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I Love Dialogue from Under the Western Sky by Dellani

It's small town Nebraska in the late 1970's and life in the small Midwestern town is quiet and uneventful. That's what Libby Marshall and Bobby Menedez think until Bobby's cousin, Ramon is beaten by a group of white boys. Racial tension is high after the beating and it's soon revealed that something quite evil lies hidden Under the Western Sky.

Once they had their tickets and popcorn, they went into the theater and found a good spot. The boys liked to sit in the back because there was more leg room, but the girls liked the middle. To compromise, they sat somewhere between the two and let Danny have the aisle seat since his legs were the longest. Toni snuggled next to him as he put his arm around her shoulders. Libby sat next to her, not really looking at Bobby, although they shared the popcorn.
"Are you mad at me or something?" he asked her quietly, not wanting to bring their friends into it.
The others were so wrapped up in one another, they didn't hear him. Libby scooted a little closer, lowering her voice as she took a bite of popcorn.
"No, I'm not mad, Bobby. I'm just not sure I'm comfortable with this whole arrangement, that's all."
"We're a couple friends going to a movie. You got a full social calendar I don't know about?" He tried to make light of it, but his feelings were hurt.
Libby nudged him, nearly spilling the popcorn. "Don't be a goof. Of course not."
"I really like you, Libby. If you can't see that, I'm sorry."
"I thought maybe you were going out with me because of what Toni said to Danny. That she wouldn't go if I didn't have a date."
"All this time you thought that's what this was? A mercy date? Baby, I think you're the greatest!"
"You do? For real?"
"Yeah, for real. Hey, would I make comments about your ass if I didn't think you were cute?"
"I dunno, you're a guy. I mean, Danny's always drooling over my tits."
"Danny's a goober. He drools over any tits he can see. You have to admit, you're killing us both with the no bra thing."
She looked at him, raising an eyebrow. "I'll remember you said that, Roberto."
"What, are you my mom? You have to scold me into behaving? I want to date you, Libby. If I wanted just to jump your bones, I'd have done that already. You know, some women actually find me very attractive."
She giggled, tossing her hair. "Yeah, I can see the appeal. You've got that whole Latin Lover thing going. The dark hair and bedroom eyes. You're cute, for sure."
"Then why won't you let me kiss you?"
She looked at the screen as the movie started. By the set of her shoulders, he could see that she didn't know how to respond. Taking a chance that he was right, he blundered on.
"Is it because all this time you thought I didn't really like you? How could I not? You're wonderful. I've had a thing for you like—forever," he whispered as the cartoon started.
Libby gave him a curious stare as the lights dimmed, her popcorn halfway to her mouth. She couldn't believe his admission was real. He didn't really want her, did he? He was taking her out so Toni would go with his best friend. That's what friends did for one another. Was he kidding? She was too inexperienced to tell.
Libby knew a lot of girls her age had already lost their virginity. She and Toni were among the few left in their graduating class who had never been with a guy. If Danny got his way, that was going to change and soon. He was so hot for Toni, he got a boner every time he talked to her. Bobby, on the other hand, couldn't possibly mean it. Or did he?
© 2016 Dellani Oakes 

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Release Blitz for “Blazing Hearts” by Paul Nosach

