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I Love Dialogue! The Wall of Time - a Lone Wolf novel

The Wall of Time is a prequel to my sci-fi series, which I wrote as my first NaNoWriMo novel in November of 2007. I've edited the passage slightly because I don't want to give any spoilers to books in the series that precede it, but I like this exchange & wanted to share.
Wil's in a tight spot. The Council has hired an assassin to kill him. Valkyrie, is a former lover of his, and takes the contract to protect him, but puts them both in danger. Wil takes her to a safe spot, but has to leave in order to protect her. He goes to a remote planet to visit a spiritual adviser, Abudali. Wil has a weird problem. His daughter, who lives 373 years in his past, is able to talk to him through space and time. He wants to find out how and why. After telling his old friend about it, he waits, impatiently, while Abudali meditates. Finally, the old man returns from his meditative trance.
Wreathed in smiles, Abudali came back to himself, poured a drink of cold water, and sighed contentedly…

I Love Dialogue from The Great Mandrake

Drake Mann is a comic magician as well as a college student, studying Special Education. He's fallen for his nephew's teacher, Amalia Capo. Their happiness is marred by the fact that someone is stalking them and trying to intimidate them. Drake calls one of his cousins, who happens to be a police officer who's engaged to an FBI agent. Agent Danielle Torv comes over to spend the night on the couch in order to keep an eye on Drake, Amalia, his nephew Davy and his daughter, Shelby.
Drake showed Danielle to the front room where the fold out couch was neatly made. "Don't worry about a thing," she assured them. "I'll check on things during the night, but I have selective hearing loss." She winked. Drake hugged her. "Thank you. This means a lot to me." "You're family," she replied. Amalia was out of sorts when they went to Drake's room. She was anxious and nervous. Instead of trying to make love to her, Drake held out his arms t…

I Love Dialogue! from Call Me

Moira Crane is an English teacher at the local high school. She has a strict rule about cell phones in her class and has a padded bin that everyone has to put their phones into before class begins. One day, hers rings, though she thought it was turned off. The students insist she put it in the bin with theirs. Someone steals it. She reports it to the phone company, but also goes to the police. When it turns up at a crime scene a few days later, she finds herself in a sticky situation.
"It wasn't me!" Moira Crane protested. "I didn't do it. I'm not a murderer!" "We found this at the scene," Detective Rhys Fletcher set an evidence bag on the table. "Your fingerprints are all over it. There are texts made to all the victims, including Amy Sutherland, who still can't be found. Is that your phone?" She reached for the bag with difficulty, her cuffed wrists making the movement awkward. "It looks like it," she replied once she…

I Love Dialogue! from Full Measure

Daphne Winstead is new in town. She meets a woman named Karen at the doctor's office whose records she's going over. The practice head thinks that somone is embezzling. It's up to Daphne to find out who and how. For now, however, the city's had the first major snow of the season, so the women get an unexpected day off. They decide to spend a long weekend at the home of Ian and Cynthia Yarrow—a multi-billionaire and his wife.

"Booya! Beat you at your own game, Mister Yarrow!" His British accent was strong, but sounded genuine. "Someone give the man a cookie," another male voice said. "Or he's gonna explode from puffed up self-importance." Loud laughter ensued. It faded slightly when Karen and Daphne entered the room. They looked up expectantly. Some of the faces were familiar, others weren't. The women rushed to her, hugging her and dragging her into the room. They tried to introduce her to everyone at once until Karen took control. &quo…

I Love Dialogue! Something New

I wrote Something New in four days in June. I got an idea and ran with it. Fortunately, the muse was willing and it came easily. I fell in love with Austin. The rest of the characters are also endearing, but I particularly love him. He's an absolute doll. Austin is an actor on a show that is an Americanized version of Dr. Who, called The Magician. He has a run in with one of the guest directors, a pervy man named Irving. Irv the Perv tries to entice Liat, Austin's new leading lady, to do something unspeakable. Austin intervenes. Irving got fired and is now trying to sue Austin for slander and the network for wrongful termination. Austin is having lunch with Liat, her mother Elaine (the show's producer) and Dwight, his assistant. They get a call from the God of the Network, and are summoned to the Presence. Austin isn't quite sure what to expect, but it certainly isn't what's waiting for him.
Moments later, a tall, dark haired man with broad shoulders and muscular …