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Christmas and a Vampire - Part 14

**May Not Be Appropriate for Readers Under 17**
Seth gave her a quick, but in depth lesson on how to set the light bomb. "My suggestion, set it off in an enclosed space if you can. It will have the most impact. You might even kill some of them. This will hurt. If it doesn't kill them, you'd better, or the fallout on humans will be catastrophic."
"Will you go with me? We haven't hunted together in a long time. I miss that."
Seth's expression softened. "You know I can't, Auntie. Not if you're with him."
"I know what he is. I know what he's done—what he does. . . ."
"He is unrepentant. He feels no remorse."
"He does. You don't know him like I do. He's a good man."
"He's a good vampire male," he corrected. "He's not a man, Rafaela. He might look like a man and fuck like a man, but he's not a hu-man."
"But he loves like one."
"You don't know that. Hell, what do any of us even know about being human? We're almost as fucked up as they are."
"I've been with human men—"
"Sex doesn't count. That isn't knowing them. I've been with lots of human women, but how can I build a life with one? They are frail, conceited creatures who think of their own wants and desires. The only females I can connect with are other Hunters. And since Miri. . . ." He hung his head.
Miri had been the Hunter of her generation in another clan. When her mentor was killed, Rafaela had taken over her training, raising her and Seth together. She'd been killed, when a hunt went horribly wrong, just over three years ago.
"I wish I could have been there," she said softly. "But I didn't know."
"We didn't tell you. It was supposed to be a surprise. Water under the bridge, huh, Auntie?" He sniffed once.
Overcome by emotion, Rafaela hugged her nephew. They had been so close when he was younger—closer than mother and child, aunt and nephew. There was a bond between a Hunter and protégé that transcended mere affection. It was a spiritual and emotional connection that went to the soul. Even though she had been on the other side of the world, Rafaela knew when Miri died. She felt the hole in her soul even now.
Seth held her close, sobs shaking his body. He clung to the one part of his life that wasn't complete torn to shreds.
"Will you come with me, Seth? Please?"
"I don't know, Rafe." He let go of her, moving away ever so slightly.
"I need you on this one. I'll leave him behind. We'll do it together, just us two."
"No. Bring him. We'll need him to get us inside."
"They won't let him in either."
"He does that poof thing, remember? How many of them can do that?"
"Not many, thank God."
"He's the only one I've met who can do it. I wish we could do it."
"You and me, both." She squeezed his hand. "Thank you."
"I'm doing this because of Miri. She needed me and I couldn't get to her in time. If you're really crazy enough to do this—you'll need me."
Together, they fixed a simple meal and talked over plans for their attack on the vampire lord. It was insane, and they would probably all die, but they had to try. Rafaela didn't linger. She left the light bomb with Seth and drove to her cabin.

Dirk waited impatiently for Rafaela to return. He knew Seth was a crazy son-of-a-bitch and he worried that she might not get a very friendly welcome. Relief flooded him when he heard the car pull up. He met her at the door.
"Welcome home," he said with a grin.
Rafaela walked through the door, closing and locking it behind her. In seconds, her coat was off. She pushed Dirk against the wall, kissing him hard. Growling low in his throat, Dirk undressed her before undressing himself.
He lifted her, carrying her to the couch. He sat on the edge and she straddled his lap, moaning as he filled her. Their union was brutal, fast and hard. It would have killed a normal woman, but Rafaela wasn't human any more than Dirk was.
Mortal women bored Dirk. He had to be so careful, he couldn't enjoy himself on the same level. Rafaela had stamina equal to his own. Her body healed, so he could take her as hungrily as he wanted. His fangs descended on their own, raking down her neck until he struck her collarbone with the tips. The skin opened ever so slightly, a tiny drop of blood sprung to the surface. Dirk licked it away, wanting more.
"Please," he begged as she rode him.
"Yes!" she yelled, holding his mouth to her shoulder, willing him to bite.
As they came, he bit her. Her scream was one of pain and pleasure. His groan of delight was muffled by her soft skin. He lapped hungrily at the blood. He loved tasting her as he made love to her. To him, it was a natural part of the act. He always asked her permission. He'd found out the hard way that she didn't want him to treat her like a common whore. Considering his bedmates had often been members of that profession, she had a point.
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