Tuesday, September 22, 2015

I Love Dialogue - Bad Fall Excerpt 2

Frank and Marka start dating. Happy in one another's company, they decide to have dinner together. Penwarren is still being a pain in the butt, so Frank decides he'd better stay longer than he'd planned. He and Marka go by his house to get more of his clothing and he's in his apartment to change after work.

Frank loosened his tie and hung up his suit. He realized that he'd left his other clothing in the car. He finished changing and called Marka again before going out to get his things. The temperature outside had dropped considerably. He shivered in his shirt sleeves and trotted back in the building as quickly as he could. He dropped his clothing in his room and jogged down to hers. Arriving breathless, he tapped at the door. Marka opened with a grin.
"Finally! Dinner's almost ready. Will you open the bottle? It's one of those tricky wire thingies."
"No problem. Anything else I can do for you?"
"I'm sure I'll think of something."
Her smile held promises that he couldn't even think about collecting on tonight. He was getting strong vibes from her. She was decidedly interested—quite possibly as much as he was. But she wasn't going to give it up to a man she just met. Not that he'd do that anyway. That wasn't his style. He'd never been a one night stand kind of guy. He'd done it from time to time, but it wasn't his usual mode of behavior.
"Frank? You in lala land?" Marka handed him the bottle.
"Guess so. Been a long day. I swear, I'm ready for that man to leave." He explained the current crisis.
"Are there words to describe a man like him?"
"Haven't found any that properly do it. Calling him a dick and a douchebag, while satisfying, don't really do him justice. Insufferable, insignificant, egotistical prick comes closer."
"My dad would describe him as the head of a pimple on the ass of the universe."
"Bingo! Your dad and I would get along, I bet."
"Like a house on fire. Remind me never to introduce you." She winked at him.
"There's a way to slay my hopes."
"By not introducing you to my dad?"
"Can't get a man's opinion if you don't meet him."
"Perhaps once I have you hopelessly hooked."
"You're kidding, right? You had me hooked when you asked for toilet paper."
Marka stopped in her tracks, staring at him, her mouth slightly open. "You're serious."
"In fact, I think I was hooked when I saw you on TV."
Marka still hadn't moved.
Frank laughed nervously. "What?"
"That's so incredibly sweet. No man ever fell for me because he saw me on TV."
"First time for everything," Frank said, clearing his throat.
It had finally struck him how his remarks could be interpreted. Not that he cared, he just didn't want her to think he was some sort of sick, pathetic, stalker type who hadn't gotten laid in almost a year.
If the shoe fits, boyo.... Well, not the stalker part.
He poured them each a glass of the sparkling grape juice. They toasted one another as well as the meal.
"And to Mabel Penwarren. May she recover fast so her damn son goes home!" Frank said.
"Here here!"
Their glasses tinked against one another once more.

© 2015 Dellani Oakes

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