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Laughter Defines Me

LAUGHTER Dec. 17, 2008
Laughter defines me. I love to laugh. I know most of us enjoy laughing, but I really put myself into it, heart and soul. Looking back at my youth, I know we laughed a lot. My mother's family likes to tell jokes and be silly, something many people don't do. Of course, I didn't realize this until later. I look at events around me and find humor in everyday life - even things that aren't supposed to be funny.

For example, I went with my son to the Peabody Auditorium a few years ago, for a young peoples' concert. I was sitting with one of the other mothers. We always have a good time together, but today we were really behaving worse than the students. During one of the pieces, a little girl across the aisle saw a bug on the stairs of the balcony. We couldn't see it, but a woman a row ahead of us did. She took off her shoe and smacked the bug. Unfortunately, it was during a lull in the music, so there was a loud thump in the quiet…

My Fantasy

This is something I wrote for my Fun in Writing group on Wednesday.
I was walking down the street the other day, when a glint of metal caught my eye. I spied a battered, metal, oil lamp. I picked it up and carried it home, intending to recycle it. However, when I examined it, it looked like it was very old – perhaps antique. I thought I might clean it up and try to sell it on E-bay. I got out the brass polish and gave the ancient metal a gentle bath in warm, sudsy water. I lifted it from the water, intent upon applying the polish. My fingers brushed it and I felt a raised place. On closer inspection, it looked like an inscription. I rubbed away some grime, staring at the words I found there. With a whoosh and a puff of fragrant, purple smoke, I found myself face to face with a handsome man dressed in a tuxedo. He had a muscular physique, black hair and the bluest eyes I've ever seen. He smiled, taking my soapy hand in his. “My name is Ax and I'm the genie of his lamp.” His voice …

Heart of Fiction: Dellani Oakes: Under the Western Sky

Heart of Fiction: Dellani Oakes: Under the Western Sky: Welcome, welcome, Dellani Oakes. Or should I say, welcome back? Dellani was with us last September with the release of her first book with...

Sound and Fury

Sound and Fury March 25, 2009

Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player That struts and frets his hour upon the stage And then is heard no more: it is a tale Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing. ~Macbeth

I saw this quote this morning and got to thinking about 'sound and fury'. What could embody that more than the sounds of a hurricane beating at your front door? I've had friends and family members ask me to describe a hurricane and I came up short on words. How do you describe a hurricane to someone who's never been through one? There aren't words forceful enough to depict the screaming of the wind as it pummels the house or the rain and debris as they beat against the windows and rattle the backdoor. Anyone who has lived through a hurricane immediately conjures up pictures and sounds in their minds of wave surges, howling winds, driving rain, flying debris, traffic lights swinging erratically as the fingers of the storm strive t…


Excuses Fun in Writing 2/16/11
Parents know excuses. We've all heard them. "It's not me. I didn't do it. You always think it's me. He did it! It's her fault!" I always loved the Family Circus cartoons with the little invisible child running around named "Not Me". It seemed so perfect for parents.

Teachers hear excuses too. "I wasn't talking, it was him. She hit me! The dog ate my homework." I remember once when I was teaching, one of my students brought in a mangled piece of paper in a ziploc bag with a note from his mother.

"The dog really did eat my son's homework. We have a new puppy who chews anything and the paper fell on the floor. We thought it was so funny, we decided to show you." He'd done the homework over again, but brought the chewed up page as evidence that it really does happen. He offered to let me keep it, but I thought that was a souvenir I could live without.

My eldest son, has a …

If Music Be the Food of Love

Music Fun in Writing June 3, 2009 "If music be the food of love, play on!" ~Shakespeare
Ever hear a song that makes you cry? Or maybe one that makes you jump for joy, whistle happily in the shower or hum on your way to the grocery store? Music in one form or another surrounds us daily. Often, we don't even notice it unless it isn't to our liking. The muzak they play in elevators or on hold springs to mind.

Sometimes, if the music isn't to our liking, or is a little too loud, it's like an assault on the eardrums. How often have you had a car pass you in a parking lot with the bass thumping uncomfortably? I was in the Winn-Dixie one day when the windows started to shake. I thought a space shuttle was going up. Instead, I saw a car passing with huge speakers in the rear window, turned up so loudly, it made the windows vibrate.

When I work or drive, I have music playing. The only time I'm not listening to something is when I'm asleep. Partly th…