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One of My Favorite Characters - Jasper Waters

One of my most favorite characters came into a story as a minor character. I expected him to be the friendly, comforting police officer who walked in, did his thing and left. He didn't do that. Instead, Jasper Waters damn near took over the book! But that's because he's the kind of man who is somewhat larger than life, and has a full blown Sir Galahad Complex. (You'll find that many of my male characters do.) He takes his duty to Protect and Serve very seriously – particularly the protect part.
When things get hairy for the female lead, Amanda Bitterson, in New at Love, Jasper comes to the rescue once again. Unfortunately, he's got competition for Amanda's affections in the form of Derrick Butler. It doesn't stop Jasper from developing a little crush. (Don't worry, he gets his own woman in Conduct Unbecoming.)
Jasper is in at least 14 of my books, but I can't be 100% sure, because I don't always write his name on the cast list. Here's a scene from New at Love, which illustrates why I love Jasper so much. Amanda and Derrick have an argument, based on a complete misunderstanding. She gets angry, and he leaves abruptly. Jasper calls to check on her and finds her in tears. To help her calm down, he invites her to breakfast.

"So, what happened between you and Derrick?" Jasper asked casually, but there was more to the question than he was letting on.
"A silly argument. It's my fault for not understanding," Amanda replied.
"Don't blame yourself. There's always two sides to every conflict."
"On my side, there were a lot of misconceptions and assumptions. My interpretation of his actions was based on a variety of bad relationships. I thought he was acting like all those other guys and he wasn't."
"Bummer," Jasper didn't sound nearly as upset as he was trying to. "And what were these misconceptions and assumptions? If you don't mind me asking."
"That he just wanted to get in my pants and then leave me."
"That's happened to you?" He sounded shocked. "How could any guy do that to someone like you?"
"Not so much the getting in the pants part," she admitted with an embarrassed blush. "The leaving part. I'm a pro at that."
"So they don't love you and leave you? They just leave?"
"When I try to make it clear that they aren't getting into my pants, that's when they leave."
"Ooh...." He looked at her with a totally different expression. "So, Derrick tried to get more friendly than you wanted?"
"Not really, no. That's the assumption part. I read him totally wrong."
"So he didn't try to take advantage?"
"No. I'm not making any sense, am I?"
Jasper laughed, taking a sip of his coffee. "Not a lot, no."
"Okay, let me go over events and see if that clarifies it for you."
She told him what had happened that morning between her and Derrick. Jasper nodded, listening politely as she talked.
"So I drove him away. I've totally ruined a great relationship with a wonderful guy because I'm an idiot."
"Did you try apologizing? Just a suggestion." He held up his hands like she was holding a gun on him.
"I didn't have the chance. He drove away before I could get outside."
"Phone?" He held his thumb and finger up by his ear like a play phone. "I bet those two little words, I'm sorry, would go a long way right now."
"What if he's still angry? What if he won't forgive me?"
"My grandmother would say, what if doesn't pay the bills. Amanda, speaking from the perspective of a man who's been on the hard side of an argument, I think you should call him. I think you'll find him receptive to an apology."
"Why would he be?"
"Because if he's not, he's an idiot of the first order. He probably forgave you before he'd even driven away."
"How do you know that?"
"Because I would have." He attacked his food like it had threatened him with bodily harm. He didn't look at her for several minutes as he concentrated on his food. "Look." He set his fork down. "I'm not going to pretend that I'm not attracted to you. I see this from his perspective and I know why he left. He doesn't see any way to convince you that he's not what you think. He seems like a good guy, Amanda. Not every man would have stayed the night in the first place. Any guy who's only interested in bedding you would have used your fear to his advantage. Derrick didn't do that."
"Why are you taking his side?"
"I have no idea. Really, I kind of hoped you two would break up so I could ask you out."
Amanda was so shocked, her mouth fell open. "What? So this whole friendly breakfast thing was your attempt to get in my pants?"
He set his glass of orange juice down with a click. "Can I explain a few things about men so you know where both of us stand? You've obviously been burned a few times by real dicks. Okay, I accept that. Please, don't judge all men by the dweeb squad standards, okay? Some of us are actually gentlemen who take more than five minutes to get to know a girl. Like for instance, if this was dinner instead of breakfast, I wouldn't take you home and try to screw your brains out on the first date. Give me a few dates, yeah, I'm gonna try. By that time you'd have made up your mind how far you were going to let me go, and I'd have a pretty good idea of my limitations."
"So, what are you telling me?" She looked completely confused.
Jasper sighed a little, scratching his ear. "I'm telling you that Derrick and I are just a couple of red blooded, heterosexual males who see a gorgeous woman we'd like to get to know better. Believe me, if you weren't already involved with him, I'd try to kiss you myself."
© 2018 Dellani Oakes