Dr. Sebastian Masters has lost his job from Eastbridge hospital, due to insubordination. But now he has come across the perfect woman, Dawn Turlo, who would give him another opportunity - another job offer and his own building with staff. The only catch is marriage.
But the problem lies deeper with Sebastian. He doesn't know how to love someone, and turns to his long-time friend, Jaysen Stripe for help.
Meanwhile, Adam Ludsgarden, Sebastian's nephew, has sunk deeper into depression due to the loss of his best friend Curtis Brown. Adam has secluded himself in his room and only comes out when necessary, and where Sebastian fails to try with him, Jaysen finds the proper words to sooth his pain.
But as Dawn starts to show her true colors and the way she feels, everything starts to spiral downward under the same roof. Can Sebastian hold everything together? Can he keep the peace? Can he keep his feelings in check after everything that had happened before with Jaysen? The suspicions grow intense, and finally Dawn Turlo is exposed to the truth. What Sebastian and Jaysen find out is astonishing.
By the time the Pastor reached the room where Sebastian and Dawn were sitting, he knocked on the door. He saw before him: a man in mourning, and a woman who could have turned any other man to stone with a simple gaze. But they were together and that’s what mattered, at least in the Pastor’s eyes.
It’s a tragic thing that happened to you both,” the Pastor stated. “But Adam is with God now.”
What do you know what a tragic thing is?” Dawn whipped her head at stare straight into the man’s soul.
It bored into him. He felt it, too. It was that kind of stare which would bring death to anyone who crossed her path.
And what about this God you speak of?”
Dawn, do not speak of God like that,” Sebastian said, his eyes still puffy and red from crying.
Well,” she said, turning to face Sebastian, “I don’t believe in God.”
Do not talk about God that way,” Sebastian warned her. “He gave you life and there is a little life living inside you,” he was referring to the unborn baby.
The Pastor was appalled as Dawn got to her feet and crossed his path, meeting him eye-to-eye. She left the two men in the room, retreating to Sebastian’s room, which was hers also.
Sebastian apologized for his wife’s behaviour; for her short temper and disbelief.
That is your wife?” the Pastor was surprised. But it also explained her pregnancy. “I noticed she’s expecting! Congratulations,” he sat where Dawn had been. “Do you know what if it’s a boy or a girl?”
I do not want to know,” Sebastian told him, still brooding over the loss of Adam.
He started explaining to the man beside him what he already told Dawn: about his nightmares and how they haunted him – how they would stick in his mind, and that they were all about his loved ones. His dead loved ones.
As much as the Pastor tried to console Sebastian, it was not much use. As much as the Pastor tried to focus on Adam being in a better place than where they are, Sebastian dismissed the sympathy and thought that Dawn had been right. What if his wife was right? Is my wife right? Would God influence Adam to take his own life? It was an awful thing to think of, but there was no escaping it.
May God hold him in his hands,” Sebastian suddenly broke his silence, standing and taking the Pastor’s hand.
The Pastor was shocked to hear such a thing from someone who he was consoling. He saw a shine in Sebastian’s face. Something that was unusual. Sebastian’s eyes looked as blue as an ocean in a brochure, and his blonde hair held thin golden streams. So thin, that they could have been spun by any woman. God has blessed you, the Pastor thought. But that couldn’t be true. He had never seen such a sight before. And the only other time someone had looked as such, was after sexual intercourse: a beaming glow of pure light.
Let’s join Jaysen downstairs,” Sebastian said his voice void of all sorrow.
His tone was neither one of anger or of happiness. But his facial expression – The Pastor rose to his feet, letting his hand fall into Sebastian’s – if it was indeed Sebastian at all. Could this creature standing before him be God? After what he mentioned of God being all around us, it was a possibility that the Pastor couldn’t dismiss. They walked out into the hall, then down the stairs, still holding hands as if they had been best friends for the longest of time.
Sebastian and the Pastor gracefully took the stairs that they did not need to look down once. They didn’t falter once. When Jaysen looked up and saw both men descend the staircase, his eyes nearly popped out of his head. For one thing, he had never seen Sebastian in such a state. Usually he enjoyed his privacy, but the look on his face was unlike any Jaysen had seen. To Jaysen; Sebastian seemed to look mesmerized – his blue eyes unblinking. He wanted to say something, address Sebastian, but the Pastor shook his head, gesturing that he keep his mouth closed, for he couldn’t explain it, either.
Suddenly, Sebastian opened his mouth to speak when they reached Jaysen at the island, and said, “You are both my children, and I love you both. Dawn is my child also, but she sinned: a great sin and she will pay when the time is right.”
Both the Pastor and Jaysen couldn’t believe their ears, or their eyes. It was Sebastian’s body they saw, but the voice which came from his mouth, was that of tranquility. One thing Jaysen hadn’t heard from Sebastian in a very long time. But it wasn’t Jaysen so much as the Pastor who wanted to ask questions. After all, a man of God would jump at this chance, but his voice failed him.
Please, drink from the cup of my body.”
Jaysen had several cups already. In ignorance, Jaysen held up the glass to Sebastian – or what appeared to be Sebastian – and said, “Cheers!”
The Pastor, standing just to the right of Sebastian, dropped his jaw in surprise. Now he knew that Jaysen didn’t believe in God, but now that God – in essence? In spirit! – was standing under the same roof...No, the Pastor was just having wishful thinking.
Knowing what was going to come, and sensing the Pastor’s anxiousness, Sebastian turned to look at him, smiled and suddenly, out of nowhere, the facial expression had changed. Sebastian’s body had collapsed to the floor, and dropping his glass, Jaysen rushed to his friend’s side.
Help me,” he told the Pastor, but that wasn’t needed; for as soon as the words were spoken, Sebastian regained consciousness.
¿QuĂ©?” Sebastian asked, receiving help from the two other men.
What do you remember?” Jaysen asked, seeming to be the obvious question that he would get after having a seizure. It was obvious that Sebastian was himself, since he was speaking Spanish again.
I do not know,” Sebastian said wearily, shaking his head, as if to clear stars before his eyes. “What happened?”
It doesn’t matter,” the Pastor said, looking Jaysen in the eye, giving the impression that he should keep his mouth shut.
Jaysen knew what the other man was thinking. He didn’t need to be told, as they helped Sebastian to the sofa. Jaysen offered him some water, but Sebastian declined and told them that he felt slightly energized, which made the other men helping him feel bewildered. He falls to the floor, yet feels rejuvenated? This was a queer revelation, which either the Pastor or Jaysen could understand. Was it theirs to comprehend? The Pastor had excused himself, thinking that he over-stayed his welcome.
About the Author
I was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. Ever since Junior high school, I have been writing (staying up at odd hours of the night). Only recently have I thought of music to push me. Every book I've written has a soundtrack, which are carefully selected songs (from popular artists to the mundane). I always start writing and give myself a deadline of four months to complete a novel. But as we all know, personal deadlines don't always pan out in our favour.
My ideal night for writing:
1) A hot cup of tea.
2) A crisp, rainy evening.
3) The best music
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Gabriella Deza from Indian Summer

