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Brae Wyckoff and The Orb of Truth

Brae Wyckoff was born and raised in San Diego, CA and is working toward a Psychology degree. He has been married to his beautiful wife, Jill, for 19 years, and they have three children; Tommy, Michelle, and Brittany. He has a beautiful grandson named Avery. Brae has been an avid gamer since 1985. His passion for mysterious realms and the supernatural inspired him to write The Orb of Truth, the first in a series of fantasy action adventures. Brae describes The Orb of Truth as a cross between the Lord of the Rings and the Wizard of OZ where you will be swept away into a magical land of Dwarves, Elves, and Halflings. And today, he's visiting us on Writer's Sanctuary. Welcome, Brae!

“It’s a cross between Lord of the Rings and the Wizard of OZ where you will be swept away into a magical land of Dwarves, Elves, and Halflings.”

—Brae Wyckoff

Where are you from?

Born and raised in beautiful San Diego, CA.

What sparked your interest in writing?

Movies truly brought out the writing inte…

Geography Lesson

I wrote this short for another writing group I used to belong to. I don't remember if there was a prompt or if we simply decided on the subject ourselves. This is what I wrote.

"Hah! I got you!" Brady yelled as he hurled himself at his little brother. Alfie flung himself backward on the bed, clutching his chest dramatically, gurgling loudly as he fell. "Arrg! You got me, Captain Brady, Terror of the Six Seas!" "That's Terror of the Seven Seas, Alfie." "Nope. I'm saving one for me, so only six." Brady laughed as he helped his brother up. "Okay, you can have the Mediterranean Sea. Is that okay?" "Sure. Show me." They walked to the world map that took up over half the wall. Alfie loved geography, but he couldn't read yet. Brady showed him the Mediterranean. "Now spell it." Alfie dutifully complied. "Show me Holland," Brady commanded. It was a game they had made up to go along with the map. Alfie poin…


I'm told I have a suspicious mind. I prefer to say I have a healthy dose of cynicism with a spot of paranoia. Though it is true, I am suspicious. Crime is all around us. Every day someone gets robbed or killed and the police can't find a clue. That's why a guy like me is necessary. Bill Sussman, Private Eye. My career started in the second grade when little Myron Golden lost his marbles, twelve of them, plus an Aggy. Someone stole them from his coat pocket at recess. I found those marbles. Who but me would have thought that Vera Teigler was capable of such a heinous crime? And at such a tender age. From there, I progressed to bigger things, each case more impressive than the last. In middle school, I uncovered the gang responsible for the graffiti on the bathroom walls. In high school, I uncovered a term paper forgery business by posing as a football player in need of a grade fix. None of my discoveries made me very popular with my classmates, but sometimes a man has to do th…

Donna Anastasi - Spin the Plate

Today we have an interview with Donna Anastasi, whose re-edited and re-released edition of Spin the Plate is currently on tour with Walker Author Tours. Enjoy, and don't forget to check out her book!

What is your greatest writing challenge?  Child abuse and post-traumatic stress syndrome are such sensitive topics, so I needed to proceed cautiously and strike a balance between realism and not being overly sentimental or dramatic.

What do you find most rewarding in writing a book?  The many posts I’ve received from readers on how it’s moved them forward life journey.  Plus winning the Living Now gold medal award was a huge honor.

Tell us about your previous work.  I wrote two book on animal care – The Complete Guide to Gerbil Car and the Complete Guide to Chinchilla care. I just completed another “gritty Christian fiction” work, a short story entitled “In God’s Name” available free from Smashwords.

What other projects do you have coming up? Another small-animal book called “Gerbil …

Pounding the Pavement

The prompt from writing group was Pounding the Pavement. This is what I wrote.

