

Below are the songs I danced to 7/29/2015:
Writing Group
Duration Song and Artist Time
4:25 Do I Wanna Know – Arctic Monkey 9:31 PM

Below are the songs I danced to 7/30/2015:
Duration Song and Artist Time
20:00 Stretched 10:05 PM
3:50 Fuck You – CeeLo Green 1:01 AM

Below are the songs I danced to 7/30/2015:
Duration Song and Artist Time
3:37 Bang Bang – Monophones 12:55 PM
3:58 Flower – Cody Simpson 9:34

Below are the songs I danced to 8/1/2015:
Duration Song and Artist Time
4:26 Anti-Gravity – Incubus 9:12 PM
3:36 Flower – Cody Simpson 10:17
4:55 Number Nine – Moon Hooch 11:17

Below are the songs I danced to 8/2/2015:
Duration Song and Artist Time
4:55 Number Nine – Moon Hooch 11:17 AM
5:54 Criminal – Revivalists 12:17 PM
20:00 Stretched 4:22

© Dellani Oakes 2015

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

I Love Dialogue! Portrait of Love excerpt 2

Gemma meets Kendrick by chance, and he asks her out. Desperately wanting to paint her portrait, he invites her to his studio. He isn't as interested in dating her so much as capturing her essence on the canvas. When Gemma meets his roommate, Vik, there is an instant attraction. Unfortunately, they aren't able to deny their attraction and Kendrick finds them kissing in Vik's studio. He goes somewhat crazy and beats up Vik. This scene takes place in the hospital when Vik is being released.

You can go ahead and call your driver at any time,” Dr. Hennasy said with a smile. “I'll get the paperwork rolling.”
Thank you so much,” Gemma said.
We're going to miss you,” Dr. Hennasy said. “Not because we like you or anything, Vik. We're going to miss Minerva's treats.”
Giggling, she scuttled out as he hurled one of his pillows at her. Laughing, he lay down once more.
Ow, that hurt. I should know better than to throw pillows at my doctor.”
But isn't that what they're for? The doctors, and the pillows,” Gemma said as she picked it up.
Vik chuckled. “They are indeed. I say that a day hasn't really started well unless one is able to hurl at least one pillow at an unsuspecting medical professional.”
Doctors aren't as much fun to bean as nurses,” Gemma said, putting the pillow at the end of the bed. “But nurses are generally quicker.”
Holding his ribs, Vik laughed softly. “Oh, fuck that hurts!”
I guess laughter isn't the best medicine for a man with cracked ribs, hm? We'll make sure that the level of jocularity is kept at a minimum.”
Jocularity,” Vik chuckled. “Yeah, that'll happen.”
James arrived about forty minutes later, trailing water from his great coat. “I had to park in east hell,” he complained. “The old man with the cart wouldn't give me a ride. He said I was fully fit and able to walk.”
Bastard,” Vik said. “What do they pay the old arse for if not to pick people up?”
I think he was beating it,” James said, with a none to subtle hand gesture. “Can't be sure as the drapes were drawn.”
Ew!” Gemma said.
Sorry, Miss. You'll have to forgive us menfolk. We can't be trusted in public.”
Or private,” Vik added.
Nor there,” James agreed. “Are we about out of here?”
Just need to sign the papers,” Vik said.
I'll tromp back down to get the car, then,” James said with a sign. “I tried calling, but you didn't answer. That's the only reason I shlepped up here.”
Gemma looked at her phone only to realize it was completely dead. “I forgot to charge it last night. I'm so sorry, James.”
Not a problem, Miss. I'll be back,” he said in a good imitation of Arnold.
I need to get dressed,” Vik said. “I can't do this myself.”
I can help,” Gemma said.
Vik's head popped up, his lips clamped shut. “Uh, no. I have no boxers on. Not inviting you to that party at this stage of the game.”
Gemma giggled as he blushed. “I'll get someone.”
Preferably a male someone,” Vik called after her.
A few minutes later, Gemma came back with an orderly. He gladly helped Vik get dressed while Gemma waited in the hallway. He opened the door, propping it open when he left. Vik sat on the bed fully clothed. He patted the bed next to him.
I can't wait to get home and shower. Sponge bathes are okay, but they aren't that much fun.”
Oh, I think I could give you a great sponge bath,” Gemma teased.
You can't say things like that if I'm going to be celibate the next few weeks,” Vik said. “I have some self-control, but an invitation like that gets my imagination pumping. And I have a hell of a good imagination,” he whispered, leaning toward her.

© 2015 Dellani Oakes

Friday, September 04, 2015

The Unfit Author - July 20 - July 26, 2015

Below are the songs I danced to 7/20/2015:
Went shopping today. HOT! Didn't feel well when I got home.

Below are the songs I danced to 7/21/2015:
Duration Song and Artist Time
4:13 Vampire – Ballroom Thieves 11:02 AM
2:48 What I've Seen – Allen Stone 12:13 PM

Below are the songs I danced to 7/22/2015:
Class and Show Didn't get any dancing done.

