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I'm the Nanny - part 3

Poor Keith, one could almost feel sorry for him - almost....

“What is Richie's prob – um – handicap?” Keith asked.

“Asperger's Syndrome,” Mitch said as if that explained it all. “High functioning autism.”

Keith didn't look like he'd ever heart of it.

“He won't react normally to stimuli,” Mitch tried to explain. He kept it as simple as he could, but it was obvious Keith didn't understand.

Once the children were settled, Mitch served their food, then got his dishes, ready to take his food to his room. The minute he started away from the table, Richie screamed and threw his cup on the floor. The lid popped off and juice went everywhere.

“Juice,” Becky said loudly. “Mess. Ma!”

Jade stooped to mop up the juice.

“I'll get it,” Keith said helpfully, grabbing a handful of paper towels from the kitchen.

He bent over to clean up the puddle and Richie threw his spoon at him. It was laden with spaghetti and sauce. It hit him squarely on top of the head.

“Hey!” Keith b…