Friday, December 15, 2017

Christmas and a Vampire - Part 15

**May Not Be Appropriate for Readers Under 17**
Spent and panting, they clung together. Dirk caressed Rafaela's breasts, waist and ass, kissing her deeply.
"I wish you could have my child," Dirk murmured. He hadn't meant to say that aloud.
Rafaela rested her head on his, sighing. Rising suddenly, she rushed to the bathroom, slamming the door. Feeling like a complete fool, Dirk sat on the couch, head in his hands. He knew she'd always regretted the lack of children. Dirk had a few, some among the Dhampir, others fully human—long since dead. He had loved his human children more than his own life. His world was shattered when he lost them and his wife to cholera the year before becoming a vampire. Dirk had always regretted that he hadn't had the chance to see his two boys and his baby girl, grow to adulthood. He'd watched his Dhampir children grow, but he wasn't close to them. He didn't even like them much.
The sound of running water in the large, clawfoot tub, got his attention. Rafaela rarely had a bath. They were too relaxing and made her lazy and complacent. There was only one reason she would have a bath instead of a shower. She wanted him to join her. At least, he hoped that was the case. Gathering up their clothing, he walked to the bathroom. The door was ajar.
The scent of bubble bath filled the air, swirling around him in a vanilla and lavender cloud. His sensitive nose twitched, enjoying the subtle undertones of Rafaela—salty sweat and sex. He caught a hint of himself on her skin as well. Smiling, he pushed the door open.
She bent over the tub, naked. Her full, round buttocks greeted his hungry eyes. Other parts of him were hungry too. Tugging off his shirt, he walked up behind her, his already firm cock pressed between her cheeks. Sighing, she wiggled her ass at him, making him a very happy man, indeed.
"You gonna do something with that beast?"
"Beg me," he growled, holding her hips firmly against him.
"You beg me," she replied, rubbing up and down against him.
"Beg me!" she demanded, her hand flashing between them, grabbing him in a painfully pleasurable vice. "You want me? Beg."
"Please," he whispered huskily. "Please, let me have you, Rafaela! Let me take"
The pressure on his cock lessened, becoming a caress that sent fire through his loins. Uncaring if she was ready, he skewered her with his erection, burying himself deeply inside her. She bent over, holding the edge of the tub for support, changing the angle so it pinched all along the shaft.
Dirk groaned. It felt too good. He would probably last about five minutes in this position. Rafaela's laugh filled the room. She knew how good it felt and had done it on purpose. She clamped down on him with her muscles, pushing him in deeper. He moved his hips tentatively.
"That all you've got?" She slapped his thigh. "Put that immortal dong to work, dammit! Take me like you mean it!"
When he still failed to do what she wanted, Rafaela lunged forward, pushing him back with her hips. He slid out. Roaring with frustration, he made a grab for her, but she evaded, propping herself on the tub. Her legs cartwheeled away from him. He tried to snatch her as she rolled left, but he missed, nearly falling face first into the tub.
Laughing, Rafaela rolled over his back, landing on the other side. Giving him a push, she knocked him into the tub. Hot, foaming water splashed on the slate tile, running into a drain in the floor. Dirk's keen hearing picked up the gurgle of its passing as he grabbed at Rafaela once more. He snagged one hand, but she pulled him to her, flipping him around so they were back to back. He tried to trap her between the wall and his body, but she ran up the wall, doing a backflip over his head. She landed, facing him, panting. Her eyes darted to his groin where his magnificent erection had dwindled away.
"Aw," she pouted. "Looks like I need to get the bike pump. You've got a flat."
Dirk growled, his lips twitching away from his teeth. The fangs descended slightly and his eyes turned black with lust.
"Stand still a moment and I'll show you how to inflate it."
Rafaela shoved him back, pinning him against the wall. Dirk flipped her around so they switched positions. His long, hard body pressed her into the stone wall as his hand dove between her legs. He brought her sweetness to his lips, licking his fingers sensually before kissing her. He impaled her on his cock, using the wall as support. Not satisfied with his leverage, he carried her to the bed. They fell onto it, laughing, legs in a tangle. Once they were sorted out, the real fun began.
With her yelling directions at him, he did his best to bring them both to climax. The water ran in the tub, pouring over the side, swirling down the drain, and still they made love. Dirk wanted their union to last forever, but he felt himself tiring. Even after feeding, his body was still weak from the injuries he'd sustained.
Rafaela felt the difference in him. Arching her neck, she tossed her hair back. "Drink," she said. "You need your strength. I can give that to you."
"Rafe, I—"
"I don't have anything for you," he moaned, the scent of her making him crazy.
© Dellani Oakes 2017

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