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Excerpt from "Indian Summer"

Set in 1739, "Indian Summer" explores the moral standards of the times. Young ladies were not allowed to be in the company of a man unless chaperoned. It was rare that a courting couple had any privacy. Girls especially were sheltered, and didn't know anything about making love until their wedding nights. In this scene, Gabriella asks her fiance, Manuel, some questions that have been troubling her.

Manuel could tell there was something on my mind, but he waited for me to bring it up in my own time. Instead he told me an amusing story of something that happened when he was a child. I don't remember what it was. I wasn't really paying attention, but trying to formulate my question. He reached the end of his story and chuckled, noticing I wasn't joining in.


His tone brought me out of my thoughts and I focused on him. He pointed between my eyes.

"The crinkle is back and the lips."

He made the exaggerated face as he had done before,…

Exerpt from "Indian Summer"

My first novel, "Indian Summer", is an historical adventure/ romance. The main character, Gabriella Deza, tells her own story in her own voice. Though I experimented with other approaches, first person won out. Gabriella insisted upon being heard. The following is the first few pages of "Indian Summer"

The first rays of sun rose above the ocean, setting the waves afire. I gazed out my window, watching the town of St. Augustine awake. Sounds from the kitchen below blended with the calling of the men on the docks and the soldiers at the fort.

Tradesmen opened shops as women called to one another from their houses. Carpenters and stonecutters continued repairing the walls and buildings after the latest British attack. Seagulls called raucously along the shore waiting for whatever scraps got thrown to them, fighting over the merest, insignificant crumb. All these were comfortable sounds, mingling together into a familiar morning melody.

As my bedroom faces the ocean a…

Excerpt from "Monica"

Monica Divine doesn't know what she wants out of life. She knows what she doesn't want, the life she's got. Her mother is a basket case who drove Monica's father away when she was a child. The only stable element in her life is her friend Billy. He's always been there to pick up the pieces. She considers him her best friend and it's never occurred to her that he ever be anything more. That is, not until she's nearly mugged and robbed trying to make a bank deposit for Billy's business. His concern is more than just friendly. Since Monica (or as Billy calls her, Red) is too wound up in her own woes to notice, he decides to make his position completely clear.

"What do you want me to say?"

"It's not what I want you to say. What do you want to say? What do you feel? Am I talking to myself?"

"I don't know what you want."

"What I want is to be the guy everyone thinks I am. I want to be your boyfriend. No, scr…

A Night Out With Friends

I don't remember exactly what inspired this scene. It might have been when I was trying to work my way through a plot. It took on a life of its own, which is what I always want my writing to do.

Half a dozen people sat around a green, cloth covered table playing cards. One of the women squinted past the smoke spiraling ceiling ward from the stub of a cigarette dangling from red painted lips.

"I have to kill her off," she tossed down a queen of hearts.

A bearded man picked it up, discarding a one eyed jack. "Why? Did she piss you off"

The others chuckled lightly as the game progressed.

"She's a nuisance. No one likes her."

Six heads bobbed in unison.

"So, how did you figure to do it?" A well dressed, handsome man said quietly.

"Stabbing," the woman replied, grinding the cigarette out.

"Stabbing's messy." A red haired woman wrinkled her nose.

"She's right," the well dressed man agreed.

"Is it preme…