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

I Love Dialogue from Mirrored by Dellani

Jed McMurtry has moved into his cousin, Teague's old house. His neighbor, Millie, has recently lost her husband. Cora, her granddaughter, has moved in with Millie, to keep an eye on her. She tells Jed that he looks a lot like her grandfather.

Cora found a picture album in the hutch by the table. She opened a page to show a happy, young couple. Jed did strongly resemble Bear, except that his hair was far lighter than the older man's. Identical dimples and a cleft in the chin, greeted him from the page. Bear's eyes, he knew, were a light aquamarine, where his were sapphire blue. The similarity was startling.
"He was twenty when they married and she was barely eighteen. Childhood sweethearts," Cora said. "She knew she wanted to marry him when she was ten and he was twelve. Only one man, her entire life. They adored one another."
"You wonder why we can't find a love like that, don't you? I can't tell you how many women have come and gone. None of that magic."
"I know," Cora said, touching the picture tenderly. "I want magic."
Jed leaned toward her, taking her face in his hands. His lips brushed hers, once, twice. On the third pass, he stroked her lips and cheek with his thumbs before kissing her. She tilted her head, accepting his kiss like the most priceless gift. They kissed a long time. Jed's fingers wound in her hair, twining in her curls. Cora held the collar of his shirt, pulling him close, though their bodies didn't really touch. It felt so good holding her, giving her kisses, that his mind drifted away from the here and now. It felt so very right with her.
Cora pushed his chest a little, backing away from him. A frown had settled on her features, confusing him.
"Did I do something wrong?"
"No. You're doing everything right. It's just—"
"You're wondering when I'm going to break your heart."
She turned away, lips trembling, tears falling.
"Do I have to?"
"What? Use me and toss me aside?" Cora's hand rose as if she were ready to hit him.
Jed took it gently, but firmly, kissing the palm. "No. Do I have to break your heart? Is it mandatory? Because I don't really want to. I like you, Cora. I'm not in the habit of hurting women—in any way. Not on purpose, anyhow. Even when you came over here, all pissed off at me, ready to rumble, I liked you. The more I'm around you, the more time I want to be around you."
"He used to say the same things. He used to tell me I was the most beautiful woman in the world, then he used me, stole from me, cheated on me and dragged me through the mud. He ripped out my heart and shredded it in front of me!"
Jed nodded. "Okay.... Fair enough. I'd love to give you some sob story and tell you I know how you feel, but honestly, I don't. I haven't got a line of hurt behind me. Most of the women I've dated, I'm still friends with. I was even in the wedding party of a couple of them. It was always a mutual break up, no tears, no hysterics, just a parting of the ways. I can't sit here and lie to you and tell you that I'm happy, though. I'm not. I'm lonely as hell and I want a good woman in my life. See, the woman I date needs a few things for me to go for her—she's got to be smart. You've got a PhD, very cool. She's got to be able to hold her own in my crazy ass family, and I think you can do that. Family is important and it's obvious that you think so too, or we wouldn't be here."
"Let me guess, hot and sexy, good in bed...."
"That would be nice," Jed replied, frowning a little. "But not the most important things. I like the fact you can cook, because I'm only moderately competent in the kitchen—as far as cooking. Otherwise, I rock in the kitchen." He chuckled when she pouted at him. "Will you give me a chance?"
"No sex," she said, holding up a finger at him. "Not yet. Everything falls apart after sex."
Jed nodded. "Okay. Deal."
"You gave into that condition way too easy."
"I'm still on the injured list. I'm not allowed to do anything anyway, so that's off the table until the doctor gives her permission. In the meantime, I like talking to you. And I sure like kissing you."
"I like that, too."
Jed glanced at the clock. "However, I have to get moving. I have a few things I have to take care of before I go to Joel's for dinner. I'd rather spend the time with you. But, since Aileen could shoot me dead, I'll go."
"We'll be fine here. Go have fun."
"It won't be nearly as fun without you."
They kissed goodbye and Jed went home.
© 2018 Dellani Oakes

