Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Christmas and a Vampire - Conclusion

"I know. Thanks for staying long enough to tell me in person."
"I'll find you again, Rafe, I promise. I have go to home for awhile. I have to visit my babies."
She understood without him explaining. He'd been someone else, though so long ago, it was like another life. She'd always been who she was, the Hunter, primed and nurtured to be a killer. He'd been a gentle man, a farmer, father, husband.
"Don't be gone as long, okay?"
"I promise."
They made love once more, slowly and lingeringly, knowing it would be some time before they were together again. Dirk left before the others were up and around, not wanting the long goodbyes.
Emiline knew he was gone before the others. She came up to Rafaela, taking her hand. "He'll be back soon."
"How do you know that, little one?"
"Because he loves you so much. He can't be away long. You love him too," she said with a smile. "Is he going to see his little girl?"
Emiline hugged her and ran off to play with her cousins and siblings. Their joyful laughter filled the air. Rafaela watched them silently. Seth came over, putting his arm around her. She laid her head on his shoulder.
"Regrets?" he asked quietly.
"A truckload." Blinking hard, she turned away from the happy sight.
"You leaving?"
"Yes. I can't stay here. You?"
"Thought I might stay a while. It gets pretty lonely up there."
She nodded. "I'll keep an eye on things."
"Thanks. You gonna stay long?"
Rafaela shrugged. "I dunno. Long as it takes. I want to be where he can find me."
He nodded, kissing her cheek. "Te quiero, Tía."
"Te quiero."
Rafaela slipped away without saying goodbye. The road stretched ahead, but she didn't mind the solitude. Arriving at her cabin, she reset her wards and started looking into more practical forms of protection.
Weeks later, she lay in bed after a long day of shoveling snow from the perimeter of the house. She felt a presence in her home. Sitting up, she waited as the door to her bedroom opened. He stood there, smelling of ozone and sexy man. Holding out her arms to him, she smiled.
"Hey, baby," he said as he moved to the circle of her arms.
"Hello, my love. Welcome home."


© Dellani Oakes 2017

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