I've never really actually pounded the pavement, except with my butt. What can I say? I'm clumsy. If it's possible to hurt myself, I will. I don't know what my first experience with pavement pounding was, but several incidents certainly stand out in my mind in rather spectacular ways. I seem to have a proclivity for injuring my feet the most, though my shins and knees refuse to be left out of the action. When I was four, my family lived in married student housing in Cambridge, Massachusetts, while my father attended Harvard. There were lots of children running around barefoot and we played outside all spring and summer. One of the boys was given a red wagon for his birthday and we were all getting rides. I was determined not to be left out and claimed my place in the front while two others piled in behind me. I started out with my feet under me Indian style, but there wasn't enough room, …

Pet Peeves

I go to a small, informal writing group once a week. We get a weekly prompt to write about. This is what I wrote for Pet Peeves.

 The therapist looked around the group steepling his fingers. Smiling ponderously he turned to the newest member. "Everyone, this is Letitia. She's joining us for the first time. Letitia, why don't you share with the group some of the things that make you angry." Letitia smiled sweetly at him. "You mean like other than smarmy psychologists with ingratiating voices and sissy mannerisms?" His smile faded slightly as he brought his hands to his lap. "Yes, other than that." "Stupid people," she said tersely. "Define stupid," a short, wiry, Hispanic youth across from her said. Letitia thought for a moment. "Stupid people, hm. Can't walk, can't talk, shouldn't breathe?" He grinned, nodding for her to go on. The therapist frowned. "Get behind them in the grocery store - Oo…

Pantser, Planner, Plotter, Plunger

We've been called Panters by many – now we've been dubbed Plungers by the less than generous Plotters and Planners crowd.
Call me sensitive, but I find both of those terms somewhat demeaning. Just because I don't outline doesn't mean I don't plot and plan. I do that as I write rather than spending time on it before hand.
A recent article – the one that called us Plungers – said that Plungers and Pantsers are slower authors because we don't plan, plot and outline. We're disorganized, our method is slower and less directed. We are, therefore, less efficient authors.
Oh, really? For the last six years, I've participated in the NaNoWriMo challenge and I always finish. Not only do I complete my novels in less than 30 days, I have a first draft that's very close to a last draft. It needs a few passes by me and an editor, but plot, dialogue and characterization are fully developed. There aren't even very many typos or grammatical errors because I catch th…

Welcome to my Island: Getting Freaky Friday: Please welcome Author Della...

Welcome to my Island: Getting Freaky Friday: Please welcome Author Della...: The Ninja Tattoo is a contemporary romantic suspense set in Florida. Teague McMurtry spent the last six years of his life in the Army. Fin...

The Next Big Thing

I was invited by Kathy Ree to participate in what can best be described as a chain-letter blog hop. Here’s how it works: someone gave me 10 interview questions, which I’m going to answer below. Then I passed on the questions to 5 other authors who will post their answers on their own blogs next week, and they pass on the questions to 5 more authors and so on.
I was invited by Kathy Ree. Here’s a link to her blog:
Where did the idea come from for the book?
I was driving down Riverside Drive in New Smyrna and had a very disturbing experience with three bikers. It was so disturbing, it stuck with me. I used it as the basis for my NaNoWriMo novel three years ago.
What genre does your book fall under?
The Ninja Tattoo is a romantic suspense novel.
Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?
I'm glad you asked that question. I like to choose actors & actresses when I build my characte…

Love On a Catwalk - An Excerpt from a WIP

This is an excerpt from one of my many works in progress - Love on a Catwalk.

Miranda is a college student who works part time at a theatre as house manager for their weekend shows. She lives across the hallway from Jeffry, a handsome male model. They dated for nearly a year before Miranda cut it off. With no explanation, she shoved Jeffry out of her life. Just when he thought he was over her, she knocks on his apartment door needing his help. She locked herself out of her apartment and begs Jeffry to let her in. The woman with him doesn't much appreciate the interruption and leaves. After Jeffry lets her in, he lingers.

