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Letter of Complaint - Fun in Writing August 17, 2011

Thank you, Aileen Aroma
I'm not sure what the prompt was for this one, but I chose to do this. I had fun with it.

Dear Sir or Ma'am:
I bought this thingummy a fortnight ago and the dumb thing don't work right! You're s'posed to put the whatsit into the doomaflachy thingy but it ain't going. I wiggled and jiggled it some, but that's a no go. Mum kicked it and still nuffin.
I wants me money back pronto! How dare ya sell crap which don't work right? Buggers—all of ya.

Walt Simmons

Dear Mr. Simmons,
We're very sorry that you had problems with our product. Could you, perhaps, be more specific as to which product you refer? This would greatly expedite our refund to you.
Neville McNee
Customer Complaints

Mr. McNee,
Wot kind of name is Neville anyway? Don't know how much more specific I can be. It's that thingummy wot was on sale last week downtown. It sits on your desk and you're s'posed to be able to access that intranet whatchacallit wiff it. I want a proper thingy as will work right.

Walt Simmons

Mr. Simmons,
Do you mean a computer? Have you hooked it up properly? Perhaps you need to read the user's manual or take it to the shop where you purchased it and get instructions.

Neville McNee
Customer Complaints

Whot you talking about, Neville?

Mr. Simmons,
Afraid I don't understand your last communication. I'm talking about the computer you bought at one of our stores last week. I was able to access your purchase information. You also purchased the extended warranty, so any service you require will be covered. Please take your computer back to the store where you bought it and they will be happy to help you out.

Neville McNee
Customer Complaints

I done wot you said. I took the computer to the shop and they laughed at me. Bunch of nerdy looking types in blue shirts told me I'm computer illiterate. I'm not sure exactly what that means, but it's and insult, be sure of that. I just want me money back, but Mum dented it when she kicked it, so they say they can't give me a full refund.
I've sent it back to you lot, part and parcel. Take the bloody thing and to hell with you and it! Pox on you, the ruddy machine and the horse you both rode in on! And you never answered my question—wot kind of wimpy, dorky name is Neville anyhow?

Walt Simmons

Mr. Simmons,
Thank you for returning your computer to us. Unfortunately, as you've chopped it in a million pieces, we can't give you a refund. Also, I found the letter you included with it somewhat inflammatory and personally offensive. Neville is a fine, old fashioned family name. My grandfather's name was Neville. I thank you for keeping such comments to yourself.
On a less personal note, any further missives are to be directed to my supervisor, Cedric Hinkle.

Neville McNee
Customer Complaints

Mr. Hinkle,

Wot sort of a daft name is Cedric anyway?

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Jo Ramsey's Back and This Time She's Brought Nail Polish and Feathers!

YA author, Jo Ramsey, has some wonderfully, insightful books on the market. Today, we're here to discuss her newest offering, Nail Polish and Feathers is about a boy who finds an affinity for the forbidden accouterments of the world of women.

Sixteen-year-old Evan Granger has no problems with being gay. Despite his mother’s objections, he wears nail polish and makeup to school and pursues his goal of becoming a professional drag queen.
TV drag star Taffy Sweet gives encouragement and Evan’s cousin Holly tries to protect him, but school bullies abuse him so badly because of his sexuality and the girly way he dresses that he ends up at the hospital emergency room. After that, even his new crush, a closeted football jock named Moe Garcia, is unhappy about Evan's choice to live his life openly gay. But even in girly clothes and nail polish, Evan is a force to be reckoned with, and he soon shows the bullies—and everyone else—that beating a drag queen up does not mean the queen is beaten down.

