Saturday, December 16, 2017

Christmas and a Vampire - Part 16

**May Not Be Appropriate for Readers Under 17**
"You give me this," she said, caressing his scrotum lovingly. "Take what you need."
His fangs dropped without him realizing it, until he felt her skin rasp beneath them. He bit into her jugular vein, drinking deeply as their hips continued to grind together. As he drank, his desire grew. He was too close to climax and he could tell she wasn't. Leaving his feeding for a moment, he concentrated on her, moving his hips quickly against hers.
There it was, the little spark that heralded her orgasm. Now, to feed it just right and it would bloom and grow into a wildfire. His pace increased, the angle just enough different to ignite those special fires within her. Rafaela gasped, closing her eyes. Dirk smiled, knowing he'd gotten it just right. With a small sighing, moan, Rafaela clamped down on him, holding his ass with her hands as he drove into her hard and fast.
Screaming, she came. A fireball seemed to ignite inside her, exploding outward, making every inch of her tingle. Dirk's hips kept pumping, his cock firm and hot. Her body shook as another, bigger orgasm hit her. Then a third, and maybe a fourth. It was hard to say, because it struck before the other subsided. Too weak to move, she lay on the bed as Dirk continued to drive into her. She couldn't scream, could barely breathe, and he wasn't finished.
Deciding that she couldn't handle anymore fun, Rafaela clamped down with her pelvic muscles, making Dirk groan. His self-control shattered. Roaring like a beast, he pumped hard and fast until he came.
Rafaela, who thought she was long done, felt another orgasm building. With a faint gasp, she rode the waves as they slammed into her. Euphoria filled her, making her giddy. She didn't even feel the sting of Dirk's fangs as he bit her again. She felt as if she'd left her body and was floating far away.
Dirk felt Rafaela go limp. Lapping the last drops of blood, he spoke to her. Getting no response, he shook her. "Rafe! Where are you, baby? Rafaela!" He shook her.
Though her eyelids flickered, her eyes continued staring at some spot above his head. What was wrong? He'd never seen her like this. Had he taken too much blood? He checked her pulse—weak and thready.
"Dammit! Rafaela!" He patted her cheeks. "Honey?"
He grabbed her phone, hoping Seth's number was on it. Silly of him. She didn't have any numbers saved on the phone. Not sure what else to do, he grabbed his pants and dashed from his house in the direction of Seth's cabin. He knew the younger Hunter had wards and traps up. If he set off enough of them, he could get the kid's attention. The trick was to do that without getting himself killed.
The wards hit him, making him fall to the ground. Unbearable pain filled his belly. His stomach lurched, making him vomit up Rafaela's blood. Writhing in the grass, he rolled out of the ward field, waiting for Seth to arrive.
The young Hunter was good. Dirk almost didn't sense him. He realized Seth wanted him to feel him, smell him, taste him on the wind.
"Rafaela needs you. She had some kind of seizure."
Seth didn't stop to ask questions. Leaping over the downed vampire, he ran to Rafaela's cabin. Scrambling to his feet, Dirk followed, catching up with Seth at the cabin door.
Rafaela lay on the bed where he'd left her, eyes staring. Her breath was shallow, labored. Seth ignored her nakedness, kneeling beside her, his fingers pressed to her neck.
"Did you feed from her?"
"She let me," Dirk confessed. "I didn't take too much, did I? I was careful."
Seth's eyes flashed dangerously. He sneered and spit in the general direction of the half-dressed vampire.
"She's been poisoned. What did you eat?"
"We haven't eaten since we got here."
"She's ingested something. Think!"
"Nothing, I swear!" His eyes widened. "The bubble bath?"
Rushing to the bathroom, he turned off the water before snatching up the bottle of bubble bath. He sniffed it, inhaling deeply, letting the scent flow through his nose and out over his tongue.
"Wolfsbane," he snared.
"In her bubble bath?" Seth rushed to his side. "How?"
Dirk shook his head.
"How long since she had it?"
Dirk glanced at the clock. "Not quite two hours."
"Good, still time. If she weren't a Hunter, she'd be dead. Go to my cabin. In a chest in the storage room, you'll find some activated charcoal."
"Your wards will kill me," Dirk pointed out.
"Dammit! Maybe—"
Seth raced to the storeroom off the kitchen. He found the chest he was looking for. He searched for a tube of activated charcoal. If Rafaela was as prepared as he was—the way she had taught him to be. . . . There it was! Grabbing it up, he ran back to the bedroom. Together, he and Dirk carried her to the bathroom, forced the charcoal down her throat and into her stomach. It wasn't a pretty process, nor a pleasant one.
© Dellani Oakes 2017

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