Thursday, January 13, 2011

Links to My Shows

I recently was asked for links to some of my past shows on Blog Talk Radio. I was able to track down links to a lot of them, though there are more I know I'm missing. I used to not keep as good records as I do now, so the earliest ones are missing. I may be able to track them down by checking my old scripts. I'll see what I can find. Anyway, here are the ones I was able to track down. I've listed the names of the guests beside them. Dellani

Dellani's Tea Time Links: Tracy Searight-Dibert, Penny Ehrenkranz & R Jeffreys Jon Magee, Barbara Becker-Holstein & Jay Fitter Lisa Cottrell-Bentley, Marsha Diane Arnold, Crystalee Calderwood, Deb Lund, Virginia S. Grenier, Michelle Buchman. Devyn Burnton, Ellen Hopkins, Lisa Mantchev, Michelle Zink & Tonya Hurley MJ Gillot assisting. Guest, Janet Ann Collins Barry Eva, Connie Arnold, Scotti Cohn & Jennifer Walker Lila Castle, TL Wood, Concetta Payne Vonda Skinner Skelton & Nancy Sanders Jennifer Cervantes Jo Linsdell & Rober O'Mara Wayne Street, Jr & Tommy Batchelor R Jeffreys, Mara Moran-Bishop, Hazel Mitchell & Phillip Dana Yeh Mark David Gerson, Donny Bailey Seagraves, Barry Eva, Vonda Skinner Skelton, L. Diane Wolfe

What's Write for Me Links: Seth Anderson Bailey & Nicholas Grabowski Getting Organized with Lucy Balch, R Jeffreys and Dorothy Stacy Seth Anderson Bailey, Michael Pennington & James Edwin Branch Laura Elvebak & Mitch Haynes Linore Burkhart & Rowena Cherry Mark Engebretson, Mickey Hoffman and Kenneth Weene Sherrie Hansen, Christine Husom and Kris Radish Linda Morrison Spear, William Beck & Anne K. Edwards Rico Austin, Franny Armstrong & Tom Barnes Lawrence D. Elliot, Jennifer Arzt & Tavia Stewart Jill Bratcher, Sue O'Shields, Barbara Ehrentreau & Rachel Brady Rhys Bowen, Juliet Waldron, Jennie Helderman Stephanie Osborn

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