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Red River Radio Presents Dellani's Tea Time with Al, Elaine and Eric

red river radio logo

Well, the Ground Hog saw his shadow, so that means six more weeks of winter. Brrr! We're going to keep warm chatting with our three fantastic guests! Dellani and Christina are delighted to welcome back two guests, and welcome a new one!

al jendrasik

First, is Alfred Jendrasik author of I Met God at the Beach, Mysterious Tales of Colton Trane and The Other Side of Life series. Welcome back, Al!

Elaine Dodge

Second, is my fellow Tirgearr author, Elaine Dodge author of Harcourt's Mountain (Historical Romance). Bloody Parchment: Blue Honey and the Valley of Shadow (Horror Anthology in which her short story 'The Man with a House on His Back' was featured. Welcome back, Elaine!

Eric Klein

Third, is new to the show, and currently waiting for his first book to be released, Eric Klein author of The One; A Cruise Through the Solar System. Welcome to the show, Eric! We know you'll have a great time!

Grab your favorite beverage, put up our feet, and enjoy the show. As always, a lot of laughs will ensue!

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That's Quite a Character Aileen Griffin from Conduct Unbecoming by Dellani

Aileen Griffin is an interesting character. She was suggested to me by my friend, Aileen Aroma. She loved The Ninja Tattoo and Teague, the hero, so much, she asked to be a character in the second book Conduct Unbecoming. How could I say no? I created Aileen and she jumped into the story, hit the ground at a dead run, and carried events away like a house on fire.
Since her arrival in Conduct Unbecoming, she's been in at least five more of my books (not yet published). She continues to amaze me with what she does and says. She's one of the most formidable, capable women who's ever walked onto my pages.

Aileen Griffin got off the plane, sunglasses on her head. She walked to the car rental, then to the baggage pickup. Settled in her white Dodge Dart, she turned left onto International Speedway Boulevard, heading to the interstate. Taking the south bound exit, she drove to Edgewater. Hitting the city limits, she called Teague.
"Yes, your majesty?" he answered without saying hello.
"Funny man. You should be on stage."
"What do you want, Aileen?"
"An update."
Heaving a sigh, Teague told her what he'd discovered, also mentioning the man on the beach. He didn't tell her where Nadeya was, but she didn't even ask if he'd found her yet.
"Please call me with any updates."
"Sure will."
"Thanks, Teague."
"No problem." He hung up.
Aileen smiled and pressed a few buttons on her phone. A special GPS program had initiated with her call. She knew exactly where he was. Setting the phone in the hands free holder on the dash, she drove confidently to Teague's location.

