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I took the NaNoWriMo challenge and I completed a 50,000+ word novel in less than a month! I know that doesn't sound like a big deal to some of you, but it's harder than it sounds! I'm excited that it's done and pleased with the results. "The Wall of Time" is officially complete! Oohrah!
So You Killed a Character. Now What?
There come times when we have to kill off a character. I know it's hard, but swords slash, guns go off, bombs blow and a life ends. First ,you cry. At least I do. I can't speak for those people who are callous and uncaring, but I cry like crazy. It's like losing a friend, especially when it's someone you like. Second, you torture yourself with it for awhile to see how it feels. It feels awful. You're a horrible person! How could you do such an awful thing? Third, you remember that movie "Stranger Than Fiction" and worry if you really killed off a real person! (Come on, it's a MOVIE of course you didn't. You don't have any special voodoo powers. Fourth, you move on. You have to resolve the conflict and finish the book. The death moved the story forward. You had to do it. Someone had to die besides the bad guy. So he was a wonderful, sweet, good looking, loving character! Someone had to do the …
I am interested in finding out what music people listen to when they write. For that matter, do you listen to music when you write? For me it's a given. I must have music playing whether anyone else in the house likes it or not. Cause I'm the MOM, that's why! I have a very loud fan in my computer, actually it's several fans and sounds rather like a jet taking off when I boot the sucker up. However, mood is created by music.

Certain types of scenes require specific music. For a battle scene, it has to be something heavy and driving: Metallica, Pantera, Rammstein, to name only a few. Love scenes need something mellow: Dido, Jeff Beck, Santana - also only a few of the things I have on my Rhapsody lists. Many of my stories have a particular song as a focal point. Sometimes the pacing and mood set depends on what I've been listening to. I have one fight scene that was written while listening to "Crazy Benny" by the Safri Duo. As I read, I can hear the piece of …
Sometimes I feel as if I'm living and talking in a completely different universe from everyone else. Do you ever feel that way? I think and say things that make no sense to non-writers. In fact, those who don't write novels wouldn't understand this either, so I don't count journalists, magazine editors, or folks who write non-fiction. So I'll restate that more explicitly: Only writers of novels would understand.

My husband, bless his heart, laughs at me when I tell him the characters changed their minds and didn't like the direction a scene was going. "I've had to rewrite the entire chapter because they didn't like it!" or something I've said frequently about the hero in my historical romance, "I couldn't make Manuel do it. He simply refused to be bad!"

Writers of novels would (I hope) understand.

I've noticed when I get hung up in a chapter, more often than not it's because I tried to take the story in a direction the c…