Thursday, April 23, 2020

The Best Medicine by Dellani Oakes – Part 31

"I was doing volunteer work," Hal explained. "I do a few months a year. I keep trying to get Morgan to come, but he hates to fly."
"And I refuse to drive to Uruguay, so I don't go."
"You could go on one of the ships," Tanya said. "I hear those are interesting."
"Not interesting enough. Come with me, then I'll think about it. I refuse to travel for months on end, patching up people in a third world country, while staying celibate, at the same time."
"I'll think about it," she replied with a grin.
"I don't know how you stand it," Morgan said to Hal. "The whole depriving yourself of female companionship for three months. I'd die."
"Who said I was deprived?" Hal's eyes twinkled, flecks of gold sparkling with humor.
"Toothless, mountain, hags don't count," Morgan corrected him.
"Actually, she was one of the other doctors, and very pretty. Her name was Celestina and she was from Brazil."
"You still seeing her?"
"No, she went back to Brazil."
Morgan nodded. "So, in effect, you're celibate again."
"Why do you care?" Hal sounded slightly irritated with the entire conversation.
Morgan smirked, chuckling while he fixed his coffee. "I care, because now I can tease you unmercifully about being a priest, and stand there smiling with ill concealed glee, while you complain about not being laid."
"I guess I'll have to find myself a woman then. Got any suggestions?"
"Tanya's friend, Davida, is available."
"Really. You think I'd do well with her?" He smirked and flexed.
"I think she'd eat you alive after you mated," was Morgan's snappy reply.
"Because I love you, I won't tell her you said that," Tanya giggled.
"I don't think she likes me anyway," Hal shrugged. "We've gotten off on the wrong foot. At least that's all I can figure out. We don't see eye to eye on much of anything."
"That's because she's seven foot two and you're only six two," Morgan exaggerated. "So what was it your lawyer brother had to tell me? We got off that subject at Rwanda."
"Uruguay. Okay, basically he said to tell you to call him. You two may not get along, but he's one of the best damn lawyers in the city, and you know it. If he's willing to set aside your differences, why can't you?"
"Because I didn't hit me in the face, dislocate my jaw and piss me off for no reason," Morgan said in a matter-of-fact tone."I happen to be fond of myself."
"He thought you told me about...."
"I know why he did it. Anyway, so I should call him. Why can't you just tell me what's what and leave it at that?"
"Because I'm not a f**king lawyer, and I'm not your bitch, is why," Hal exploded. "One day you two will start to listen to me."
"Either that, or we could lock them in a room with a rabid, horny wildebeest, and see who makes it out alive," Tanya offered, trying to diffuse the situation.
"I like how this woman thinks, Morph. Can I steal her from you?"
"I don't know. Honey, would you like Hal to steal you from me?"
"That depends," Tanya brushed Morgan's hair out of his face.
"On what?" He frowned slightly.
"On if he can do the things you do in bed. If so, it would be very stiff competition."
Morgan looked thoughtful. "That I don't know. I've never examined Hal's bedside manner."
"Well, since I like yours, I guess I'll stick with you."
They kissed for several seconds before Hal quit laughing, annoyed instead. "Other person in the room," he said loudly.
"This is why you date girls from Botswana," Morgan said as he nibbled Tanya's earlobe.
"Brazil. It wasn't a serious relationship. Great sex, no commitment."
"I like commitment," Morgan continued to nibble.
"It has its appeal. Listen, are we going canoeing or not?"
"Go ahead," Tanya said. "If this is something you two always do on your birthday, go ahead."
Morgan grimaced, thinking seriously before replying. "Hmm, going canoeing with another guy, or taking a sexy brunette back to bed for an afternoon of naughtiness. Hal? I leave the decision to you."
"Is that an invitation?" He winked at Tanya as she blushed and giggled. "If it were me in your shoes, I'd opt for the brunette. She's prettier than I am."
"I really wouldn't mind if you went for a canoe ride today, Morgan. You tan is starting to fade."
He chuckled seductively, putting his arms around her. "True enough. I haven't seen this schmo for a few months."
"Is that your none to subtle way to tell him that you want some time alone?" Hal asked casually.
Tanya flashed a wicked smile at Hal. "My, how perceptive! It will give me time to organize his surprise party."
"Oops, you told the secret!" Hal laughed. "What time am I supposed to have him home?"
© 2020 Dellani Oakes

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