Thursday, December 28, 2017

Holiday Stress Relief!

The holiday season is coming to an end. However, it's not quite over. The whirlwind of Christmas may be past, but we've still got the New Year to ring in. If you're like me, by this time, you're completely burned out and need to relax.

What better way to wind down after a busy day, that to color! Give yourself a gift of relaxation for the new year, and buy a copy of Doodle Your Stress Away. The hand drawn adult coloring book will help relieve your stress by taking your mind off your troubles. The blank pages at the back provide space for you to do your own doodling!

If you feel the need for something more, all my novels are listed inside. Pick up a copy of Doodle Your Stress Away today and have it before the New Year's ball drops.

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