The dogs started barking shortly after the four of them sat down to breakfast. Han ran to the door. Leah went to the window. Standing on her hind legs, she examined the outdoors, growling. Han's hackles rose and he stalked in front of the door uneasily.
A white Dodge Dart pulled up next to Teague's truck. A trim, well built woman with light brown hair, got out of the car. She scanned the terrain like a soldier, her hands on shapely hips.
Nadeya took Vivica to the office. Jasper and Teague flanked the door, watching the woman's progress through the narrow windows beside the door. Putting his head in his hand, Teague groaned. Even in jeans and a crop top, he recognized her. He told Jasper to holster his weapon and lock up the dogs.
"It's Aileen," he said.
"The ex?" Jasper struggled a moment with Han. Leah came quietly. He put them in the guest room.
"Yeah." Teague opened the door and went down the front steps. "Let me guess. GPS program on your phone."
"Handy dandy device, McMurtry. You should try it." She held her phone up proudly, waving it in front of him.
"I don't spy on people anymore, Aileen." He frowned, hands in his pockets. "Why are you here?"
"I took time off to help. Can I come in? I need to pee."
"Gotta ask the owner. Yo, Jasper!" he called loudly.
His friend came out, dressed in jeans and a tight Black Sabbath T-shirt. He looked fierce.
"The lady needs to pee," Teague said. "May she come in?"
"You know her well, bro?"
"Dude, I used to sleep with her."
Jasper nodded. They followed him inside.
© 2018 Dellani Oakes

Tuesday, February 06, 2018

I Love Dialogue from Analysis of Love by Dellani

Quaid Jennings is a psychologist in the City. His business partner and best friend, Boyd, introduced Quaid to his favorite cousin, Faydra. She's from Alabama, and is just visiting the City. As a treat, they take her, and Boyd's girlfriend, Petra, out to dinner. A band is playing, and they're very good. Faydra doesn't recognize them, but it's pretty clear that Petra does.

The band went on break. Seconds later, a tall, dark haired man hopped off the stage and approached the table. Dressed in a skintight silk T-shirt and leather pants, he was quite the tasty sight. Faydra smiled as he approached. Petra's mouth fell open, then she gulped, turned pale and blushed in the space of a few seconds. When he flopped in an empty chair, she inhaled sharply.
She has no clue who I am,” he said to Quaid, taking Faydra's hand. “Cullen Fellowes. Of Sardonic. Pleased to meet you, beautiful.” He turned to Petra, laughing. “Don't have a heart attack, babe. Or Boyd will slay me.”
I'm sorry!” she gasped. “So.... Oh, my god!”
He glanced again at Faydra. “Still has no idea. Don't they listen to our band where you come from in Outer Mongolia?”
Outer—hm?” She squinted at him. “I'm still trying to place you. Reckon it will come to me.”
I don't know whether to be flattered or very disappointed,” he said to Quaid. “Your girl hasn't got a clue.”
I live in a little bit of a bubble,” Faydra admitted. “Full time college and helping with a sick mom.”
Then you're forgiven.” The dark haired man stood and kissed her hand. Blue eyes twinkled as he took his seat. “Your friend knows me. You okay, babe?” He kissed Petra's hand too.
She held it with her other, eyes glowing. “Yes. Fine.”
I knew I should have become a rock star,” Boyd complained. “No one's ever looked at me that way.”
Not me, either.” Cullen moved side to side. Petra's head followed his movement, mesmerized. Cullen chuckled. “Sorry, Dude. I think I broke her.” He took a sip of water from Petra's glass. She followed this movement too, watching his Adam's apple bounce in his throat. “So, Boyd, Quaid, how you guys been?”
Better and better,” Quaid said, taking Faydra's hand and kissing it.
Boyd was watching Petra, who watched Cullen. Faydra squinted, trying to figure out why he looked familiar.
This is the most awkward conversation I've ever had,” Cullen remarked with a chuckle.
More than when Morgan gave you and your girlfriend a sex lesson?” Quaid winked at him.
Yeah. I'm gonna....” He pointed over his shoulder at the door he'd entered from. “Guy's will be out soon. Catch ya on the next break.” Nodding, he got up and left.
Petra blinked, looking dazed. “Omigod!” she squeaked and ran for the ladies' room.
I've got this,” Faydra said and followed.
Dude, better me than you,” Quaid said. “Maybe you should get a Cullen makeover. Dye your hair black and get blue contacts.”
Boyd punched him, hard. “Not funny. Fay didn't look at him like he was on the menu.”
She has no idea who he is. Which is, in itself, hilarious. I bet he never had that reaction from any female, ever.”
Ya know what? Not helping.”
Boyd,” Quaid spoke in a quietly commanding tone.
His friend turned unfriendly eyes on him. “What?”
Whose bed is she in?”
Boyd glowered.
Who's giving her most excellent sex and making her scream his name over and over?”
His friend still didn't reply, merely took a gulp of his drink.
Because it's not Cullen's name I've been hearing half a dozen times a night. He isn't the one making her smile like the Cheshire Cat.”
Boyd signaled for another drink after knocking back the first one. Monica brought another for him, removing the empty glass.
Cullen isn't her first love—or any love. Yeah, he's hot and famous—”
If looks killed, Quaid would be on the floor, bleeding.
But he's not you.”
No, he's a famous rock star who held my girlfriend mesmerized. Like a fucking python with a mouse.”
You've known him all your life. She just met him. It's a little bit of a shock. I have to admit, when I first met him, he had a similar effect on me.”
You didn't want to have sex with him,” Boyd grumped.
Quaid laughed. “Well, I wasn't getting the full Cullen Effect. Trust me, even straight as I am, I feel the magnetism. He's the most charismatic person I ever met. If he wanted to run for president, he'd win by a landslide vote.”
Strangely, this isn't making me feel better. Fay didn't fall all over him.”
He wasn't turning his charm on her. She didn't even recognize him.”
Still—not feeling better.”
© 2017 Dellani Oakes