Below are the songs I danced to 7/23/2015:
Duration Song and Artist Time
3:38 Flower – Cody Simpson 12:09 PM
20:00 Stretched Didn't record time

Below are the songs I danced to 7/24/2015:
Duration Song and Artist Time
20:00 Stretched 4:32 PM
Below are the songs I danced to 7/25/2015:
Duration Song and Artist Time
3:42 Heaven's Wall – Devlins 12:07 PM
3:13 Rumble and Sway – Jamie N Commons 2:37
3:24 Riptide – Vance Joy 3:52
3:51 Sweetest Cure – Hugo 5:06
3:58 When I'm Able - Revivalists 6:28

Below are the songs I danced to 7/26/2015:
Duration Song and Artist Time
3:45 Do You Love Me – Guster 10:58 AM
6:01 Sharp Dressed Man – Billy Gibbons 12:15 PM
4:10 Sour Times – Portishead 3:18
3:11 Lay Em Down – Need2Breathe 10:10

© Dellani Oakes 2015

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

I Love Dialogue! Portrait of Love

Gemma is a rich, naïve, innocent woman. She meets Kendrick by chance, and he asks her out. Mostly, he wants to paint her portrait, but she isn't sure she wants to. She finally agrees and goes to his studio, where she meets Vik, his roommate. There is an instant connection, but they don't want to upset Kendrick, so they keep it under wraps. This scene takes place after Ken and Vik get some really good news and party a little too hardy.

Persistent knocking woke Vik the next morning. Ken wasn't on the floor across from him, but he couldn't have been the one knocking. He had keys and he was too careful to lock himself out. Vik staggered to the door and tried to look out the peephole. It seemed to beyond his skill set at that point, so he opened the door.
Gemma stood at the door, slightly flushed and in a state of disarray. She pushed past him, striding into the room. Vik leaned against the door, which swung shut, nearly trapping his fingers. He pulled them out just in time and tried to focus on Gemma.
Hey,” he said, gulping. “Sorry. We....” He gestured to the apartment. It took him a moment to realize that the mess was gone and he wondered, in passing, when that happened. “Celebrating,” he mumbled. “Hi.”
Where's Kendrick?”
No clue. Just woke up. I'll look. Gimme sec.” He stumbled to the stairs.
Are you drunk?” she sounded rather disgusted.
Lil bit.” He held his fingers an inch or so apart. He tried to put his foot on the step, but it retreated from him, sliding toward the floor. He missed, tried again and got it that time. “Lil bit,” he muttered and slowly climbed the stairs.
Ken wasn't in his bed. It was neatly made. His towel was dry, meaning he hadn't showered that morning. His toothbrush had been used. It was slightly damp when Vik touched it. He took a few minutes to empty his bladder, splash cold water on his face and brush his teeth. He ran his damp hands through his unruly brown hair and tried to pull himself together.
Coffee. I need coffee.”
The stairs didn't present quite as big a problem going down, though he still had to be careful where he placed his feet.
Are you okay? Is Ken here?”
No. And no.” Vik wandered to the kitchen, heading toward the coffee pot. It was already set up. “He left coffee, though. Want some?”
Where did he go?”
No idea. He didn't leave a note. Might have an appointment. Might have gone to work. Dunno.” He hit the button on the coffee pot on the third try. Pulling out a stool at the bar in the kitchen, he sat heavily, unable to move another step. Head perched unsteadily on his hands, he groaned.
Gemma walked over, checking his forehead. “Are you sick?”
Nope.” He burped. Even he could smell the saki fumes.
Gemma waved the air between them.
Sorry. Saki. I really shouldn't drink it. It has a kick.”
What were you celebrating?”
Big things. Epic. I honestly can't remember at the moment. Let me get my coffee infusion.” The pot finished as he spoke. “Oh, come here you wicked, dark eyed minx!”
Gemma took a step back from him, but he turned toward the coffee pot and she giggled. “You're a mess.”
Let me get that. You'll have it all over the floor.” She took his mug from him and poured him a cup. “How do you take it?”
Light and sweet...like you.” He touched her cheek and burped again. “Sorry. Shouldn't have said that. Sorry.” He took the mug from her, gulping the scalding brew. “Ouch! Yep, that's gonna do the trick. He made it twice as strong.”
Gemma giggled, taking a smaller mug for herself. She put in her cream and sugar before joining him at the bar. “So, you were celebrating, overdid it, can't remember what you're happy about and lost your roommate? That's it?”
Busy day.”
You can't say anything else yet, huh?”
Nope. I don't do this often,” he babbled. “This isn't how I usually—comport myself.” Vik burped again. “Sorry.” He stood unsteadily and took a couple Tums from the cupboard over the sink.
You're using words over one syllable. That's an improvement.”

© 2015 Dellani Oakes

Emma, Dangerous by Dellani Oakes – Part 7

Emma's in the hospital for the night, and Sam's allowed to stay with her. He asks Rosalee not to let her parents see her, unless she...