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Kemberlee Shortland's At It Again!

Yes, Kemberlee Shortland is at it again! Kemberlee wears many hats, with equal vivacity and aplomb. Not only is she the proud publisher at Tirgearr Publishing, she's an author too! To celebrate her relaunch of her Irish Pride Series, Kemberlee joins us here at Writer's Sanctuary to tell us about herself and her wonderful books.

Kemberlee is a native Northern Californian who was raised in a community known as Steinbeck Country, home to author John Steinbeck, as well as Jack London, Robert Louis Stevenson, and others. With so much literary influence around her, it's not hard to see why Kemberlee fell in love with the printed word.

Sarah's Secret, Kemberlee's first novel, was the result of years of short story writing. It was completed, though unpublished, in 1989, and several other novels following as she learned the craft of writing and developing her voice.

Kemberlee began her professional writing career as a reviewer in 1995, publishing reviews with Compuserve Rom…

The Paranormal World of Nina Mason

When did you start writing?

About as soon as I could write the alphabet. I won a library essay contest when I was a kid and wrote for the school newspapers. I wrote a romance novel about a couple of ballet dancers in my early twenties (back in the days of typewriters), but never sent it out. Didn’t try again until five or six years ago, after reading Twilight. Unlike some people, I liked Twilight, but was frustrated by the lack of sex and Edward’s lack of history. In literature, vampires personify uncaged sexuality, so a chaste vampire seemed counter-intuitive. Plus, I felt writing an immortal creature provided fantastic opportunities to build an interesting backstory. What had he/she seen and experienced over the centuries? How was he/she affected by it? My immortal characters all have a history tied to the world and what they’ve seen and experienced has colored them in some way.

What’s the strangest thing that’s inspired one of your stories?

I don’t know if I’d call it strange, but a…