Thursday, April 09, 2020

The Best Medicine by Dellani Oakes – Part 27

Vanessa accosts Morgan in the parking lot.
"But I inspired it! I'm getting my cut, Morgan. I called my lawyer, and he says he thinks we have a pretty good case. I'll be back with you when I have details. Unless, of course, you'd like to settle with me right now. I'd be happy to take installments."
Two police cars pulled up in the parking lot, stopping beside them. The police officers got out, looking threatening. They strolled casually over, hands on their belts, not far from their guns. Both were muscular, bronze skinned and blond. They simply had to be related to Kenny.
"More relatives? Oh, my God! Is there anybody who isn't related to this inbred family?"
"Ma'am, we'll have to ask you to leave. You are trespassing on private property."
"I'll leave, but you haven't seen the last of me," she yelled at Morgan.
"I'd better," Morgan told her calmly. "I'm having a restraining order issued against you."
Vanessa scoffed in his face. "Why, are you scared of me? Do you fear for your safety?"
"No," he told her, pushing past and shouldering her aside. "For yours."
"Did you hear him threaten me?" she asked the nearest policeman.
"Didn't hear a thing, ma'am," he said, rubbing his ears. "Got a bit of a cold."
Stamping her foot, Vanessa appealed to the other policeman, batting her eyes at him as she tried to appear helpless. "You heard him, didn't you?"
"I heard no threats, miss. Now I'm going to have to ask you to leave."
Vanessa reluctantly walked back to her car, started the engine and drove rapidly away. One of the policemen took a coin from his pocket, flipped it and said, "Call it," to the other.
The first policeman looked at the coin. "Go get her," he said, seeming very disappointed.
The second officer got back in his car, turned on his lights, and siren and took off after Vanessa.
"I'm actually glad I lost that one," the first officer said. "I didn't really want to deal with that chick. Andy will enjoy it, especially if she tries to come on to him. He's a man of steel. He'll give her an extra ticket for sexual harassment." He chuckled, walking over and giving Molly a hug.
"Good to see you, Roy." Morgan said, shaking his hand. "Thanks. Oh, Tanya. I want you to meet Kenny's cousin Roy. The other blond giant was his brother Andy. And yes, I am related either by birth or marriage to nearly everyone in the county. Roy, this is my new lady, Dr. Tanya O'Toole."
"Any kin to Florence O'Toole?"
Tanya's face brightened. "Yes, she was my grandmother!"
"Mrs. O'Toole taught me to play the piano. I took lessons for ten years. I miss her, she made the best chocolate chip cookies ever. She gave me a box full every Christmas."
"I miss her too," Tanya said quietly, shaking Roy's hand. "I moved into her house earlier this year. If I come across that recipe, I'll make you some cookies."
Roy grinned. "I like this one, Morgan. Take good care of her." He tipped his hat. "Pleased to meet you, Dr. O'Toole. I'd better catch up with my brother. He sometimes gets overly enthusiastic, he's likely to arrest her for something. See ya!"
"Later, Roy!" They all waved good bye.
Morgan drove quietly back to his house. He'd forgotten about groceries, but Tanya didn't want to bother him with it. She'd call the market and have groceries delivered tomorrow, it wasn't a big issue.
They pulled into Morgan's garage and he turned off the car, leaning back with his eyes closed. "Now you've met Vanessa, what do you think?"
Tanya bit her lip, trying to phrase her comments without sounding too catty. "I think that Kenny was too polite in the way he described her. I hope Andy found a reason to arrest her."
Morgan glanced at her, eyebrow raised. "That's it? Nothing nasty or belittling. Just you hope she got arrested?"
"What's to say that hasn't already been said at least once by any member of your family? My opinion doesn't matter."
"It does."
Tanya took his hand gently in hers. "I'm curious about one thing. What did you ever see in her?"
"Believe it or not, I don't remember. There must have been some spark at the beginning, to make me want to keep working things out, but....." He raised his hands in a gesture of futility. "What was I thinking?"
"She's attractive in a hard edged way. Maybe it was her looks?"
"I don't think so." He shook his head slowly. "You're a lot prettier than she is."
"Thank you," Tanya smiled at him. "If anyone were to ask you what attracted you to me, what would you tell them?"
"How long have you got, before you have to go to work?"
"It's a long list," he told her with a grin. "You're amazing. I can't begin to make a list of how terrific you are, and what attracts me to you, because I'd never finish. You're intelligent, witty, beautiful, talented...."
"But what first attracted you to me?"
Morgan gazed up at the ceiling, thinking for several moments before answering. "I was interested initially because of your analysis, but that was before I saw you. I think what first attracted me was your smile. You're always so full of life, even when you're exhausted. But when you fell into my arms, I was hopelessly hooked." He kissed her gently. "What first attracted you to me?"
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