Hey, Evan?” A soft, male voice. Definitely not Frankel. The door closed, and I peeked out from under the table.
Guillermo Garcia, the only member of the football team who treated me like a human being, grinned down at me, his teeth white in his round, brown face. The deep-brown eyes I’d daydreamed about crinkled at the corners but also held some concern. “Playing fort?”
Sure. Do it every lunch period.” I scooted out from under the table, wishing he’d found me in more favorable circumstances. “Indulging my inner child, you know?”
He chuckled. “Uh-huh. Sure. Frankel’s down in the caf bragging about scaring the crap out of you. You okay?”
Yeah.” I scrambled to my feet, ignoring his outstretched hand. I didn’t think I’d be able to stand having him touch me just then.
Bullies suck ass.” He paused. “I wonder what they’d think if I said that to their faces?”
They’d probably beat the shit out of you.” Probably not, really. After all, he was a football player like them. They probably wouldn’t give him too hard a time.
He shrugged. “They’d have a hell of a fight on their hands. I’ve had the best try to beat me, and they haven’t gotten far. I moved here from Brooklyn last year. We know how to fight there.”
Maybe you can give me lessons.” I wasn’t much of a fighter and didn’t want to be, but it would beat having to deal with jerkwads every day. Maybe if I fought back, they’d give up and leave me alone before I decided to give up. I’d been pretty close more than once to doing just that. The only thing that kept me around some days was knowing how thrilled Frankel and some of the others would probably be about my death.
Maybe so.” He grinned. “You have no clue who I am, do you?”
No. No one knows Guillermo Garcia.” I bit my tongue, this time for real. “Sorry. Don’t mean to be a sarcastic jerk.”
No need to be sorry.” He held out his hand again. “Call me Moe, if you want. I get that a lot. I only allow it from friends. I’d like to be your friend, Evan. You’re a hell of a lot more interesting than the rest of the football players. I’ve been meaning to talk to you for months, but I figured you thought I was like them.”
You’re not,” I said. “You’re decent.”
He nodded. “Thanks. I try.”
We shook hands, and I forced myself not to shiver at the contact. Contact I’d—well, let’s just say I had a really good imagination and this handshake would fuel a few daydreams later on. I was kind of suspicious of his reasons for talking to me, but I knew he wasn’t a jerk-jock like Frankel and the others. He’d never hassled me before, at least. So it was probably fairly safe to believe he wouldn’t now. “I can always use more friends. Thanks for tracking me down.”
You’re welcome.” He studied me. “You know, I’ve been watching you in class.”
I raised an eyebrow and tried to ignore the little flutter in my belly. “You have?” We had History and Anatomy together, but I didn’t pay much attention to him in class and didn’t think he’d ever even noticed me.
Yeah. You’re kind of cute.” He grinned again, this time at the look of sheer astonishment on my face. “Yeah, Evan, I’m gay. Just between us.”
I almost fell over when he said that. He was on the football team. He’d taken a girl to sophomore-junior social the previous spring. There was no way he could possibly be gay.
And then I realized he’d said I was cute, and I had to lean against the table to keep from actually falling. “You what?”
He cracked up laughing. “Man, the look on your face really makes this worth it. You heard me right. I am gay. I don’t show it off as much as you, because I kind of value my life. Right now, you’re the only one at this school besides me who knows. You know, though, I really admire you.”
You do?” I didn’t have anything to say except questions at that point. The fluttering in my gut was so bad I half expected a freaking butterfly to fly out of my navel. This guy I’d been thinking about for weeks had been thinking about me too. A hot guy, one who almost definitely didn’t get smacked around and called a fag, was gay and was interested in me. And he admired me!
Maybe I’d hit my head when Frankel shoved me against the locker. That would explain what had to be a hallucination.
You don’t care if people give you shit. You’re a hell of a lot braver than I am.” Moe touched my fingertips. “I’d never dare to do this.”
I like blue.”
He laughed. He was doing that a lot, and I kind of liked it since I knew it wasn’t directed at me. “Me too. I saw that thing you were wearing this morning. That was, um, interesting.”
It’s called a boa.” I couldn’t believe that in this entire school, no one knew the proper term for that accessory. “Glad you liked it. Mr. Lawrence made me take it off.”
That figures.” He glanced at the door. “You hungry? There’s still enough time left to eat.”
If Frankel’s bragging about scaring me, do you really think I should go into the cafeteria?” I wasn’t exactly in love with the idea. By that time Frankel had probably riled everyone up against me, and I’d have to deal with all kinds of crap when I walked into the cafeteria.
I’ll go with you,” Moe said. “I’ve got your back.”
Um, oh.” I could have twisted that sentence of his a few different ways, and some of them greatly appealed to me. Of course, I knew what he really meant. “Okay. Cool. Thanks.”

An Interview With Jo:
When and why did you start writing?
I started writing when I was five years old; before that, I made up stories but didn’t know how to write them down. Writing for me was a way to escape my life and also a way for me to have friends, since I could make them up.
What’s the strangest thing that’s inspired one of your stories?
My new release Nail Polish and Feathers was inspired by the TV show RuPaul’s Drag Race and by a friend of my daughter’s who often wears nail polish, earrings, etc. and has said if he ever became a drag queen, he would be called La Chuga. The novel is partly dedicated to him.
Have you ever based a character on someone you know? If so, did you tell them? If not, is there someone in your life you’d like to base a character on?
See the above answer. And yes, my daughter’s friend knows the character of Evan Granger is based on him. He seems pretty happy about it.
What do the people in your “real life” think of your writing?
I have an incredibly supportive husband and kids. Not only are they proud of my writing, they brag about me to other people.
Tell us about your latest book.
My new release Nail Polish and Feathers is from Harmony Ink Press, the young adult imprint of adult romance publisher Dreamspinner Press. Sixteen-year-old Evan Granger wears nail polish and women’s clothes to school and dreams of becoming a drag queen. When bullies beat him up so badly he ends up in the emergency room, Evan decides he will not let them beat him down. I wrote the book partly in response to an interview with a contestant on the RuPaul’s Drag Race show; the contestant talked about how badly he’d been bullied in school and the effect that it had had on him. He went on to win that season. Readers can find the book on the publisher’s site and at third-party online retailers.
What books do you have available now (title and publisher)?
I have too many books to list here. Other than Nail Polish and Feathers, the rest of my young adult books are from Jupiter Gardens Press and Featherweight Press. Readers can find my complete list on my website,
What books do you have coming soon?
I have two young adult novels currently under contract. Opening Up is a sequel to my 2011 release Cluing In and follows V.J. Josephson as he navigates his first boyfriend, coming out as gay, and his mother’s severe depression. It will be available from Featherweight Press later this year. The other novel is Where No One Knows, about sixteen-year-old Kellan McKee, a female-to-male transgender boy who is thrown out of his home after psychically setting fire to a friend of his stepfather. That will be available tentatively in October from Musa Publishing’s Pan imprint. 