Thursday, February 01, 2018

Notable Narrative from Alton and Velda by Dellani

Alton and Velda is my one attempt at a true fantasy. This is not epic, like Lord of the Rings, but it's exciting and fun. Alton is a wood sprite. His fiancee, Velda, is a river nymph. They meet with Astrid and Revanth, both, ostensibly, human. However, Revanth has been turned into a horse by an evil witch. They ask Alton and Velda to help them get him restored to his former self.

Alton banked the fire and made himself some tea. The horse who was really a man, lay down nearby. Their connection still in place, they could communicate silently. Alton asked many questions and Revanth did his best to answer him.
The two males spent the long night in silent communication, listening to one another and learning much. The women slept deeply, the first good rest Astrid had experienced since they left her home.
"Why did you leave?" Alton asked Revanth. "Surely the safest place to stay was at your home?"
The stallion shook himself, twitching his ear.
"Oh, I see. They thought you were an enchanter, not enchanted. Awkward, to be sure." Alton chuckled softly. "What would they think of one such as me? I can talk to the trees, read minds and take away a young girl's fears."
The horse snorted, flicking his tail.
"I'm sure they'd flay me before burning, but ultimately, it would come to that. You're a brave man to take on such a journey." He paused, listening to Revanth's reply deep in his mind. "Aye, what can you do when you love a woman so much, it hurts? What indeed?" He shrugged. "Follow her to Earth's end, watch her every move and do your best to keep her safe. Along the way, catch a moment or two alone with her." He sighed. "And hope—always—that one day she'll notice how vast your love is, how all encompassing. So you'll do anything for her."
The horse inhaled deeply, his breath shuddering slightly. Alton and Revanth understood one another. Whatever differences they might have had in the beginning were gone now. They were brothers, united in their quest to protect the women they loved.
Morning found a cheerful fire burning and a pot of water bubbling merrily over it waiting to brew tea. The women woke with the chirping of birds and rustling of early morning rabbits foraging. The horse and the Wood Sprite were nowhere to be seen. Velda knew they were close, but couldn't help wondering where they'd gotten off to.
A soft breeze caressed her cheek, leaves whispered in the wind. She heard Alton's voice in the cadence of the leaves, assuring her they were nearby. She smiled and set about making tea. Moments later, the pair of them came into the camp. Alton was wet, Revanth laughing in his horsey way.
"The river and I came to a disagreement," Alton said as he gave Velda a kiss. "It very nearly won, but Rev pulled me out before it got the better of me."
The horse snorted again, flicking his damp tail.
"All right, I damn near pulled him in with me, but we've brought fish!" Alton held up a string of silvery river perch.
Velda laughed, clapping her hands in delight. Alton produced cooking utensils from his magic bag and she set about seasoning the fish before sautéing them in butter with a splash of wine. They ate with plates propped on their knees, delicately nibbling the tender bits of fish. Revanth had a bowl of fruit and vegetables and finished his meal with some grass and wild flowers.
Alton chuckled, watching his new friend act like a typical horse. "You'll be craving daisies when we've turned you back. They'll call you the Horse King and bring oats as tribute."
The horse turned his rear toward the Wood Sprite, blowing less than fragrant flatulence in his direction. Alton laughed so hard, he very nearly fell off his rock. The women watched the men, rolling their eyes in silent disgusted amusement.