"I'm sitting here thinking of a way you can repay me." A sly smile wreathed his handsome features and he raised his right eyebrow. His glance at his bedroom door made me shiver. Feeling like a doe in headlights, I faltered. Jeffry chuckled. "No, Miranda. Not gonna drag you off to bed. Ms. Thang took care of that itch for now." "So glad …

My Name is Thoeba

My guest today is a visitor from the great beyond. Please make her feel welcome! Hello, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

     My name is Thoeba, and I’m a refugee on your planet.
     It seems like ages ago that I was forced to flee my home in the heavens to save the Energy from the minions of evil.
     At first, I wondered why the Energy brought me to Earth. Your kind are a selfish lot, given to cruelty and self-destruction. What could you offer myself and my God in the way of salvation when you cannot save yourselves?
     And I struggled. Demons hunted me. I feared I would be forced to accomplish my mission alone—to save the Energy without my brethren and to find a way to break the Energy free of Its prison to save all life as we know it. Failure is not an option, otherwise all life will die.
     I met Peter, and through him, I met his children Zack and Kayla. They changed my mind. As we fight together for a common goal, I am learning not all humans are war-like and se…

A Novel Romance - Excerpt #2

This is a short excerpt from one of my many works in progress, A Novel Romance.

Lionel Pettigrew and Arista Lockhart amazingly hit it off after a somewhat rocky beginning. Unbeknownst to her, Lionel often does archeological dives, although he's an English professor. She's also a certified diver and instructor, so when he's called by a friend to work his site, Lionel accepts for them both. The woman paying the bills doesn't seem very impressed with Lionel or, more especially, with Arista. After she goes below on the yacht, his partner, Oliver, joins Arista and Lionel for a chat.

“Who's the frost princess?” Lionel asked.

“That, my boy, is our employer.”

“Hm, looks like a bitch,” he said quietly.

“I'd keep comments like that to yourself,” Oliver warned. “She has an uncanny way of finding things out. Now, more importantly, who is this lovely lady with whom you've adorned yourself?”

“Oliver Leander, may I present Arista Lockhart, my research assistant.”



Tirgearr Publishing opened its doors on 29 February, 2012, Leap Day.
We took a big leap of faith that day to start our new venture.
Now, one year on, things couldn’t be better. We have a great team of authors, our staff is growing, and our collection of books is second to none. To celebrate, we’re putting all of our books on sale.
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you can choose any boo…

Writing Good Dialog

Regardless of the genre, there comes a time when characters have to talk. For some authors this is a challenge. How do you make the characters sound different? Where do you put the actions? Does it sound real? What would this character say? How would the other respond? Dialog is important to a story. Making it sound realistic isn’t easy. One thing I do that helps me is trying to think like the characters. There is an easy exercise for this which I’ll go into at the end of this article. Next, keep it simple. Don’t try to go all Shakespeare and make flowery speeches or say something relevant – unless that’s what the character is trying to do. Here again, character centered. Make sure the dialog advances the story. Don’t just throw in some witty repartee for the sake of having them say something cute or funny. That’s for cheesy action flicks. If the characters would use this time for that, fine. Otherwise, leave it out. Keep the passages short. Again, we aren’t doing Shakespearean soliloquie…

Spin the Plate - Excerpt from Donna Anastasi's New Book!

Award Winning Author, Donna Anastasi, shares an excerpt from her new book, Spin the Plate
Jo boarded the Green Line subway train D at Newton Highlands, heading into Boston’s Back Bay. With the lunchtime rush, seats were scarce. She spied the last two available and beat a man in a pressed suit by one step, taking them both. He stood, facing her. He grabbed the rail above him, sighed emphatically, and gazed over her head out the window. He let out another heavy sigh, and with a deepening frown, fixed a too-long stare in Jo’s direction, a flicker of irritation in his eyes. He was clearly tired of standing and even more clearly annoyed at having lost his seat to her.
What a prick, she thought.
Without giving him a second thought, Jo shifted her attention to the rattling of metal wheels on metal track and the swaying of the train’s car. A live conductor’s voice and thick Boston accent announcing each upcoming stop had been replaced years before by a primetime anchorman-sounding recording. T…