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Spring Cleaning - It's for the Birds!

I belong to a small writing group which meets once a week. We get a writing prompt every week and (usually) write on that subject. One week, it was spring cleaning. This is what I wrote.
"Effie!" Mama screeched from the back porch. I'd almost made it. I was halfway over the fence between us and the Mason's when I heard her. Had I been on the other side, I could've claimed I didn't hear her, but she'd see me in a second if she looked. "Effie Marie!" "Coming, Mama!" I hollered, pouting. "Dang it, just about got away!" I shuffled my feet as I approached the porch. "Where you runnin' off to? Today we start spring cleaning." "Mama, we just cleaned up the house last week." "But that was just regular cleaning. Now we got to open up the house, freshen the air, beat the rugs, scrub the floors...." "Why, Mama?" "Because it's spring. Need to greet the new season with a fresh house.&qu…

Sharing Ideas

I was reminded yesterday of how important it is for a writer to have someone to bounce ideas off. My son's girlfriend is an aspiring author. She's smart and creative and I'm sure she'll go far with it. That excites me. I enjoy talking to her, sharing a little advice and getting advice from her as well.

Yesterday, she had the idea for a new story that she wants to write. It's a sci-fi scenario and sounds really cool! If I were a horrible person, I'd steal it and write my own novel, that's how good it is. She started bouncing ideas off my boys (I was napping) and by the time I got up, things were getting interesting. Brainstorming with a bunch of creative people, whether writers or not, can be a lot of fun. However, there's a danger there.
What's the drawback to brainstorming like that? Being overwhelmed with ideas and seeing the direction you'd thought to take change and warp into something else. Each person sees the story going his or her way,…

Candid Chat with Michelle Izmaylov

As many of you know, Michelle and her sister Nicole, were supposed to be on my show July 11th. Through the quirks of Blog Talk Radio, they were unable to get on the call. I asked them both to answer what would have been my interview questions. I am trying to get them scheduled for another time and will post the date and time when it's been settled. Meanwhile, enjoy the interview! ~ DDellani Oakes: Michelle, you have an incredible list of accomplishments. Why don't you share that with our listeners?Michelle Izmaylov: I’d say “incredible” might be a bit of a strong word since I feel I still have a long way to go before I’m really “accomplished.” What I’ve done so far is published three books, two of which were traditionally published, and now I’m an editor at FutureWord Publishing and an illustrator at World Castle Publications.

DO: I have to ask, out of my own curiosity, which of you is older?MI: I’m older in terms of age, but my sister is older in terms of brains.

DO: With such …

Wit and Whimsy on Gather

I've started a new group on Gather and hope my friends & fans will join me there. I encourage all authors, writers and readers to hop over and say hello. I will be posting discussions, though I hope members will also do so. I also want members to post random thoughts, excerpts of works in progress and so on.
Please join me on Wit and Whimsy!