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"The Lone Wolf" excerpt

Matilda Dulac and Wil VanLipsig knew one another 10 years ago, but time and distance made them forget one another. Reconnecting again by chance, they fall almost instantly in love. After a bizarre series of events brings her father back into their lives, they decide to marry aboard the Mining Guild ship, Flotilla. Coerced into a whirlwind wedding, they find themselves caught up in the chaos and romance of the moment.

"Attention crew of Flotilla. At 2230 hours, nonessential personnel will assemble in the main cargo bay to bear witness to the happy union of Captain Dulac and Colonel VanLipsig. For essential crew, the ceremony will be broadcast live. Slatterly out." He grinned, rubbing his hands together with glee. "You need a dress and a bridesmaid." He tapped his com-link again. "Rebeckah."


"How would you like to be bridesmaid for Captain Dulac?"

"Tell her I'd be delighted. Grammery out."

"There, all set."


"And the Rain Came Down" - by S.A. Bailey

Desperate for money, Army veteran, Jeb Shaw, is ready to take any job he can get. When rich man, Buddy Harrison, offers him $10,000 to find his younger sister & bring her home, Jeb jumps at the chance.

Unfortunately, no job is ever simple, a fact that Jeb realizes all too late. Trapped in a mire of drugs, deception & death, he must rely on his skills & cunning to survive.

Author S.A. Bailey weaves a riveting tale of mystery & intrigue in his novel, "And the Rain Came Down". Readers move through the plot with Jeb, learning as he does, just how big a mess he's gotten into. Bailey keeps us guessing until Jeb finally puts all the pieces together.

S.A. Bailey labels his genre, "Redneck Noir", one he's ideally suited for. As a self-proclaimed detective novel junkie, Bailey has found a unique voice, adding his distinctive East Texas twang to his gritty prose.

"And the Rain Came Down" is worthy to follow in the footsteps of his predecesso…

There Shall Be Great Rejoicing - Part 15

Icy cold fingers of sweat trickled down her spine while a loud ringing filled her ears. With a groan, Mai rose once more to face her opponent, weapon in hands.

Kaeo, a cat of the Zarbanni Clan as she was, eyed her with cool indifference. It little mattered to him if she won or lost, for this was training, not a match. Mai wiped sweat from her brow with her forearm. A flicker of movement warned her that Kaeo was on the attack again. Couldn't he let her rest five seconds? Apparently not.

A few years her senior, he was powerfully built and heavily muscled. Hardly winded, he redoubled the ferocity of his attack, driving her backward with each swipe of the padded staff. At least he wasn't hitting her with a real one. Although it still hurt when he rammed it end first into her abdomen.

Mai crumpled over, retching uncontrollably. Cleaning bots scurried out to remove the mess from the training arena. Kaeo swung his staff, smacking Mai in the sore side of her head.

"Up, you…