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Where Do the Names Come From?

Where do you get your names? I've been asked this question fairly often. Not so much with my romance or romantic suspense, but with of my science fiction. Every good sci-fi needs aliens. Since it's rather unlikely that the characters will find aliens with the names John, Paul, George or Bob, an author has to get creative. Sometimes, the names are right there, as in the case of Caprilla Mayeese. It just popped into my head as I was writing. I saw his piercing blue cat eyes, his sleek midnight fur and his name sounded in my mind. The rest of the giant cats, or Fellicians, were easy (though the name of their race gave me fits for a day or two). I wanted somewhat exotic names, but, I hope, not too ridiculously difficult to pronounce. Again, I found their names fairly easily. Ariella, Escascia, Errollic and Cavitus.
Other aliens weren't as easy to name. I had just introduced a sentient, moose-like alien (Vandaran), the Chairman of the Galactic Committee—basically, the president o…