Who are you and where and when do you live?
I am Gabriella Deza, youngest daughter of Florida Territorial Governor Ferdinand Deza. I live in the village of St. Augustine, Florida Territory. The year is 1739.
What is your story?
I haven't much of one yet, I'm only just 15, but what there is of it, is told in Indian Summer.
Are you the hero of your own story?
Me a hero? Heavens, no. That would be Manuel Enriques, my father's aid du camp and the love of my life.
What is your problem in the story?
Quite by chance, I found out a terrible secret. A British spy is trying to overthrow my father, capture the fort and take over the town.
Do you embrace conflict or do you run from it?
I've never wanted to embrace conflict, but one must face it bravely. Troubles are sent by God to test us. Am I going to argue with Him? I never run when I can fight.
How does the author see you? Do you think she portrayed you accurately?
Headstrong, demure, capable, passionate, honest, loving. I am these things and ever so much more. Dellani Oakes portrayed me very well. She seems to have seen into my heart with great alacrity.
Do you have any special strengths?
My faith in God is my greatest strength. My faith has seen me through very trying times. I would not be the woman I am without it.
Do you have any special weaknesses?
My passion for Manuel is nearly my undoing. All he need do is look at me and I go weak in the knees.
What do you need most in life?
I need the wretched spy disposed of so that our town will be saved and I may marry the man I love.
What do you want to be?
I want to be a wife and mother, what greater purpose is there for a woman save to go into holy orders?
What do you believe?
I believe in God and I believe in the love of Manuel and my family. I also believe in my own abilities to cope with any situation life presents.
What do you regret?
That I with all my education, I never learned how to shoot a pistol. I'll see to that soon, provided I live through this mess.
Has anyone ever betrayed you?
Yes, the man who spies on us, using our friendship against us. He betrays me, my family and my home. I hope I have a hand in bringing him to justice.
Have you ever failed anyone?
I hope not. I will only have failed them if I do not find the spy and send him to God early for judgment.
What was your childhood like?
Delightful in so many ways, but also sad because we lost Mama when I was five and Grandmama not long after. However, Papa and his new wife, Clara, have provided a loving home for the four of us. My older sisters, little brother and I have lived in relative comfort our entire lives.
Do you like remembering your childhood?
Oh, yes, very much. I have wonderful memories of my childhood.
Who was your first love?
My first and only love is Manuel. I never realized how much he loves me nor I him, until he declared his love for me on my birthday. He is the most magnificent man alive and I love him more than my own life.
What is your most prized possession? Why?
My peso necklace, because Manuel gave it to me. Though my parents gave me pearls for my birthday, the peso shows Manuel's love for me. He can't ask me to marry him yet, it wouldn't be proper, but that shows each of us our promise to wed.
What is your favorite scent? Why?
Sandalwood., because that is the scent of Manuel's soap.
What is your favorite color? Why?
Apple green, because it was Mama's favorite as well, and I am most like her of all three of us girls.
What is your favorite music?
The flamenco I danced with Manuel.
What is your favorite item of clothing? Why?
The apple green dress I wore to my party. It is the first dress I wore that showed everyone I am now a woman. And because Manuel and I danced the entire night together when I wore it.
If you were stranded on a desert island, would you rather be stranded with, a man or a woman?
Do not think badly of me of saying this, but I would want to be stranded only with Manuel. I can think of no one else with whom I have enough in common to spend any period of time. Only if we were married, of course. Anything else would be scandalous.
How do you envision your future?
I see my future happily married to Manuel, having his children and loving him for the rest of my life.
© 2017 Dellani Oakes