Velda was pleased that Alton had found a friend. He'd been ostracized by his people when the two of them became lovers. His were a traditional people, taking mates from other neighboring tribes. They accused her of working her wiles on him, warping his mind for her own undisclosed ends. Her people were less conservative, but Alton couldn't survive the environment. They traveled the world, searching for a place they could live together in peace.
© 2018 Dellani Oakes

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

I Love Dialogue from Lord Roeder's Mine by Dellani

Lord Roeder's Mine is a prequel to my Lone Wolf Series. Matilda's father, Ed Dulac, is stationed on a planet named Solaris, where he loses his wife and two daughters. He becomes a Trimagnite miner, and one of his assignments is the infamous Lord Roeder's Mine.

"Gun it," Tarvo ordered.
The pilot slapped his controls and the ship leaped forward, knocking most of its personnel on their rear ends. The interstice snapped shut behind them, taking with it a portion of their rear sensor array.
"What the hell just happened?" Ed called from Medical. "I just landed on my ass, Wayne. What are you playing at?"
"Stubborn interstice, Dulac. Deal with it." He clicked off and made an all ship bulletin apologizing for the inconvenience. "What went wrong?" He asked his bridge crew.
Lieutenant Garrow on navigation answered. "I'm still running an analysis, Captain. So far, nothing is showing up. I'm also running diagnostics of the interstice and my console, sir."
"Tell me when it's done."
"Yes, sir."
"Hail Committee Home Base," he told the communications officer.
"Yes, Captain," Lane Halapay replied. "They are demanding a command code, sir."
"What? Have they gone completely out of their minds? Since when do I...?" He stopped talking when a large and angry reptilian face filled his screen.
"A little warning would have been nice, Lieutenant," Wayne muttered to Halapay.
"They did it without asking, sir."
"Who am I talking to?" Tarvo asked abruptly. "You've got some nerve to override my comunit like that."
"What is your Guild command code?"
"I don't give that out to anyone. You'd know that if you worked around here."
"Name and rank."
"That ain't exactly your business either. I'm contacting Committee Home Base."
"And I am replying."
"Well, I guess we're at an impasse, buddy."
"I believe that the security ships off your port bow have now shifted the balance." The screen flickered to show three gun ships off port.
"Who the hell are you?"
"Grff Sslick, Acting Security Chief for Committee Home Base."
"You new at your job?"
"Why do you ask?"
"You never taught manners back in the swamp?" Wayne recognized Sslick as a member of the reptilian species from a swampy planet called Viotempe. "I got Guild business here. More to the point, I got business with Dr. Savolopis. Now, you either clear me to do that peacefully, or you're going to find yourself in a bind."
"We have superior weapons."
"Maybe so, but I got mining lasers. You ever seen what one of them can do to a spaceship? It ain't pretty."
"I demand you identify...."
"And I demand you follow protocol. I don't have time for this shit. I'm completing my mission as ordered. If your ships fire on me, you're gonna have Emmelia Spenser on you so fast, you'll piss your britches. Blackmore," he said to the pilot.
"Yes, sir."
"Get me down there, boy."
"Yes, Captain."
"Get those lasers on line."
"Yes, sir."
"You cut down anything that tries to get in our way."
"You got it, sir."
"Sslick, you got ten seconds to get outta my way. Ten, nine...."
The three gun ships moved back, but flanked the Guild vessel as it made its descent to the gigantic asteroid that was Committee Home Base.
Tarvo's private comunit on his chair flickered. He glanced at it.
"Dad, what's going on? The entire base is on alert."
"Some dickhead who thinks he knows what he's doing."
"Some lizard."
"Oh, him! Give me a minute. I think I can clear this up." The screen flickered off.
Moments later, another face appeared. This was the Base Command Station.
"Wayne Tarvo, are you who's causing all this trouble?"
"Ben Drexel, thank God! Who's that turtle brained idiot who thinks he's in charge?"
"Last minute replacement for the Security Chief. The other one met with an accident. We're looking for a permanent replacement. I'm not sure where he came from, but he's got bilge for brains."
The gun ships tipped their wings respectfully and flew off.
"Thank you. First the damn interstice wouldn't open, then that bozo came on demanding my command codes."
"He had security locked the gate from this side. I'm not even sure how he did it. I didn't give the order. Give a lizard a little power, he suddenly thinks he's in charge."
"I'd throw the fucker in the brig."
Ben grinned. "I've got you on my scope now. Your nav should have the orbit coordinates."
"Aye, sir," Garrow said clearly. "Locking in now, sir."

