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I Love Dialogue! Excerpt from "Kai"

This book is not only unfinished, it hasn't got a proper title. I named the file after the main character, Kai Marcello. He meets a young woman, Paisley, who comes to teach water aerobics at his family's gym. He finds out that she's running away from a very bad relationship with a crazy guy who tried to kill her. She lives just up the street from Brill, who's the head of a gang and cousin to one of Kai's best friends. Brill agrees to have his men look after Paisley. Having something to report, they come up as Kai and Paisley are leaving her apartment.
They hopped in the Jeep and were just pulling out when a black Ford truck with spinners and a lot of chrome cut them off. Kai was grateful for good brakes. Four thugs got out and came over to the Jeep. Kai recognized Brill, TM's cousin, and some of his heavies. "Yo, Kai," Brill said, flashing a bunch of gold teeth. "This your lady?" "Yeah. TM talked to you?" "Yeah, man. Listen, reason…

Why I'm Not Taking the Ice Bucket Challenge

I was challenged by my darling daughter to do the Ice Bucket Challenge or donate $100.00 to ALS. Well, I'm in a quandary. I don't particularly want to dump cold water on myself. I suffer from migraines and that's the sort of shock to the system that would bring one on. But I don't have $100.00 to donate to ALS either.I decided that I'll donate to ALS, although in a lesser amount. Or I might donate to another charity that desperately needs money. There are so many out there that get little to no attention. Grant you, ALS was one of them until this Ice Bucket thing.So, instead of soaking yourself in ice water, just give to ALS or some other charity in whatever amount you can. Don't spend the money on ice, don't worry about soaking yourself in cold water, just GIVE! That's the entire purpose of the challenge anyway. Just GIVE!I gave a donation in the name of my cousin's husband who died from this disease. I urge everyone to join me in GIVING! 


Dellani Oakes Wined, Dined and Read

I am so pleased to be invited by my friend, Uvi Poznansky. Many thanks for thinking of me! I'm proud to be a part of the Wined, Dined and Read blog tour.
The book I'm going to talk about is my historical romance, Indian Summer. This is my first published work and holds a special place in my heart.
If your main characters were glasses of wine, which would they be?
If Manuel Enriques were a wine, he would be San Sebastian Winery'sCastillo Red, a dry red, this wine is a delight with a deep burgundy color and a hint of oak. Light on the tannins this wine should complement meats or richer foods nicely. Manuel is bold, fearless and spicy hot. He is a true romantic hero.
If Gabriella Deza were a wine, she would be San Sebastian Winery's Blanc de Fleur This wine has a hint of fruit and sweetness and the tiny bubbles that produce tingling flavor all through the palate. Gabriella is innocent, bubbly and ready to take on life. She may be young, but she is spirited and effervescent. 

I Love Dialogue! Excerpt from The Best Medicine #2

Tanya and Morgan have been together for a couple months when his friend, Hal turns up. It's Morgan's birthday, but he forgot to mention it to Tanya. The three of them get to talking about a palimony case brought against Morgan by his ex-girlfriend, Vanessa - a money grubbing witch of a woman with bad hair and a worse temper. Hal compliments Tanya's house, bemoaning the fact that his house is farther from work than hers.
"Hal loves shortcuts," Morgan explained. "He spends hours looking for them and plotting them out. No matter how long it takes him, he figures out back roads and shortcuts everywhere he goes. Ask him directions to anywhere in the city, he can tell you and give you an estimate of how long it will take to get you there."
"Morgan's jealous," Hal confided to Tanya. "He's really directionally impaired. He won't admit it, of course."
"Oh, of course not," Tanya giggled. "He finds his way to the most im…

Fantastic Blog Hop Summer Splash!

It was a dark and stormy night—actually, it was the middle of the afternoon. I was brainstorming, once again, how to get more publicity for my books. Short of stuffing them down various throats, (which I immediately dismissed) I was fresh out of ideas. Then it hit me—like a big yellow bus! I decided to ask a few of my friends who are also struggling with sales, and committed to self-preservation (promotion) and we'd put together a blog hop and share all our work with all our fans. And so the Fantastic Blog Hop was born! Of course, we had no idea how to go about it, nor did we have a name. But thanks to KarenVaughan for the name and Crimson Kildare for the FBH bus logo, we had a beginning. It was very hit and miss the first time. We did get a few more followers on our blogs and might have made a few sales, but we had an interesting experience and decided to do it again. Our next round was even more complex. We had more authors and that meant more work. Our third attempt, we decided to …

I Love Dialogue! Excerpt from The Best Medicine

Anyone who's read my work knows I like good dialogue. I love capturing the feel of each character and I use their conversations as a characterization instrument. The funnier, the better. In this excerpt, Tanya is having breakfast with her new boyfriend, Morgan, his sister, Molly, her husband, Kenny and their son, Duke. Their family dynamic is quite different from what she's used to, but she finds that she likes it and feels right at home.

"Where are the other boys?" Tanya asked. "They're on tour," Molly said proudly. "They left last night. They'll be gone about six weeks. All that driving, Cullen's going to be wild before it's over. He hates being in a vehicle for any period of time." "They'll just have to sing to him like we did. Do you remember? Any time we got in the car, he'd scream. The only thing that kept him happy was She'll be Coming Round the Mountain! We even made up our own verses because we got sick of si…

Awesome Romance Novels: The Ninja Tattoo by @DellaniOakes - Highly Rated #...

Awesome Romance Novels: The Ninja Tattoo by @DellaniOakes - Highly Rated #...: Teague McMurtry spent the last six years of his life in the Army. Finally having enough of killing, he comes home, thinking he's put ...

Sexy Without the Sex - We Are the Champions by Dellani Oakes

Asher Wilkinson is an actor who works with an improv group called Cheesers Champions. He meets Ruby one night when she's called up to participate in one of the skits. They hit it off and she shows up the next night as well -- and the next. This time, their kiss wasn't just a tease. Ruby stood close, her hips not quite touching his. Her hands rested on his cheeks, her fingers in his hair. Asher held her waist, his chest resting against hers. Ruby opened her cherry colored lips, sighing contentedly. Her breath tickled Asher's lips making them tingle excitedly. One second more, delighting in the titillating nearness, he closed the last fraction of an inch that separated their waiting mouths. The noises around them faded into a blur of muffled sound, creating an impersonal backdrop to the scene playing out between them. Asher's tongue swept into her mouth, teasing hers. Ruby opened more and he deepened the kiss. She tasted like strawberries and cherry Coke, a combination he …