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The Hop Is Over!

The Fantastic Blog Hop is officially over, but we’ll be back this fall, with lots of suggestions for holiday gifts — buy books! We’ll be adding a few new faces and new books, so be sure to be looking for us.

Meanwhile, please visit our blogs, get to know our authors and follow us all. We’re always adding new things to our published work and want you to be the first to know.

Thanks for visiting us, following our blogs and buying our books. We’d love to hear what you think of our work, so please do us a favor and write a review to post on Amazon, Good Reads, etc. Let the world know how much you liked our work. ~ Dellani

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The Fantastic Blog Hop Links

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Have You Met Jessie Tyson?

Have you met author Jessie Tyson? If not, you're missing out. She's an amazing lady! She's dropped by for a short chat, so settle back in a comfy chair, sip a cup of tea and enjoy her interview. ~ Dellani

What genre do you write in?
I write fiction, with paranormal elements. Not the scary kind or the fangs for the memory romance type, just stories with a paranormal touch. 

Would you consider writing something else?
Yes, I’m leaning toward writing funny stories to help people laugh in this world quickly losing cheer.  I already know I’d add a strange colored ghost or two.

Are you a pen and paper author or do you use a computer to write?
Computer wins hands down.

The house is on fire, which do you save, your laptop or your book collection?
Neither. In any emergency, if push came to shove I’d save my cats then my lap-top.

Do you feel an affinity to any particular period of history? And do you ever use elements of it in your writing? Yes. It’s strange. I begin writing about modern times, then the story moves into the past. It’s weird. 

Have you ever given up on a writing project and why?
I began a story 30 years ago. Yes, 30. I haven’t given up on it. Life gets in the way so I put them all on hold. I don’t give up or give in. (grin)

Have you ever found yourself, in regular daily activity, thinking like one of your characters?
Only when I am character developing. 

What's an interview question you've never been asked, but would like to be? Answer it.
What is your next movie going to be titled? The answer is “Sowulinkea.”

How old were you when you realized you wanted to be a writer?
About 9 years of age. Thing is we have to live normal lives and writing, which was only a dream back then, had to take second place to schooling and then employment. Now I can relax and get stuck into the plot. I’ve even modeled some of real life into my plots.

Where do you get your character names from?
I get their names from the people I talk with during the week. Sometimes from dreams, and sometimes they just pop into my thoughts.

Do you listen to music while you write?
No. I usually have the TV on for background noise to drown out the sound of my kitties digging in their litter box.

If so, what sorts of music inspire you most?
Music by Med Goodall, Denis Quinn and other New Age musical geniuses

Do you blog or are you on any social sites? If so, please include the addresses so your fans can find you.
I’m habitually on Twitter, Facebook and Goodreads in that order.

Jessie, thank you so much for coming to visit today! It's been lovely having this chat. ~ Dellani

Jessie, why are there Blue Ghosts?

Look for Jessie in these spots:
Facebook Fan Page

Goodreads Author Page

Thank you for your time today. My novel can be read on Kindle, Nook, Kobo & MOST e-reading apps at Amazon and Smashwords - Jessie

Amazon UK
Amazon USA

For Jessie's Book Trailer

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Rachel Rueben - Fantastic Blog Hop

Our final stop for the Fantastic Blog Hop bus is Cleveland, Ohio where we bounce up and down the block in search of Rachel Rueben.

What genre do you write? Would you consider writing anything else?
I generally write a bit of everything now, fiction, nonfiction, children’s, and adult books. Honestly, there’s almost nothing I won’t write!

Do you outline and plan or do you let the plot unfold?
I do both, I begin the story au natural then I begin to outline so I know when the story ends.

What do you like most about writing?
I like that I can change the world and not get into trouble for it.

What do you find most difficult?
I find sticking with a schedule difficult because things happen. Just this week, I discovered I needed dental surgery and that’s not going to be good. So I won’t be writing for a day or two, well, nothing coherent LOL!

What makes a good plot?
Interesting characters make or break a plot. If you’re characters can’t pull it off, and move the story along, then you’ve done something wrong.

What is a question you'd like to be asked and never are? Answer it.
Would like your 100 billion dollars in cash or check? Neither, bring me a small country I can rule!

What experiences have inspired you?
I think my quitting school, inspired a lot of what I do today, it was the day I became an adult and began making decisions on my own.

