Sunday, December 17, 2017

Christmas and a Vampire - Part 17

Rafaela's body shook, clutching at the sheets as her eyes rolled in her head. They put her on her side just in time. Rafaela vomited up the charcoal and the contents of her stomach. Dirk held Rafaela while Seth rinsed the mess down the floor drain.
"How could someone do that?" Dirk asked.
"I was gonna ask you the same thing," the Hunter countered.
"I would never harm Rafaela. I love her."
"Vamps can't love," Seth growled.
Dirk shoved the young Hunter hard in the chest. "You don't know what we're capable of."
"You wouldn't know love if it bit you," Seth sneered.
"I've been in love as a human," Dirk responded. "And I've loved as a vampire. There have been a hell of a lot of women in my life, but no one holds a candle to Rafaela. I'd rather let you kill me than live without her."
"I can arrange that," Seth replied, cocking his weapon.
Rafaela groaned, drawing their attention. "Stop," she whispered. "Seth, stop." She grabbed Dirk's arm. "Dirk—"
"Shh, babe. You're okay."
"You were poisoned. Wolfsbane," Seth replied. "In the bubble bath."
"What? That was a gift from Claudette. She'd never do that."
Dirk helped her sit up. Seth brought a blanket from the bed. They wrapped her in it before Dirk carried her to bed. He sat behind her, propping her up, his back against the headboard. Seth sat on the end of the bed, watching the way the vampire tended to his aunt. Had he not known who and what they were, he would have seen a couple deeply in love. He didn't know whether to be happy or sad about that.
"How are you feeling?" Dirk asked, brushing her hair from her neck.
"Weak. Are you all right?"
Rafaela's eyes held concern as she touched his cheek.
"I'm fine. Why wouldn't I be?"
"Vomit," she replied, touching his lips. "We're quite the pair, huh?"
"My wards are effective," Seth said, not hiding his grin. "Had him down in less than thirty seconds."
"You knew I was there before I broke the wards?"
"I'm a paranoid redneck," Seth said. "I have more than just my wards protecting me. I knew shortly after you left the cabin."
"And you let me hit that wall? It could have killed me if I hadn't rolled away."
Seth leaned closer. "If you hadn't had a bellyful of Auntie's blood, it would have killed you before you could get away."
"Stop," Rafaela whispered. "You have to stop fighting. We can't do this job without all three of us."
"You can't do it at all," Dirk said.
"For once, I agree with Fang Face," Seth agreed.
"I'll be fine by tomorrow," Rafaela protested. "It takes more than wolfsbane to get me down."
"No," the men chorused.
"Yes. He tried to kill me."
"Who? Dirk?" Seth pulled a knife on the vampire.
"No, you idiot. The vampire lord. He sent fifteen vampires against me and damn near killed Dirk when he went to the lair." She batted the knife aside. "Grow up. A man your age should know better than to act like a spoiled, impetuous brat. That goes for you too," she directed over her shoulder at Dirk. "You have to trust one another. Your distrust will get us all killed."
"Old habits, love," Dirk mumbled, nuzzling her neck. "For you, I'll try."
Seth rolled his eyes, exhaling I a huff. "All right, Auntie. For your sake. But I withhold the right to hate his evil, black guts."
"Duly noted," Dirk said with a smirk. "And I'll quell the urge to feast on yours."
"You'll try, cowboy," Seth rejoined.
"Boys! Honestly, grow up! I can't play mother!" She gagged. Hopping up, she ran to the bathroom, vomiting again.
This time, Dirk washed it down while she rinsed her mouth. Despite her protests, he carried her to the bed.
"You'll be all right soon," he assured her. "I can smell a difference already."
"I'll empty the tub." Seth rose.
"No," Dirk commanded. "There might be traces left in the water. Let me." He grinned at the Hunter. "What's it gonna do? Kill me twice?" He winked at the younger man and proceeded to pull the rubber stopper in the drain. He felt a slight tingle on his skin, but it was no more than a minor annoyance. Washing himself well, he took up his position on the bed.
© Dellani Oakes 2017

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