Tuesday, April 14, 2020

The Best Medicine by Dellani Oakes – Part 28

She giggled. "I was first attracted by your ability to catch me when I fell. That was an impressive feat. But what made me really attracted to you?" She thought for almost a full minute. "It's hard to put into words. I think it was the music. You have such passion in your soul, and it comes out in your music. Your song—it was so incredible! I thought any man who had such deep emotions, might find room for me in his life."
Morgan couldn't look her in the eyes. He felt tears welling , and he was embarrassed. Even though he knew Tanya would not think less of him, he couldn't do it. Vanessa was too fresh in his mind. She would have belittled him. Why had he stayed so long with her? He had no idea, unless it was a feeling of obligation, that he owed it to her. In a sudden wave of understanding, he looked up into Tanya's eyes.
"That's it! That's why I stayed with her. She always said to me, Morgan, you owe me, and I thought I did! I still can't remember why I got involved with her in the first place. I must have been out of my mind! Or really blind ass drunk...."
Tanya kissed him gently, holding his face with both hands. "Well, I know I'm out of my mind, because I'm crazy about you. Does that make us both insane? If so, get me a straight jacket and lead me to a padded cell."
"Would you settle for a back massage and a kinky round water bed?"
Giggling, Tanya ran toward the stairs, sliding to a halt at the base. "I'll race you!" She said challengingly. "Last one upstairs has to be on the bottom!"
Morgan dashed toward her, hands out to grab her. "I'll get you, my pretty!"
Tanya made it to the bed half a second before he did. He conceded her win, paying the price willingly.
The days Tanya and Morgan spent together blended into happy companionship. Sometimes they stayed at her house, sometimes at his. Never had Tanya been so happy. For the first time in her life, she felt fulfilled both as a doctor and as a woman. She was learning the challenges of balancing love and work, finding she enjoyed it.
Morgan wondered how he could ever have wasted so many years with Vanessa. After his sudden realization about why he'd stayed with her, he started to remember all the things his family had tried to tell him time after time. He'd been so blinded by obligation, and what he thought was love, that he'd not seen the most obvious thing in the world. Vanessa wanted the relationship to continue, because he was well to do and secure. She benefited nicely being the girlfriend of an up and coming surgeon. Obviously she'd hoped to be the wife of aforementioned surgeon, but since Morgan had never seen their relationship heading toward marriage, she left him to try for greener pastures.
Filing for palimony was the first step in obtaining what she thought she deserved, a slice of his money. When it became apparent that she wasn't going to get anything that way, she filed another suit, demanding royalties from Morgan's song. For some stupid reason, the lawsuit had actually gotten to court, despite the assurances by Morgan's lawyer. The judge was known to be sympathetic to ex-girlfriends of wealthy men, so there was no telling which way the case would go. They would have to wait and see.
"Court date is next week," Morgan sighed. "Steph says she thinks, after a more thorough review, the judge will throw it out. We may actually have to go to court." He sighed heavily, leaning back in his chair, an ice pack on his forehead.
"It will work out," Tanya told him. "She hasn't really got a legal leg to stand on."
"That's what Steph says, but if Judge Morse sides with her, there's nothing I can do."
"We'll take that if it comes," Tanya told him. "Lean forward and take off your shirt." She pushed him over, so his forearms rested on the table top.
"Down here? Everyone can see in the kitchen. You need drapes in here."
"Shut up and take off your shirt. Just the shirt," she reminded him.
Morgan sat with his head on the table as she got some body oil out of the bathroom cabinet.
"I don't have any massage oil, but this will do. I'm going to rub some of those kinks out. You're under doctor's orders. No more worry. You need to relax."
"I don't need you to rub my back, Tanya. I need you to rub the rest of me." He grabbed playfully at her.
"Yes, after I've gotten some of the knots out. You're so tight, if we make love right now, you'll pull a muscle."
He chuckled, taking off his shirt obediently. He had to admit she probably had a point. His skin felt like sandpaper was rubbing him from the inside. Every nerve jangled unpleasantly, threatening to set off a cacophony of discord.
"All right, Doc, work your magic," he sighed, relaxing as much as he could.
"Just try not to think about anything," she suggested.
"Shall I feel at one with the table?" His chuckle was muffled.
"If you like. However, you might find being stiff as a board, a little inconvenient."
"Only part of me needs to be stiff," he teased, making a grab for her.
Tanya smacked him playfully on the shoulder. "Stop that. You're supposed to be thinking of nothing."
"With your hands on me, there's only one thing I think of, but we can't do that here with no drapes on the windows." Laying his head on one arm, he let his other hand travel behind him and fondle her leg as she rubbed his back.
© 2020 Dellani Oakes

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