How did you first become interested in writing?
I was a book worm in school, because of the boredom of the everyday humdrum. I swear I felt like Billy Murray in that movie “Ground Hog Day.” Seriously, I was having the same day over and over to the point where I had no idea what day it was, let alone, the month.

What are your current projects?
I’m beginning the sequel to Eternal Bond and also working on an erotic book under a different name.

How important is dialogue and how do you use it?
Dialogue is vital, I use it to build tension, and also to move the story along.


Rachel Rueben went to school to become an administrative assistant but instead, wound up an author. In her defense, she tried freelance writing, virtual assisting, and blogging to pay the bills, but creating worlds was her one and only passion.

This past summer, Rachel entered the sacred order of authorhood with the release of her first novel “Hag” which made it to #10 on the Amazon’s Women’s and Girl’s Literature list.

To find out what Rachel is up to you can check out her new site at:
She continues to blog about her publishing journey at:
You can also find Rachel on Twitter

And catch her on Facebook at:

Excerpt from Eternal Bond by Rachel Rueben

When Clara awoke, she wasn’t in the carriage house anymore instead, she was lying on a couch in a dimly light parlor. Hearing a creaking sound, she thought someone was approaching and slowly she got up from the couch. Turning around, Clara saw James hanging from the ceiling.
With a leather noose was wrapped around his neck, the leather cracked, as the body swayed back and forth.
Though her lips moved, nothing came out, but a whimper. A small feminine hand appeared pushing the body, making it sway faster.
Cheerfully, a familiar voice said, “Morning.”
Needing no introduction, Clara recognized who it was. It was the devil’s consort herself, Apollonia. Stepping out from behind the body, she revealed herself and the enormous smile on her face.
Grabbing a candle, Apollonia went over to the body and examined it with a spectacle remarking aloud, “Nicely executed, just deep enough and very clean!”
Shaking from head to toe Clara stood there scared silly.
Running her fingers through James’ hair, she said, “He was chosen just for you young, strapping—delectable.”
Clara began feeling ill, upon hearing it was all a set up.
Looking over her shoulder at Clara, Apollonia said, “I told you Clara, thou art highly favored.”
Apollonia went back to amusing herself with the corpse, using pressure points to making the eyes bulge and lips move.
Eventually, she tore herself away from her entertainment to talk further with Clara. Reaching out to touch her, Clara immediately jerked back from her. Though Clara had failed in a most miserable way, she wasn’t ready to embrace those failures.
Instead, she was drawn to a window that looked like it was slowly shedding tears. To her, it seemed as though the angels themselves were shedding tears from heaven. Watching as the drizzle slowly crept down the glass, Clara found herself unable to react anymore, so she didn’t. Looking over at the body and out the window again, she stood still.
Yes, she hated him, she hated him more than anything she ever had in her life. And like a monster, she robbed him of his life, a right reserved only for God and God alone. All these thoughts tortured her as she was confronted with her new reality.
Sinking deeper and deeper into despair, Apollonia spoke up and said with a tender compassion, “I know what you’re thinking, and none of it is true!”
Bewildered Clara said, “You know not my thoughts, only God does” and she believed that, but she questioned whether He even cared anymore. Her very soul was being eaten alive by her enemies, and all she received was silence from the throne of The Most High.
Taking the more sensitive approach, she spoke aloud everything in Clara’s tortured mind. “You spend all your life following their commandments, whipping your very thoughts into submission. Then, just as you taste mortality you discover, there’ll be no reward for you! All those years of fearful sowing, yielded nothing but the whirlwind!”
Clara looked back at her in shock, because she had managed to recite every single one of her thoughts. And she knew she was in trouble, because Apollonia was starting to make sense.
Meeting her in the middle of the room, Clara asked, “What do you want?”
Salvation just like you!” Apollonia answered.
After death comes judgment, not salvation.” Clara said.
Sensing she was on the verge, Apollonia continued the philosophical assault asking, “Death itself was judgment on man, so what is this?”
Clara could only answer, “I do not know.”
Then let us teach you!” She said trying to secure the victory.

To seal the deal, Apollonia extended her hand in friendship and without looking, Clara accepted it.

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Stephanie Hussey - Fantastic Blog Hop

Our bus has yet another stop to make - at the home of Stephanie Hussey, north of Boston.

What genre do you write? Would you consider writing anything else?

Is there a genre that has everything but the kitchen sink in it? Lol I would put my books in the paranormal/fantasy with romance section. I also have a couple of half-finished stories that are horror/thrillers.

Do you outline and plan or do you let the plot unfold?

Both. I like to have some sort of rough outline to keep me somewhat in line but at the same time I do like to let the story unfold. The outline is there in case I hit the blank wall and need to regroup. I’d say 75% unfold and 25% outline (sorta like my laundry pile-hmmmm).

What do you like most about writing?

When I’m writing I am in that world with my characters. We have coffee and chocolate and they tell me their story and I see their world. I love telling their stories to others. It’s great fun.