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I Love Dialogue from Food Truck Hero by Dellani

Kier is just an average guy who owns a food truck. However, shortly after meeting Rowena, things take a more lively turn. First, there's a hostage situation he helps resolve. Then, they find someone watching his house. A few days later, he has to go to the bank, a regular thing at the end of a work day. Today, however, it comes with an unexpected—twist.

My tip jar was full again. Closing up, I put the cash in the safe and headed directly to the bank to make a deposit. I usually go home and get my car, but today I took the truck, parking in the supermarket lot that's adjacent to the bank. It's built on an out parcel of the grocery store.
Walking across to the bank, I got the sinking suspicion I was being watched. It was incredibly eerie and I didn't like it. Speeding up, I dashed to the bank door and swooped inside like hell was snapping at my heels. The tellers looked up, smiling and waving. One took me right away, as there wasn't a line. We'd just completed my transaction when the door opened and two armed men came in. Both toted shotguns and wore ski masks.
"Oh, for f*ck sake, really?" I yelled.
That got their attention and both of them turned to look at me.
"I've already had to deal with a hostage situation," I said loudly. "Do you know what a pain in the ass you guys are? Get a job like the rest of us!"
"What are you talking about?" one of them said.
His companion hissed at him to be quiet.
"The Starke and Howe hostage situation, I was the guy who walked in there, took out the gunman and rescued the hostages. Swear to God, you guys make me do that again, someone's gonna limp."
Unsure now, the gunmen exchanged furtive looks. I advanced, heedless of their weapons.
"I'm serious. I will put the world of hurt on you if you f*ck with me or any of these nice people. If you go now, I'm not gonna call the cop I have on speed dial and report you. Ten," I said, taking another step. "Nine, eight...."
Finally getting the right idea, they turned and ran. By that time, the cops were outside. An enterprising teller had hit the button while I distracted them.
"You lied, you son-of-a-bitch! You said you wouldn't call!" the first man yelled as he was cuffed.
"I didn't, you dick. I told you, don't f*ck with me. I've had a bad week."
"Were you really the guy?"
"Yeah. I was. He lost a couple teeth, be glad I didn't hit you, too."
"You're crazy, dude."
"I'm not the one trying to rob a bank. Dumb ass."
I had to hang around and give a statement. About half an hour later, Monroe showed up.
"Why are you at my crime scene?" she teased.
"Had a deposit to make. Guys came in. I took it personally."
Laughing, Lizbette Monroe gave me a kiss on the cheek. "Cut him loose. If we need more information, I have contact information. Thank you for helping us once again, Mr. Doyle."
"My pleasure, Captain."
Everyone in the bank clapped as I took my leave. Slightly shell shocked, I drove myself home. Rowena was waiting at the door. Running out to greet me, she gave me a kiss, then punched me in the gut.
"Are you insane?"
"I guess you heard."
"Heard? I saw it on TV! Someone filmed it on their phone and posted it. Not only that, the cops pulled the security footage and ran them side by side. Full dialogue, and all. If you were hoping for no press, you screwed the pooch! What were you thinking?" She hit me again, harder.
I grunted, taking a step back. "I was thinking—I've had enough. I couldn't deal with getting robbed on top of everything else."
"They could have shot you!"
"Yes, but I was counting on the element of surprise. Shock and Awe, right?" I chuckled.
© 2016 Dellani Oakes

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Red River Radio Presents Dellani's Tea Time with Barbara and Karen

The New Year is upon us! As we've done for the last few years, Christina and I will chat with a couple of our other Red River Radio hosts, Barbara Ehrentreu and Karen Vaughan. Tune in Monday, January 9 at 4PM EST or catch our recorded podcast later.

BarbaraEhrentreu is the author of If I Could Be Like Jennifer Taylor and After. She has also penned a lovely book called You'll Probably Forget Me: Living With and Without Hal.

