Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Take a Bite Outta Crime Part 24 by Dellani Oakes

The vampires are at Carley's apartment, practicing for their runway show the following day. Andres arrives, telling them that Gene has disappeared. Apparently, the person abducting the victims, has been posing as a driver.

Tommy tapped him on the leg, directing his fixated attention to the younger man instead of the pretty woman.
"Because people like drivers are furniture," he replied. "And when you've got a beautiful, new lady, the furniture disappears into the background. You probably saw the guy a dozen times and didn't even know it. I think Gene disappeared because he talked to me. He told me what was going on. Had I known about the driver, I would have put the pieces together then. Now, he's got to realize I'm going to figure it out eventually."
"Making you a target," Margo said, clutching his hand to her breast. "Oh, Tommy! I had so wanted to keep you out of this!"
"Why do you care?" Andres asked snidely. "He's nothing. A mere human."
"He's something to me!" Margo flared. "How would you like me to say that about Carley? He's no less important to me, than she is to you!"
"You always let your temper get the better of you, Margo. You need to calm down...."
"And you need to shut up," Carley said. "How rude is that? You belittle her relationship with a human, yet you tell me you love me beyond all others. I'm a mere human too, Andres, or had you forgotten?"
"Carley, I...."
"I want you to go now," she said angrily. "Get out, Andres. I have to get up early. I don't have time for you tonight." She stormed out, slamming the door to her bedroom.
Margo cheered, scoffing at Andres. The elder vampire snarled, eyes flashing red. Margo smirked.
"Someone needs his beauty sleep. Go home, Andres. You're behaving like a child." She swished out of the room followed closely by Tommy.
The younger man had no desire to stay in a room with an angry 914 year old vampire. Kirk stood, stretching.
"Carley has a point, old sport. We do have an early day tomorrow. May I see you out?"
"This won't be forgotten, Nunne."
"I know, memory like an elephant," Kirk said, tapping his forehead. "Oh, you meant you!" He chuckled. "Andres, lighten up. What you said was snooty and condescending. If you want back in that girl's good graces...."
"And her bed," Drea added cattily.
Kirk nodded at his wife, accepting her amendment. "You'll need a hell of an apology."
"It wasn't that bad!" Andres fumed.
Kirk shrugged, leaving the angry vamp to his wife. Drea sauntered up to him, holding his lapels as she gazed into his eyes.
"Blood sucking fiend," she said quietly. "Demon spawn. Death bringer, evil one, creature of the night. These are all terms that have been used to describe us. There are other, more colorful, less polite terms applied to us, as you know. What you said was more offensive than any of those. Shut off the lights and lock the door on your way out." She followed her husband to their room.
The following day, the vampire contingent was greatly on edge. So far, the only people who had been abducted were vampires. Yesterday, a human had disappeared. Before going to bed the night before, Kirk and Drea had reported Gene's abduction to the police. Of course, since he was a human, Andres hadn't thought to do so.
Thoroughly annoyed with Andres, Carley went to the shoot with them instead of waiting for Andres to send the car for her. Besides being furious with her lover, she was worried about being alone in the car with a driver. She had no way of knowing which one was actually abducting people. She hated to admit that she had no more idea what he looked like than Andres did. The fact here was no one but the driver made him anonymous, just like Tommy said. She wondered how often she did that to people.
Carley hadn't grown up rich. Her father had made a comfortable living, but there wasn't that much money in fish. They hadn't had servants, not even a guy to mow the lawn or clean the pool. She hadn't been raised as a snob, but had certainly become one. Being a super model, fawned over, spoiled, catered to.... She'd turned into a diva and it irritated her. She wanted to kick herself.
When she wasn't on camera, Carley spent time talking to Kirk and Margo or hanging around with Tommy. She felt safe with the three of them, not something she could say about the rest. She'd even dismissed her makeup and hair women in a huff. If it hadn't been for Margo, she wouldn't have been ready on time.
"I started out doing makeup," Margo said proudly.
Carley admired her handiwork. Margo had done things that gave her an entirely different look. She liked the result.
"Of course, that was back before it was this elaborate. All of us had more than one job. One day, a model didn't come in as scheduled. The photographer turned to me as I did the makeup of one of the other girls. Hop to! He yelled at me. I need another body and yours is better than most! That's how I became a model."
"Was it hard for you?"
"Hard how?"
"Did people take you seriously? You're beautiful, a woman—blonde...."
© 2019 Dellani Oakes

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