What do you find most difficult?

EDITING!!! There are those who say they love it but not me… I don’t think I’ll ever enjoy it.

What makes a good plot?


What is a question you'd like to be asked and never are? Answer it.

Is your family supportive or not? Some are and aren’t. It’s hard having close family members not believe in you. They think it’s a hobby you’ll outgrow even though you’ve been doing it for years. I find it’s a struggle to make them understand what it is I do. It’s important and a part of me but some people just don’t understand it. I guess they’ll come around if I ever make the best-seller list, huh? LOL

What experiences have inspired you?

Traveling, meeting new people, reading, music. All of that inspires me every day.

How did you first become interested in writing?

I’ve just always held stories in my head and when I realized that I could just string the words together and make up my own stories well there you go.

What are your current projects?

Doing this blog hop with some great authors. Working on my current wip, ALL ACCESS, and re-editing REMEMBRANCE for self publication for a Winter release (fingers crossed).

How important is dialogue and how do you use it?

They (the powers that be) say it’s important but I only use it when necessary. I don’t find it my strong point but my beta readers say I use it enough. Mostly I use it so you can learn about another character.

Author Bio:

S. A. Hussey is a freelance writer, author, and published poet. She writes for Bluebird Reviews and Rock-it-Write both web-based music review sites and has had two poems published in anthology books. She takes part in on-line critique and writers groups. Her latest project is preparing her first novel, REMEMBRANCE, for self publication in January 2014. She continues to write and is working on another story entitled, ALL ACCESS.

I live in a small coastal community just north of Boston, Massachusetts, and very close to the witch city of Salem. I have two amazingly beautiful daughters, and a 20-year-old Maine coon cat named Gidget who we believe gives rides to fairies in exchange for her long and leisurely life lounging on the back of my sofa. I am a full-time manager at a local hospital and when I’m not there I’m writing, reading or listening to music.

I enjoy a good concert, and write reviews for my music website, Rock-it-Write, as well as do freelance reviews for an amazing fan-based music website, Blue Bird Reviews. I enjoy most genres of music but the blues and classic rock are favorites. Led Zeppelin stole my heart and makes my soul come alive.

Reading is another passion. I love escaping into new worlds every day. My favorite is, The Songmaster, by Orson Scott Card. There’s something in the way the worlds were weaved and how the characters were brought to life. When I first read it my 11 year-old mind was enthralled. I wanted to do that – I wanted to create and write, and I did for many years through poems and short stories, stopping only to raise my girls. Now I’m back, creating worlds and characters of my own and having a blast while doing it.

REMEMBRANCE: "Everybody has a past but not everyone has it return to torment them 600-years later."

EXCERPT: REMEMBRANCE - Part of Chapter 1

Perhaps the threatening dark storm clouds would miss Averswyth altogether but Arianh doubted it. Its primal energy already imbued the air; from the light winds caressing her skin to the fine mist that whorled her once flat-ironed strawberry blonde hair. Staring out from inside the open back door of the kitchen she took note of the fast brewing storm. A low rumble was heard in the distance, and flashes of silver were seen in the approaching ominous clouds. This storm would ask and give no quarter. It was going to be a doozie.

Storms of this type she loved. Thrived on them even, the powerful forces both fascinating and enchanting her, but not today. Today was a crawl-back-into-bed-and-throw-the-covers-over-your-head-and-hide, kind of a day. It was sucking, quite royally. Having only been out of bed for four hours everything seemed to be going to hell in a hand basket. If just one more thing happened she was going to lose it. How could everything piece together so smoothly then fall apart so fast? Someone was throwing a kink into the cog and it was pissing her off. Now this bloody storm. “Gaah!”

The moon festival and concert she was putting on and performing in was stressing her out. Ari growled low in her throat even though she wanted to scream. Whatever made her think she could pull this off? She lifted the cup she was holding to her mouth and slugged the warm tea down like a shot of cheap whiskey. Things were not boding well for the performance.

Ari watched the rain fall; the weather wasn’t cooperating at all, running the gamut from clouds of dismal gray to torrential downpours with thunder and lightning. It had been like this off and on for the past several days. If it didn’t stop soon the field would be a pond, clouds would obscure the triple moon eclipse, and everything would be for naught. This concert was supposed to help cement her with the locals. If she had to cancel it…no, I’m not cancelling it. I’m not giving up. There’s still time to right everything. She had to have faith in people and Mother Nature.

Everything happens for a reason including the weather. It will all work out. The manager of the copy store assured her the programme books would get here before the show, and if they didn’t…she’d improvise. Tickets would get printed, she’d find another company to get her chairs from, the shuttle buses rehired after being mysteriously cancelled, staff and concessioners were still coming.

Thankfully Showco was still on but with this storm the stage set and equipment rentals were going to have to wait another day. It would be alright. It would. In response an obnoxious loud boom reverberated all around her. Ari jumped at the sound then took a step back, her feet tripping over something underfoot, making her crash-land onto her backside.