KarenVaughan is the author of eight cozy mysteries, among them Left for Dead, Dead on Arrival, Dead Men Don't Swing and Dead Comic Standing.

Co-host, Christina Giguere, known by her nom de plume of Rachel Rueben, will also chat about her work. She is the author of young adult novel, Hag. She also has a wonderful vampire novel, Eternal Bond, available to read on WattPad.

Host Dellani Oakes is the author of 12 published books – mostly romantic suspense, but 4 of them are from a science-fiction series set in the distant future. Dellani's most recent book is Lone Wolf Tales: A Lone Wolf Series Companion, a collection of short stories connected with the Lone Wolf series.

Each author will talk about her show, her goals as an author and how she feeds her writing addiction. Be sure to tune in on Monday, January 9at 4 PM EST for this fun filled show.

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Wilhelm VanLipsig, the Lone Wolf

What is your story?
What makes you think there is one?
Who are you?
Colonel Wilhelm VanLipsig, Galactic Marines, retired
Where do you live?
On my ship, the Loup Garou.
Are you the hero of your own story?
I'm the hero of every story.
What is your problem in the story?
Some pscyho son-of-a-bitch wants me dead and then he wants to take over the universe. The usual.
Do you have a problem the wasn’t mentioned in the story?
Yeah, I'm 86 years old, look like I'm 26 and I've been changed so much by the Marine doctors, I don't think I'm even quite human anymore.
Do you embrace conflict?
I embrace and make love to conflict. Or I face it, look it in the eye and roar until it backs the hell down.
How do you see yourself?
I am death, pure and simple. If you see me coming, then you've got about 10 seconds to say your prayers.
How do your friends see you?
I don't really have any friends.
How do your enemies see you?
My enemies don't see me. I kill them before they know I'm there.
How does the author see you? Do you think she portrayed you accurately?
The author thinks I'm dead sexy, smoking hot, jacked and dangerously seductive. She's not wrong.
Do you have a goal?
Get the other bastards before they get me.
What are your achievements?
I'm not really allowed to talk about that. It's classified.
Do you talk about your achievements?
Never. First thing you learn in the Corps—loose lips get you killed. The only people who know what I've done are the others who were there with me, most of them are dead.
Do you have any special strengths?
My battle plans have made the textbooks. One general said, "VanLipsig's battle plans are a Symphony of Destruction with each movement bathed in the blood of the enemy."
Do you have any special weaknesses?
I can't carry a tune.
Do you have any skills?
That's classified.
What do you want to be?
I am what I am, what more is there?
What do you believe?
I believe in honor and I adhere to it.
What do you regret?
I regret the fact that I wasn't there for all the people who needed me.
What, if anything, haunts you?
The faces of everyone I've ever had to kill.
Are you lucky?
For now. Eventually that luck will play out.
Has anyone ever betrayed you?
Yeah. And I killed her for it.
Have you ever betrayed anyone?
Never. That would be dishonorable.
Do you keep your promises?
I don't make promises.
Are you honorable?
It's the core of who I am.
Do you have any distinguishing marks?
My left eye is a cyber eye and I have a deep scar on my left cheek. I also wear an eyepatch.
What was your childhood like?
My father was a sadistic bastard who beat me for every possible infringement of his authority. Eventually, I opposed him in everything, because I refused to believe he could ever be right.
Did anything newsworthy happen on the day you were born?
According to my old man, hell opened its doors and spit me forth. When I was young, that hurt me. Now, I suspect it was true.
Did you get along with your parents?
I cared about my mother, she was a great lady. I hope I see my old man in hell. I have every belief that neither of us will make it to heaven.
What is the most important thing that ever happened to you?
That's a tough one. Probably the most important thing was when the Marine doctors did their enhancements. It certainly changed my entire life forever.
Was there ever a defining moment of your life?
Meeting Matilda. She has made me become the man I wanted to be and couldn't seem to find on my own.
What is your most closely guarded secret?
If I told you, it wouldn't be a secret now, would it? Telling secrets gets you killed.
Do you have any hobbies?
Does sex count?
What is your favorite color?
I don't have one. It never seemed very important.
What is your favorite food?
I'll eat anything but Mango Macaroni Surprise. The surprise is that it's completely inedible.
What is your favorite beverage?
Morwellian Brandy because it's the only thing that can give me a buzz.
What is your favorite music?
"The 1812 Overture" because it reminds me of a simpler time.
What is your favorite item of clothing?
I don't really care what I wear as long as it doesn't bind in the crotch or itch. But I always have my gunbelt, even if I'm naked.
Name five items in your purse, briefcase, or pockets.
Pocket humidor full of cheroots, lighter and my gun. I don't carry anything else. Too much stuff slows you down and can identify you when you're dead.
If you were stranded on a desert island, would you rather be stranded with, a man or a woman?
What the hell good would another man on an island be? A woman, preferably a brunette with lots of stamina and a killer figure. It would be nice if she was intelligent too, but that's not a requirement.
How do you envision your future?
I try not to. Life is the here and now.
© 2017 Dellani Oakes