"Thank God for the Marines," Tarvo said with a dry chuckle.
© 2018 Dellani Oakes

I Love Dialogue from The Great Mandrake by Dellani

Drake Mann makes his living as a waiter, and a comic magician, at a local comedy club. He's also finishing up his last semester of college. He's kept a low profile, for the most part, but suddenly finds himself the topic of female scrutiny. Completely out of the blue, one of the girls in his class, asks him out. He says yes.

Megan looked back at him, a smug expression on her face. He had a feeling he was in for more than a few drinks after the show. But hell, maybe that was a good thing. Some casual sex would feel pretty damn good right about now. Being a single father, working two jobs and watching Davy, he hadn't had much of a social life. He'd see if Randi could babysit late. While he was thinking about it, he called her cell. He didn't think she would pick up, but she did.
Too surprised to speak right away, he paused.
"Drake? That's you, right? What's up?"
"I didn't expect you to answer. Aren't you at school?"
"Lunch break, duh. Whatcha need?"
"Can you stay longer Friday? A friend asked me to get drinks or something after the show."
"Ooh, or something? Can I guess? Is she tall, blonde and gorgeous?"
"Not too tall, light brown hair, pretty."
"But female, right?"
He laughed, nodding. "Yes, female. Why?"
"Cause you need to get laid, bro. I'd do you myself, but that would make our working relationship strained."
"And I won't do anyone under nineteen, so our working relationship is safe."
"If I was nineteen and not your babysitter, would you do me?"
"If you were nineteen and not my babysitter, I'd do you in a heartbeat."
"Cool. Just so we know where we stand."
"So, can you stay longer?"
"Of course. In fact, I'll bring an overnight bag and camp out on the couch. That way you can stay out all night."
"I don't figure on it getting quite that serious, Randi."
"In case. That's all I'm saying."
"You are a absolute gem, Miranda."
"Thank you, Drake. I pride myself on my ability to shine! Speaking of which, I'm in the school play. I'm playing the lead. You'll come, right?"
"Absolutely. Reserve me two tickets front and center. I'll bring Davy."
"Shit no, bring your new lady."
"Not that kind of relationship, Randi."
"Oh, I get it. This is a casual drinks and fuck date?"
"God, I hope so!" He laughed, gathering up his books. He heard a bell ring on her end. "Get to class, kid."
"Yeah, on my way already."
"No problem, D." She hung up. Moments later, she messaged him. "Go 4 it!"
Laughing, Drake walked to his next class.
© 2018 Dellani Oakes

One of My Favorite Characters - Jasper Waters

One of my most favorite characters came into a story as a minor character. I expected him to be the friendly, comforting police officer w...