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Sexy Without the Sex - Evening Rose

Rose Wentworth is a young woman who lives with her great-grandmother as her caregiver. As they are the only family that the other has, Rose feels obligated to help Grammy as she slips into the throes of dementia. It's not easy, as Grammy can be very demanding. However, a chance meeting with JD Stone proves to be just want both Rose and Grammy need.
"Hello?" Rose sounded breathless. "Hiya. You sound like you've been running," JD said. She giggled. He could picture her tossing her head, flaming hair swirling around her face. "I feel like I have been. We've been interviewing caregivers all day. I'm exhausted." "Found anyone yet?" "No. I thought I had a couple, but Grammy hated them on sight. That's been the major drawback. She doesn't want anyone around but me." "I have a couple more names for you. Talk to them, introduce them to Grammy and see what she thinks. They're the folks who cared for my dad. I thi…

Tirgearr Birthday Celebration 2016!

TODAY on Red River Radio!To listen to us live, or catch the podcast after the show, click here.
Every year, Dellani and Christina help Tirgearr Publishing celebrate their birthday. This year, we've got got a great lineup up with KemberleeShortland, publisher and author of Murder in Mornington, Irish Pride Series, Rhythm of My Heart and many more. We are also joined by Sue Coletta, author of Marred. M.Pepper Langlinais, author of The Fall and Rise of Peter Stoller. And Tegon Maus, author of The Eve Project Series, Bob and My Grandfather's Pants, among others.

Sexy Without the Sex - Ryder Bradley

Ryder Bradley is a DJ for weddings receptions, parties, the occasional Bat Mitzvah. Single and not loving it, he never uses his job to enhance his love life, until he meets Cerise Lafayette. She makes his head spin like a record. Unable to stop himself, he asks her out and is delighted when she says yes.
Lunch was fantastic. Not only was the food good, best damn fish and chips in town, but the company was amazing. Cerise was the best conversationalist I've ever met. She kept up with my, sometimes abrupt, subject changes, asked questions and answered mine with skill. Her wide range of interests meshed with mine as well. I could feel myself falling in total, fully immersed like with her. I can't say love, I've known the woman less than a day. The lust component was there too. That's a given when there's a pretty woman, with a knockout figure involved. The fact she had a quick mind and a great sense of humor added to the like and lust to a great degree. In short, the p…

Sexy Without the Sex - Driving Blind

Zenobia Vlachos works as a computer tech at a big electronics store in Daytona. She meets Ax Kazan, a police officer, when he pulls her over in traffic. There is an immediate connection between them, but Zenobia isn't about to rush to bed with him. Ax makes the excuse that he needs computer work done, to see her at work, and takes her to lunch.
After eating, Zenobia still had some time before going back to work. They took a short walk around the plaza before dropping by his car. It wasn't so much that Ax wanted to put his computer away, though that was his excuse. He really wanted to get her somewhere more private so he could kiss her. Keeping his distance with most of his body, he brushed her ear and neck with his nose and lips. His lips tingled, wanting to kiss her, but this was an exercise in control for him—and a way to make himself irresistible. Ax's hot breath on her skin made Zenobia shiver with desire. Her nipples stiffened and she felt uncomfortably warm in places s…

Dellani's Tea Time Monday February 8, 2016 with Sue, Jake and Terra

Monday, February 8, Dellani and Christina welcome back Sue Senden, author of Clara's Wish, Lethal Boundaries and Images of America series.
Also appearing, two new voices: Jake Combs author of Haunted by Shadows and Terra James author of Immortal: The Soulmate, Immortal: The Chosen, Chaotic Evolucion: Inception, Speaking Emotions.
Welcome to these three wonderful authors! Save the date and tune in for Dellani's Tea Time. All shows are at 4 PM Eastern time (3 CST, 2 MST, 1 PST)
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I Love Dialogue - Room 103 Excerpt 2

The night of the big party at the college, Marice decides not to take her weapon and badge with her. She doesn't feel that the room is secure enough, nor is her car. Instead, she asks the motel owner to keep them in his safe, which he kindly does. They keep missing one another when she tries to get it back, so she and Kris go the next evening to get them, only to find that the motel owner has shot and killed someone—with Marice's gun. It seems to be self-defense, but she's still got some explaining to do with Alvin, her boss.

We finished talking to the police and were allowed to go. I was given my badge, but they had to keep my weapon for ballistics checks and evidence. Now came the really fun part. I had to call my boss and tell him that my weapon had been involved in a homicide—possibly a double one, if Jaret didn't make it. I have to say that Alvin took the news fairly well. That is to say, he didn't fire me on the spot, but he did a lot of yelling. "I've …