Tuesday, August 21, 2018

An Excerpt from So Much It Hurts by Dellani Oakes

I absolutely love this book, and all the characters! Set in a city of my own making, it truly touches the heart. Alone in the big city, Pia Donvan is feeling rather lost when she finally arrives at the majestic, old hotel in the downtown area. All that changes when she meets Flynn Chancellor. He and his roommate, Yancy Fredrick, take an interest in Pia, introducing her to their city. Pia seems to have found her niche, making friends with the friendly residents in the old hotel. Life seems perfect, until one weekend when everything changes forever.

Pia examined the kitchen cupboards with a discerning eye, grabbing out things she wanted. When she had it all stacked, she handed him an onion and a bell pepper. “Chop.”
Diced, or cubed?”
Diced.” A few fresh tomatoes, which were going soft, joined them. “These, I want coarsely chopped. Seeds out, please.”
Yes, ma’am.” He saluted and started washing the vegetables, leaving the onion to soak while he chopped the rest.
Olive oil?”
Don’t think so. There’s cooking oil, under the sink.”
Got it. Oh, you do have olive oil.”
Sweet. Didn’t know that.”
Unopened. Pots?”
Also under the sink, to the right. In back.”
Short person can’t reach.”
He lifted her out of the way and grabbed out the pots she needed.
If I’m going to cook here often, those have to be somewhere else.”
You can rearrange however you want. Your wish is my command.”
She eyed him warily. “You aren’t getting laid tonight, mi boyo.”
Didn’t expect. Would love it if you changed your mind. But I’m serious about the kitchen. We just sort of tossed things in the cupboards. Neither of us cooks much.”
So I see.” She blew dust out of the skillet and set about washing it. . “Why are you soaking the onion?”
One thing I learned about cooking. Soak the onion, it makes it easier to peel.”
Useful tip.”
I’m full of those.” He winked, flipped the chef’s knife in his hand, catching it as she gasped. “One thing you will learn about me, I am positively obsessed with sharp objects. I can shave with this. Fear not, I won’t. But I could if I wanted to.”
Also useful information.” She dried the skillet and rinsed the kettle before filling it with water. “Herbs and spices?”
I have garlic powder, salt, pepper and Mrs. Dash.”
Original or?”
I can work with that.”
What are we making?”
Puttanesca sauce. Fast, easy, and you have all the ingredients, except the stuff I don’t like and wouldn’t put in anyway.”
Such as?”
Capers and anchovies.”
Anchovies, the Devil.”
Gotcha. I remember fish features on the do-not-eat list. That’s okay. I don’t like it, so you’re safe. Any other allergies?”
Not that I’ve discovered. Hey, do walnuts make your mouth numb?”
No, they aren’t really supposed to, Flynn.”
I didn’t think so.”
We add nuts to our do-not-eat list.”
© 2017 Dellani Oakes

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