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Everyone’s Story: Kenneth Weene: Take Revenge On Aging By Writing!

Everyone’s Story: Kenneth Weene: Take Revenge On Aging By Writing!: Everyone's Story welcomes author Kenneth Weene. Ken, with his wife, is a transported New Englander now settled down in the golden land of ...

Voice Isn't That Important, Is It?

I'm delighted to play host to author Wendi Zwaduk, whose books included Over My Head,Please Remember Me, and Still the One. Welcome, Wendi!

Seems like a silly way to title this post doesn’t it? A voice not being important? Well, it is. First, let me thank Dellani for having me on the blog today. It’s always great getting to know new friends and hanging out with old friends.

Now about that voice... When I started writing, I had no idea an author had a voice. Don’t get me wrong, I knew when I read a book by the same author, the flavor would be the same. That’s what I expected. But I never expected that my work would have a voice. I mean, they get paid to write that way. Back then, I was just struggling along. I used to take notes on what others wrote and how they conveyed feelings, trying to figure out what my voice in my writing would be.

Little by little I realized that while they shaped me as a reader and made me see what I didn’t want to put in my work, my voice was ultimately …