Get to Know the Lone Wolf

Tuesday, January 03, 2017

I Love Dialogue from Beauty Queen by Dellani

Things took a slight turn when he went to Brodie's office. He heard yelling as he got off the elevator. Recognizing Brodie's voice, he followed the deafening bellow to a conference room. There, he saw his friend in an argument with a short, extremely fat man whose jowly face was nearly purple. He stood less than a foot from Brodie, yelling up at the younger man's chin. Strangely, his friend's size didn't seem to be intimidating the other man. Curious, Chas watched a moment to determine the dynamic of the confrontation, until the fat man poked Brodie in the chest with one fat index finger.
Seeing his friend was about to blow his top, Chas walked in. “Oi, Brodie!” he greeted his friend cheerfully, insinuating himself between the two men. “Who's this?” He turned to face the fat man, who looked like he was fending off a heart attack.
That's Mr. Stevens.”
The health club guy?”
The very one.”
Problem?” Chas directed at Stevens.
Those are my goddamn plans, Brodie!”
No, they sure aren't. You didn't pay for them, so they're mine. I can do what I want with them.”
I'll make you wish you'd never met me.”
Brodie laughed loudly. It was an ugly, flat sound. “I was sorry the first day, you fat assed bastard.”
You can't talk to me like that! I'll sue.”
You just called me a pansy assed girlie boy,” Brodie snarled. “I'm speaking the truth. You're not.”
Okay, let's take a breath,” Chas said, putting his hands gently against each chest.
Pressing against Brodie was like trying to tear down the Wall of Jericho single handed. Mr. Stevens was like pushing the Stay Puft Marshmallow man. Brodie didn't move, but Stevens stumbled back a step.
Those plans are mine!” Stevens yelled past Chas.
Oi! Unnecessary volume, old man. Sit!” He pointed at a chair.
To his surprise, Stevens sat.
You—hallway conference,” he said to Brodie. “Don't move,” he told Stevens. Yanking on Brodie's sleeve, he dragged him into the hall. “Speak.”
The plans we're using for the Ravenwood project, they're based on plans I drew up for his newest gym. Modified, re-woked, perfected, additional space for the dorms. He hadn't paid us a cent, rejected them, decided against the project. Now, all of a sudden, he wants them.”
They had the article in the paper about the ground breaking, didn't they.”
Yep. Along with pictures of the model and basic floor plan. So, fat-ass thinks he can mop up if he builds the facility himself. He hasn't put down a penny on those plans. He always does this, I should know better. But, dammit, we spent a lot of time on that project and he hated every permutation. Belinda loved them and only asked for a couple changes to accommodate her staff. Easy fixes. God, working with that woman is an absolute dream.”
So, does he have legal recourse?”
No. I have paperwork showing he rejected the plans.”
Then call your lawyer, let him call his, and they can hash it out.”
Brodie sighed, running his hand through his blond, wavy hair. “When did you become the voice of reason?”
When I saw my friend ready to put his fist through a fat fuck. What happened to the Brodie self-control?”
Died a horrible death when I met that man. He's enough to make the Pope curse. And Gandhi homicidal.”
Fire him.”
Boss doesn't want me to.”
Why not?”
His is a very lucrative account.”
Do you need the manky twat's money?”
Then fire him. He's been a thorn for years. He's here, have at it.”
Brodie looked at Stevens through the glass wall. The man was muttering and tapping his fingers on the table. Nodding, Brodie straightened his tie and squared his impeccably clad shoulders. Expensive tailored suit clung to the muscular bulk of his frame as he walked back into the conference room.
You'll be sorry, Brodie! Mark my words.”
No, not at all. You're the one who will be sorry. You're fired, Stevens.”
What? What!”
You heard me. You're gone. No worming your way back in. I'm telling my partners not to take you back. Don't call, don't come by. You are persona non grata. Show your face or call even once, and I'll call the cops.”
© 2016 Dellani Oakes