Whatcha…sweet mother of pearl…” She heard a loud hiss and spied her cat, Ghost, sitting in the hall corner casting a death-eaters glance her way. “Oh you have nerve looking at me like that, you out to get me too?” When she stood up the cat took off running. “That’s right, run you little fur ball. Pain in my arse, you are.” Rubbing her backside Ari turned quick when she heard a familiar sniggering sound coming from behind her.

Oh! Just ducky. You saw that huh?” Ari watched her friend, Owen, shake his head as he continued chuckling. “It’s not funny.”

Miss Perfection taken down by a little cat. How’s that bum? Didcha crack it?”

Owen chortled at his own humor and Ari rolled her eyes heavenward. “Really? That’s all you have? There’s a storm coming. Don’t you have to batten down the hatches or something? Isn’t that what I pay you for, to grounds keep?”

Ooooh, someone’s a bit testy today, emotions on edge, huh? Tis not like you to get this nervous before a show. What’s going on…those dreams again?”


Owen’s brow rose. “No? So you’re going to stay in denial huh?”

Let it alone Owen.”

Can’t. What kind of friend would I be? I’m telling you Ari you need to yell out their names and just get it out there. Let the universe, fate, destiny do its job. The longer you ignore your purpose the more it’s going to gob smack you. The regression was well over six months ago, when are you…”

Stop it Owen…”

Nope. No can do.” He moved towards her quickly, placing a hand on her shoulder. “Listen up because I’m tired of this shite. March upstairs to the tower and yell out their names. Just do it! If they come, they come. You have to move forward. You’re stagnating. You’re afraid.”

Damn you. I’m not afraid.” She shrugged his hand off her shoulder and moved towards the corridor. “I’m working it out just….slowly.”

Really? Go yank someone else’s chain will ya. This is me you’re talking to. Admit it. You’re afraid of the unknown. Who isn’t? I know having that past life regression wasn’t easy. I know the dreams you have from both past and future are scary, and the déjà vu moments are creepy as all get out. All of this isn’t easy but it’s happening for a reason. Face it head-on. The Arianh Forrest I know is a fighter. She isn’t a quitter.”

Bite me.”

Owen laughed. Grabbing a mac from the peg he put it on then looked back at her.

Get it together Ari. You need to do this. What’s the worst thing that could happen? They come searching. Are you that scared of two men?”

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Karina Gioertz - Fantastic Blog Hop

The Fantastic Blog Bus has crossed the border once more and zipped, zoomed and swerved its way south to Port Orange, Florida, where it stops at the home of Karina Gioertz.

What genre do you write?
Women's Contemporary, Contemporary Romance, YA Romance, Thriller/Suspense, YA Fantasy, Children's Literature.

Would you consider writing anything else?

Do you outline and plan or do you let the plot unfold?
I usually do some initial brainstorming and write down a few notes about the general direction I want the story to go in, things I want to include, characters etc...but no, I wouldn't say that I actually outline anything. I prefer to just write and see where the story goes on it's own.

What do you like most about writing?
That it gives me an excuse to daydream all I want.

What do you find most difficult?
Writing the blurb. I think it's the most challenging part of writing a book.

What makes a good plot?
That's a good question...not sure I know how to answer it. I guess I really don't put that much technical thought into my writing. I just write how it comes to me and hope that if I find the story interesting enough to keep writing it, someone else will find it interesting enough to keep reading it as well.

What is a question you'd like to be asked and never are? Answer it.
Can we buy the rights to your book and turn it into a major motion picture? YES!

What experiences have inspired you?
Really, what hasn't? I spent years working in the hospitality industry, so nearly all of my stories involve a bar in one way or another. Same goes for horses and life on a ranch. I've modeled different character relationships after my own and also incorporated my experiences with things like loss and parenting.

How did you first become interested in writing?
When I was about two I discovered I had a passion for singing. I sang my little heart out every chance I got, in fact, according to my mother I often sang instead of actually speaking while trying to communicate with others. Then, when I got a little older I started writing my own songs...which translated into a love of poetry...which eventually grew into more I've had about a hundred different stories floating around in my head for as long as I can remember. Same goes for just took a while for my writing to evolve to a point where I knew what to do with all of it.

What are your current projects?
I have three sequels started and so far there's no telling who will take the lead and actually get finished. First, I'm working on book 2 of The Final Descendants series titled Et Calcium. Second, I've started on Let 'Er Buck - a follow up to Country Girls and most recently, I started on Getting Lucky after hearing several complaints from readers that they wanted MORE from Lucky and her guy in Lucky In Love.

How important is dialogue and how do you use it?
I'm all about dialogue. In some of my books, it's probably the bulk of the story. I think it's a great way for the reader to get to know the characters and learn about the relationships they have with one another. Plus, it's an easy way to move the story along. Rather than have me just give the rundown of events the reader gets a play by play from the characters.

