Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Christmas and a Vampire - Part 13

"So, why are you here? We didn't part on the best of terms."
"You tried to kill the man I love, so no, we didn't."
"I tried to kill a blood sucking—"
"Got it," she snapped, cutting him off. "I know what he is. If you'd ever taken time to get to know him, you might like him."
"He's one of them, Rafe. I'll never like him."
"We've been here before." She tried to deflect him. If he went off on his tirade about Dirk, she wouldn't get a thing out of him but rage. "I need your help. Me—not him."
"But he's with you!"
"Enough! As First Hunter of the Clan, I command you to help me." She didn't like pulling rank, but felt she had no choice.
Seth muttered and grumbled, but stopped yelling. "What do you want, Auntie."
"I need something that makes light—a lot of it. Not a nuke. I mean, not that you could get a nuke. Could you?"
He glared at her. "Auntie, I'm good, but I'm not quite that good. Although. . . . Never mind. Something that makes light. Let me think." He did a quick search of his database. Smiling, he got up, moving to his garage.
"I think I have just the thing in my lab." He tipped his head toward the door.
Rafaela followed him, not too closely. Just because he was being cooperative and friendly, she didn't trust him. Seth flung open the door, weapon drawn, scanning the area before proceeding.
"Do you do that every time you open a door?"
"Don't you?"
"No. Because I'm not a fucked up, paranoid freak."
He shrugged, shaking his head. "I'm not dead yet."
"Neither am I." She followed him inside.
Seth led her to a rack of items, none of which she could identify. They looked rather like odd parts of juicers, food processors and George Foremen grills. After spotting a stack of flattened boxes, her theory was confirmed.
"They don't look like much," Seth admitted. "But I wanted them to blend in."
"Yeah, this blends." She reached toward a red, orange and black hybrid of sundry parts.
"Uh—Don't touch that, Auntie!"
She jerked her hand away. "What is it?"
"Something you don't want to touch?" He raised his eyebrows questioningly.
"Have you got anything that doesn't look like a junkyard reject?"
"Oh ye of little faith," he complained. "This."
He picked up a mirror ball very carefully. He handed it to her gingerly.
"If you hold the light bomb like this, it's pretty safe."
"Pretty safe?" she squeaked. "Seth, dammit!" She handed the ball to him. "Can I have something that's not completely lethal to me as well as the vamps? The goal is to kill them, not myself."
He pressed the item back in her hands. "It's not going to do anything to you, except maybe momentarily blind you—for an hour or so. . . . You have to be wearing dark glasses when this goes off—or not be in the same room."
"What will it do to me?"
"It could blind you permanently if you're too close or don't have glasses on. It's roughly equal to a thousand flashbulbs going off at once."
"That's a whole lotta light."
"Enough to make anyone in the vicinity think the world was coming to an end."
"Tests varied. Mostly, I get a good thirty second blast, give or take a few seconds."
"Will it harm me in any other way?"
He put his arm around her shoulders. "You don't want to be in the room with it when it goes off. You could be badly burned."
"How many tests have you made?"
"Only a few. The stuff is expensive."
"What's it made out of?"
"Lots of fancy, technical stuff—a lot of phosphorous, for one. Not like this job pays big money, ya know?"
Rafaela nodded. They had money and assets that had been put in place for them centuries ago, by the early Hunters of the clan. However, at current prices, especially for weapons, it didn't take long to run a little low.
"Thank the gun control people for that."
"Yeah, it's good that a few of the family have connections. I can usually get what I need at cost."
"So, how do I set this? Is there a delay?" She examined the mirror ball carefully.
© Dellani Oakes 2017

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