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Take a Bite Outta Crime Part 20 by Dellani Oakes

After a short rest, Drea and Kirk are taken to the police station to look at a lineup.

Drea scanned the lineup carefully, looking for a familiar face. Although they all fit the basic description of the man in their shop, she didn't think any of them were.
"Could I hear them speak?" She asked quietly.
"Certainly. What shall they say?"
"Blood pudding or Steak Tartar."
Sandra raised an eyebrow, but leaned over the microphone. "Number One, step forward and say steak tartar."
"Say what?" The man looked confused. He stepped forward. "Steak tartar," he stumbled slightly over the pronunciation.
Drea shook her head. Each man stepped forward, saying the same words. Only Number Four, sounded close to right.
"Could Number Four say something else?" Drea said. "I'm simply not quite sure."
"What would you like him to say?"
"I know your secret. You can no longer hide."
Sandra gave the instructions. The man stepped forward again, saying the words rapidly.
"He has to say them like he means them," Drea said.
"Repeat them, with feeling," Sandra instructed.
Drea closed her eyes, listening. The man cleared his throat, then spoke in a menacing tone. Drea shook her head.
"It's not him. It's very close, but not him."
"Thank you. This group can go out." She turned to Drea. "I have another group. Would you like to see them?"
"Yes, please."
The others filed in. Drea waited while they took their places, her eyes closed. One man tread on the heel of the fellow in front of him. The trodden upon man complained loudly, growling at the man behind him.
"Watch it, bub! Pay attention, huh?"
Drea stiffened, her eyes still closed. "Which one is that?"
"Number Six."
"Have him say the phrase, please." She kept her eyes closed.
Sandra gave the instructions.
He stepped forward, speaking loudly. "I know your secret. You can no longer hide."
"That's him. I'm sure of it." She opened her eyes.
The face before her was unmistakable. It was the man who threatened her in the shop. Clutching Kirk's arm, she sat slowly on a stool.
"That's him. I know that's him."
"Take a closer look at the others as well."
"Of course. But I'm sure."
None of the others were right. Number Six was her man, Drea was positive. Sandra gave instructions to the unseen listeners once more and the men were dismissed.
"He's been detained," Sandra told them. "He'll be taken back to the cell block shortly, so we'll wait in here until that's been done."
Someone in the hallway yelled loudly. There was cursing, hollering and confusion. Sandra told them to stay put, picking up a nearby phone.
"What's happening? I see. Thank you." Frowning, she hung up. "Just confirmed his guilt, I'd say. He tried to get away. He's been arrested for assault on an officer. I don't think you'll have anything more to worry about."
Drea and Kirk exchanged a long, penetrating look. Drea cleared her throat, shrugging. Kirk nodded.
"Sandra, we have reason to believe that he may have information in the disappearance of some of our friends."
Sandra stared at them, confused. "What friends?"
Sighing, Kirk told her the names of their vampire acquaintances.
"Have all of them been reported to the police?"
Having the assurance of Heinrich that they had, Kirk nodded. "We belong to a rather special organization. We believe this man and his compatriots may be targeting us."
Pursing her lips, she sat on the edge of a table. "There's more you haven't told me. I can keep a secret. Whatever this is about, I need to know. If some organization has become the target of another in my town...."
"Thing is," Kirk said quietly. "I don't know if you'll believe us. And even if you do...."
"If you do," Drea continued. "You may not want to help us."
"What? Are you devil worshipers or something?"
They shook their heads.
"I think the best way is to show her, darling," Drea said. "I'll do it."
He nodded. Drea took several steps back from Sandra. "Whatever you see next, realize that I won't hurt you."
© 2019 Dellani Oakes

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