Chapter 1 From Final Descendants and the Well of Wishes Lost

Celestine was running faster than she had ever run in her life. Jumping over fallen tree trunks and skillfully evading ditches as she raced through the woods. Twice she tripped over the trim of her dress, but she didn’t waste but a second scrambling back to her feet and moving forward. The palms of her hands stung with the pain of having badly scraped them in the last fall and her left knee felt as though it might give out at any second after a nasty twist. She ignored them both. Closing her eyes tightly she mentally discarded the gown and dress shoes for something more suitable for a high speed hike through rough terrain. When she opened them again, she was wearing a pair of trousers with high leather boots that reached up to her thighs, supporting the bum knee as she ran on.

Too terrified to turn around, Celestine forced herself to face forward at all times. Her mind frantically replaying the events that had led to this moment. Every time she did so she found herself growing more furious. She felt abandoned and betrayed by those she had least expected it from. Suddenly, a shadow cast overhead and she became aware that she was not alone. Already knowing what she would find, she turned her eyes to the sky. A golden eagle was soaring directly above her, mimicking her every move and trailing her to wherever she was going. One friend had remained. She allowed herself a brief moment of relief knowing he at least, would stand beside her whether he approved or not. And she knew he did not. Nevertheless, his love unlike the love of some others, was unconditional and the gratitude she felt for him in that moment was immeasurable.

Celestine had nearly reached the edge of the woods when she thought she heard someone moving through the brush behind her. Had Lucan changed his mind after all? Or had her plans been discovered and all of Kimerical was on now her heels in an attempt to stop her? Well, she would never give them the chance. Defying her own physical body, she reached deep and pushed herself harder, boosting herself forward with each powerful stomp to the ground. She knew full well it was fear and not courage that was urging her onward and denying her the chance to look back. Fear that she would see the palace guards on Lucan’s orders storming in on her to stop her…and perhaps an even greater fear, that she would turn around to find herself alone, being hunted only by her own memories.

She had come too far to stop now. The decision had already been made for her and she had but one choice to live with it…and she would live with it. Just not here.

Giving one last glance to the sky and her feathered friend, she closed her eyes and at the height of momentum crashed through the barrier in an explosion of purple colored lights.

It was done. She would never go back.

Bio ~
Although Karina Gioertz has been writing for most of her life, it never quite registered with her as something out of the ordinary or worth pursuing, because it was so closely connected to who she was. It wasn't until she became a stay at home mom and finally took the time to write an entire book from beginning to end, that she understood what all of those ideas she had been jotting down all those years were really for. Since then, she has written several books, including Country Girls, Lucky In Love and Blood Bound.

While writing and motherhood have become her main focus over the years, she also enjoys many other creative activities such as painting and photography. Most sunny days she can be found in her courtyard working feverishly at painting and refurbishing old furniture…that is, of course, only if it wasn't a suitable day to spend at the beach .

Karina resides in sunny Florida with her family and two dogs and can be contacted via Facebook ( )or Twitter ( ).

To learn more about her work and upcoming projects visit her blog at and website at

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Karen Vaughan - Fantastic Blog Hop

The Fantastic Blog Hop bus magically transports itself to Peterborough, Ontario, Canada where it screeches to a halt in front of Karen Vaughan's home.

What genre do you write? Would you consider writing anything else?
Generally I write light mysteries known as cozies but I would consider romance or romantic suspense.

Do you outline and plan or do you let the plot unfold?
I am one of those people known as a pantser—I just take the ball and run with it and let the characters tell me what’s happening.

What do you like most about writing?
Knowing that it’s going to entertain someone somewhere.

What do you find most difficult?
I hate editing with a passion.

What makes a good plot?
Something that has a bit of grit to it but not too heavy. An exciting plot that is believable and has a lot of suspense (makes reader wonder what will happen) Strong characters help.

What is a question you'd like to be asked and never are? Answer it.
What would I do for a Klondike Bar? No seriously. What would I do if I was in my characters shoes.---Kick ass and get the job done and worry about the consequences later.

What experiences have inspired you?
My stand up comedian experience inspired Dead Comic Standing. I am inspired by the human will to survive. My honeymoon with my daughter's dad gave me an idea for a book in the series.

How did you first become interested in writing?
I always did well at it in school but never considered a career as a writer. That part was purely accidental, I started writing to entertain myself while on sick leave.

What are your current projects?
Dead Men Don’t Swing (#4 in series) Getting Larry’d which is a romance I want to do for Tirgearr Publishing.

How important is dialogue and how do you use it?

It is very important. Dialogue tells the story in my books more than the narration does. It shows just who the characters really are.


Prologue --Blood on the Grille

The moon was high and a thousand stars appeared in the Florida sky. The sunset had been glorious, a flaming orange glow with pink undertones.

