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Black Jack Bomber by T.C. Miller

I'm delighted to turn over my space to T.C. Miller, author of BlackJack Bomber. Welcome, T.C.!

T. C. Miller’s twenty-four year Air Force career gave him the opportunity to live from coast-to-coast. It was during his assignment at Mather Air Force Base, California that he formulated the basic plot for his debut novel, BlackJack Bomber.
T. C. is also an accomplished martial artist, and has studied Hakkoryu Jujitsu, since 1976. He owned and operated a school in Rancho Cordova, Ca., Harrah, Ok., and McLoud, Ok. He is also the author of self-defense classes for women and children, and has taught handcuffing and apprehension classes for law enforcement.
He started writing as a pre-teen, and has authored magazine articles, lesson plans, and advertising copy. BlackStar Bay, the sequel to BlackJack Bomber, is scheduled for release in mid-2013. Although not a native Oklahoman, he considers it his home state.

BlackJack Bomber A novel by T. C. Miller

Five average, middle-aged suburban guys cal…

There Are Days When I Want to Give Up Writing

There are days when I want to chuck it all in and start over. I find myself wishing I had a different calling and that I wasn't hopelessly addicted to writing. I would like to do something – anything, to make the voices in my head talk to someone else. But they won't be still and I know I can't give it up for anything. Even if I'm the worst writer in the world, I can't stop. I love what I do. Nothing pleases me like putting words down, creating order from chaos. I just wish I got paid better for doing what I do. It gets discouraging to put in hour after hour and get pennies in return. If I were better at talking up my own work, I would probably make a lot more money. I am the world's worst at tooting my own horn. Unfortunately, horns must be tooted loudly to draw attention to our work. If readers don't know that our books exist, they can't very well buy them. There are all kinds of clever marketing ploys – contests, drawings, and giveaways. However, be…

What I Don't Like About Romance Novels

Romance novels are all about falling in love – finding a soul mate and sometimes having great sex. That's what I love about writing romance. I can be, even for a short time, someone else. I am able to fall in love over and over again. That's also why readers love romance novels. For a short space fo time, they have the perfect lover. What don't I love about romance novels? Formulaic plots, predictable events and the main conflict is between the couple. How is that romantic? I don't want to red page after page of fighting. That isn't what love is about. I've heard other romance authors tell me, "It's what sells." or "It's what readers want." Is it? I'm a reader as well as a writer and I don't like it. I like an immediate attraction between my lovers. I believe in love at first sight – because it happened to me. I see the romance as the two of them getting to know one another, admitting they are attracted and, eventual…

Interview with Kameron Brook

I'm delighted that Kam took the time out of her busy schedule to answer my interview questions. Thank you for guest blogging, Kam! Good luck to you and Dirk and your family.

What is your story?

Kam and Dirk collaboration – “Sinfully Delicious” (M/F)

Book Summary:
Christine's been without a man too long, so she lets her BFF Jasmine talk her into speed-dating. Unfortunately, twenty-five of the men are romantic non-starters in the worst way. But all it takes is one...
Who are you?

Kameron’s personal bio: 

Kameron resides in a quiet neighborhood where the typical conversation centers on the weather and swapping recipes. While these chats might be entertaining to her neighbors, she finds her mind wandering quite often to naughtier topics. These hidden fantasies might not be the topic of choice within her circle of friends, but that doesn't stop her from unleashing her hidden desires with her readers.

(co-author’s info) Dirk’s personal bio:

Growing up, Dirk had aspirations of being …

Sinfully Delicious by Kameron and Dirk

I'm delighted today to have Kameron Brook and Dirk Tyler as guest bloggers. Their book, Sinfully Delicious, truly is!

Book Summary:
Christine's been without a man for far too long, so she lets her BFF Jasmine talk her into speed-dating. Unfortunately, far too many of her dates are romantic non-starters -- in the worst way. But all it takes is one... and when the right man comes along, he's Sinfully Delicious.

Excerpt from Sinfully Delicious:
Wednesday Evening

It’d been two years, six months, and fourteen days since Christine had felt the loving touch of anyone but herself -- not that she was keeping track. Which was the reason she’d allowed her best gal-pal, Jasmine, to talk her into heading out tonight and giving the speed-dating scene a try… again.

“Woo hoo, Christine. Come in. Are you with me?”

Christine studied her completed look in the glass door of the Midnight Rendezvous. She held the phone tucked between her ear and shoulder while she kept tugging at the hem of her …

This THING Called Marketing

So, you've written a book, managed to get it published and now you need to make people aware of the fact it's out there. How do you do that? Seriously – I'm asking! I have three books – two are available in print as well as e-books the other is in e-book format only. They're great books, people would love them, but aside from a few sales a month, they aren't making me rich. No one is knocking down my door to make a movie and my bank account is still anemic. I am not good at self-promotion. I've never been one to toot my own horn. I'm not going to wave a sign and say, “READ MY BOOKS!” I don't know how to write catchy copy, nor do I know clever marketing ploys. I am marketing inept, promotionaly illiterate and sales impaired. I would love to know how books like “Twilight” and “50 Shades of Gray” became overnight sensations. What did those authors do and can I do it too? HOW did they get their books recognized by the masses? And why can't I? It&…

Capturing the Castle (How “Once Upon a Castle” was born)

My guest today is author Alan S. Blood. He's visiting here today to share how his story, Once Upon a Castle came to be. Alan, welcome to Writer's Sanctuary.

On a bitterly cold, November afternoon, I found myself stranded near Bamburgh Castle on the wild Northumberland coast whilst the local, old fashioned garage, with tall petrol pumps, repaired my broken-down car.

The delicate, somewhat bright, late autumn sunlight created an eerie, pastel coloured scene, albeit tempered by a biting breeze, yet quite magical, certainly ancient, and almost ethereal.

Vikings have landed here,’ I told myself scanning the unique white beaches below the hazy castle ramparts. It was one of those strange experiences that triggered the imagination and I could see a Scandinavian longship coming ashore, disgorging horned-helmeted warriors seizing the beach before storming inland to ravage the sparse Saxon populace. I could feel that there was a tale to be told.

With the genesis of a story in my mind, I…