Tuesday, June 28, 2016

I Love Dialogue from Room 103

Marice Houston is a Deputy Federal Marshal who is back home for her tenth college reunion. While there, she hooks up with a longtime friend, Kris. Though she'd been staying in a motel when she arrived, she checkout so she can stay with Kris for the rest of her vacation. Lots of crazy things happen and at one point, Kris gets hit when someone is taking a shot at Marice. Now in the hospital, his room seems to be Grand Central Station. They've had cops, another Deputy Marshal, a police detective and now Todd, the motel owner, whose nephew was also shot. He gave Marice a kiss without realizing that Kris was there.

There was yet another tap at the door. Cox poked his head in again. "Some guy from down the hall, he wanted to say hello?"
Todd. Oh, shit. I could only imagine what Kris would do or say.
"I'll come out," I said quickly.
"No. Bring him in. Old home week," Kris remarked, tight lipped.
Todd shuffled in, staying by the door, his hands in his pockets. "I owe you an apology," he said to Kris. "I—can't say sorry enough, for kissing Marice. And I apologize to you, too," he directed quickly at me.
"I'm not the one who got upset," I said. "I could have put you in a headlock, and I didn't."
"I had to know," he said quietly. "What it would be like to kiss you. A few days ago, there was interest. Then you got back with Kris, and I think that's really cool. Disappointed as hell," he said with a slight, nervous laugh. "You're a very lucky man. Marice is an incredible woman and I wish you the best."
Kris held out his hand. Todd walked over and shook it very gently.
"I understand," Kris said. "She's had that effect on me since I met her. Thank you."
"I know how I'd feel if it was me." Todd smiled, ducking out quickly.
I watched the door close, feeling a slight let down.
"That's a man with a world of hurt in his past," Kris said softly. "I wish the poor bastard the best."
Rushing to his side, I gave him a kiss. "I love you, Kristopher Wallace Hood."
"Oh, the three names," he murmured, blue eyes sparkling. "What brought that on?"
"You're lying there, with a hole in your chest, and you're worried about some guy who kissed me last night. I don't know many men who would do that." I kissed him again.
The nurse popped in, laughing when she saw us. "Dammit, maybe I should just wait until he flat lines until I check on him. I have a feeling this is going to keep happening."
"Just got back together after ten years," Kris explained. "And she loves me."
"Well, that's excellent news. At least we know that everything is working as it should be." She smirked, eyeing his groin.
"Yay!" he gave a little cheer. "I suppose this means you have to shoot me up with more bug juice?"
"You in pain?"
"Only when I breathe."
"We need to shoot you up with juice. So enjoy that while you can."
"Can't enjoy it with you watchin'," he replied with a smirk.
"Smart ass."
"Ain't my ass that's in question."
Giggling, she went out.
"So, tell me what's going on. Why's Babette here and what's up with Darla? She looked ready to bolt."
"Babette is here to keep an eye on Darla, I do believe. And if your brother were an escaped federal prisoner, what would you do around a Deputy like Babs?"
"Piss myself," he replied as the nurse came back in.
"None of that," she remarked. "You've got a catheter."
"Yeah. Not the most comfortable thing."
"It's not that bad," she countered, giving him his shot in the IV.
"Beg to differ. It's not your dick it's shoved in."
She patted his head as if he were a child and walked out.
© 2016 Dellani Oakes

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