Lou had taken up photography as a hobby since moving to the Daytona Beach area. Lou, a Canadian, had been lured to the area by a guy on the Dudes seeking Dudes website. Having broken up with his long time love, Richard, he had been itching to leave Toronto behind, along with a broken heart and ten years of bad memories. His marriage to Laura had died on Speaker’s Corner and it was time to leave the crap and the cold behind, in favour of a warmer climate and palm trees.  Ironically, Laura, the ex, had written him a glowing letter of reference for his work visa. He had applied via an online job search engine, and told his internet paramour he was heading to Florida to make a go of his career and a new life south of the Mason Dixon Line.

So today after putting in an eight hour shift, he went home and grabbed a shower and changed into beach shorts and a clean T-shirt sporting the slogan Just Grill Me. He had invested in a Digital SLR for taking some great landscape shots to post on Face book. He found that he loved photography and if his life as a chef sputtered, now he had a back-up plan. 

Before meeting up with his new guy, Gary, he headed off to the beach to take some shots of the area. While Daytona was not the prettiest beach in Florida, Lou found some of the scenery to be rough, yet photo-worthy.  He was leaving the beach when he spotted what looked to be a vintage 1940’s Chevy, black as the abyss. The car looked like something out of a film noir gangster flick. Either way the car was a real beauty. He set up a few shots and started shooting. He didn’t stay long as this was encroaching on a seedier part of town where hookers plied their trade and bums wandered around with liquor bottles and another night of brown bagging their hooch and begging before passing out in an alleyway.

He was on his tenth picture when a gravelly voice yelled out behind him.
Just what the hell do you think you’re doing, asshole?”

Lou jumped back at the sound and turned around to see the meanest looking S.O.B. he had set eyes on, since his father’s last drinking binge a few years earlier. 

This guy looked huge and a tad ornery, even in the moonlight. “Well boy, what’s wrong? Cat got yer tongue? If ya don’t say something soon, I may just beat it out of you."

Just admiring your car man; it’s a classic.”

The big mean dude seemed to warm some at the compliment but reverted to his menacing stance quickly,  “Thanks. She is a beauty isn’t she? How long were you skulking around my car? You didn’t touch her did ya?”

Lou began to sweat.  This guy was getting way too intense over a car. He tried backing away but the bigger man was getting in his face about the whole deal. Finally Lou started to run and the guy backed off. Then he heard the engine start and looked behind him. The car was coming right at him! 
Holy shit!! What did this asshole want? “It’s just a freaking’ car dude; damn”; Lou was incredulous that this guy was going ape-shit over a set of wheels as nice as they were.
He ducked down an alley, around the corner and thought he was safe. Then he heard it again. He looked to his left and the son of a bitch was still coming for him. 

Lou took a deep breath, and promised himself that if he ever got out of this mess he’d start getting in better shape. ‘Dude you’re barely thirty six and you run like an old man.’ The car was catching up to him, it wasn’t stopping either. For whatever reason this shithead wanted him dead!  For the life of him, Lou could not figure out what had gone wrong. He felt the bumper hit the back of his legs sending him flying in the air. He came down with a thud on the hood of the car and his head hit the windshield before he rolled off the car, and was dragged under the front wheels of the car. The car backed up and left the body where it lay; somewhere in Lou’s pocket, a cell phone was ringing.


Karen Vaughan lives in Peterborough Ontario with her husband Jim and a cat named Sugar. She is the mom of a 22 year old daughter and four grown step children and a 21/2 year old grandson named Ike. DEAD COMIC STANDING is her second novel. Her first novel DEAD ON ARRIVAL garnered praise from friends, family and online gamers. She also enjoys doing crafts and other hobbies. Her latest book is called OVER HER DEAD BODY is the second book to DEAD ON ARRIVAL. DAYTONA DEAD is the third in that series which is soon to be released.

Take one beautiful vindictive woman....she's 1 part bimbo and 2 parts lethal gangsta- gun moll. 

Watch her try and hold onto her 84 year old husband by having his octogenarian paramour knocked off. Sometimes greed and jealousy lead to the last resort ……MURDER! 

Laura, Gerry and Gibbons try to stop her from also killing her husband, without getting themselves knocked off in the process!

Laura Hamilton, wakes up one morning only to find out a dead body inside her apartment. It was, after all, her ex-coworker, “Velcro” Hodges, a debt collector who was known to leech on his prey until the debt is already paid in full. But why was he dropped insider Laura’s room?
Now someone wants Laura to be dead. As the plot thickens, Laura tries to find out on who could possibly want her next to be in cold blood. Lead Detective Inspector Jeff Gibbons helps her, tracking any leads he gets, but that doesn’t seem to help solve the puzzle. 

Be careful what you joke about— it might just kill you!!!
Someone out there doesn’t think the local comics are funny. He’ll kill to prove it. Police are racing to find the killer before he claims another victim. Comedians are always trying to find that killer joke, but now they’re dying literally! Author Karen Vaughan brings you Dead Comic Standing, a comedy, action, and steamy romance.

You’ll be dying to keep on reading!

Emma, Dangerous by Dellani Oakes – Part 7

Emma's in the hospital for the night, and Sam's allowed to stay with her. He asks Rosalee not to let her parents see her, unless she...