Tuesday, April 28, 2020

The Best Medicine by Dellani Oakes – Part 32

"Seven. That way I have plenty of time to get everything set up."
"Cool. Okay. So, Morgan. Get dressed. I've got stuff in the car, plenty of food in a cooler, beer, vodka shots, the whole bit."
"All the essentials. Beef jerky?"
"Wouldn't be a day on the river without it."
"I'll be down in five minutes." He kissed Tanya and ran up the stairs two at a time.
"Do you think he suspects?" Tanya said quietly.
"I heard that!" Morgan bellowed from upstairs.
The bedroom door slammed and they heard him rushing around upstairs trying to get dressed.
"Do you think he suspects anything?" Tanya giggled softly.
"Him? He's always suspicious. But does he think we're really planning a party for him? No."
Morgan clattered down the steps, one shoe missing. He found it in the hallway outside the library. "Okay, I'm ready." He kissed her hastily, then lingeringly, groaning regretfully. "I'm beginning to wish I hadn't agreed to go."
"You can't back out on tradition, buddy," Hal said, grabbing his collar. "Slip her some tongue and come on."
Tanya laughed, kissing Morgan playfully. "You'll be home soon enough, and I promise to have a very special dinner planned."
"I'm just interested in the desert," he kissed her neck and nibbled her earlobe. "Whipped cream on your—"
"Morgan!" Her tone was dangerous. "He's kidding about the whipped cream," she blushed as she explained to Hal.
"I am not. Remember that night—"
"Good bye," she turned him around, pushing him as he walked reluctantly to the door.
"You see this? This is abuse, Hal."
"See you later, Tanya. I promise to bring him back in one piece."
"There's only one piece I'm interested in you preserving. If he falls apart, you know what to save."
"Sure do! See you later!" He dragged his friend to the car, shoving him in the front seat.
Tanya waved from the steps, grinning secretively. As soon as they were out of sight, she called Molly.
"He finally left! I forgot Hal was supposed to come by Morgan's, and we stayed at my place last night. But they're gone now."
"Great! The guys will be over in about thirty minutes to set up and decorate."
"Cool! I can't believe we fooled him."
"Don't be so sure. Until I see his face, I won't believe he didn't catch on. We've never successfully surprised Morgan."
"But you never had a master conspirator involved before. Don't worry. Hal played it beautifully. Wow, he's cute. Good thing Morgan saw me first." She giggled, playing with her hair. "What's the deal between Morgan and Hal's brother? I sensed real hostility between them."
"Caden thought Morgan told Hal, that Caden was having an affair with Hal's fiancee, a few years ago. He didn't, but try telling Caden that. Hal figured out on his own."
"And now the woman is engaged to Caden."
"I'd think Hal would be mad, not Caden."
"Who knows with men? I blame testosterone. It makes them crazy and stupid."
Tanya heard a muffled, "Hey!" It sounded like one of her boys
"I've offended my son."
"He'll get over it."
"I better get started, if I'm going to get to Morgan's anytime soon."
"K, I'll see you there." They hung up simultaneously.
Tanya's eyes glittered happily when she met Molly at Morgan's house. She unlocked the door and let everyone in. Even full of all Molly's massive menfolk, Morgan's kitchen was roomy enough for them all to work. That was why they had chosen his house for the party instead of hers.
"The band will be here at six to set up out back," Molly told her. "Cullen promised to be on time."
"He's promised that before."
"Yes, but this time he has a girlfriend. She'll get him here."
Tanya laughed, tossing her head happily. "I wonder how single men get anywhere promptly."
"The promise of pussy," Duke said. "If there's even a whiff of it, a man will be prompt."
"Oh, shut up, Duke!" Molly swatted her son. "He has a point, but why say it that way?"
"Because I'm a single man," Duke chuckled. "Okay," he turned to Tanya. "Where do you want the banner?"
"The end of the living room. I want him to be able to see it when we all stand up and yell Surprise!"
"Are you sure we've surprised him?"
"Why does everyone keep asking me that? You don't think I'm a professional conspirator?"
"Morph's sneaky," Duke said as he dragged a stepladder to the corner. "He sniffs out things like you wouldn't believe."
© 2020 Dellani Oakes

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