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What Kind of Writer Are You?

What's Your Style?
I've posted about this before, but I think it's worth repeating. Beginning writers get bombarded with materials telling them how to write – or more precisely, how not to write. The fact is, there is no perfect, magic formula that works for everyone.
Some how to authors will say it is mandatory to know the outcome of the story before beginning. They will also demand that the author outline everything. I read such an article when I was a fairly inexperienced writer. I was shocked.
I don't outline – not anything. Outlines are things English teachers demand for term papers. (I know, because I used to be an English teacher.) I outline after the paper is written – and only because it's required
I don't know the ending of my story before I begin. I don't know the middle either. In fact, if I have a structure in mind, chances are good that the story will bog down and not go anywhere. I make notes, jot down ideas, talk about problem passages with…

Writing from the Heart - Laura Smith

“In All Things; Giving Thanks When Hope Seems Lost”
What inspired me to write and actually have my story published was an accumulation of events. My original intent was never to publish a book however; when I had one person read it and then another, and another, the feedback was amazing! It was like a sense of urgency that the message within was something people needed to hear. And even the men who have read it have been profoundly affected.
The life events that sparked this book began in my teen years where I remember wondering why I was even on this earth, or why God would put me in a family that didn’t seem to even want me. I was always called a mistake and they would tease me when I was younger that they found me on the streets of St. Paul. It’s no wonder that I married the town rebel two weeks after my high school graduation! Finally someone loved me and I wasn’t going to let that go. Fast forward 4 years, two daughters later and a divorce, I’m re-married. I just found out that my …

S. Evan Townsend

Today's guest is S. Evan Townsend, author of riveting novels - "Rock Killer", "Agent of Artifice" and "Hammer of Thor". I've read and enjoyed all of Townsend's books. To read their reviews, visit Dellani's Choice.

Whither Books
Two phenomena are happening simultaneously in our society and it's going to be interesting to see what happens. Both are thanks to technology and both are conflicting with the other.
The first phenomenon is it is easier, cheaper, and faster to write, edit, and publish a book. I have no idea how much discipline it took to write a novel on a typewriter without spell check to catch typos and the ease of editing and re-writing and moving text around. Then with HP's print on demand technology replacing expensive off-set printing for producing books, its relatively inexpensive to self-publish or start a small-press publishing house. And with ebook technology, it is free if you do all the formatting work. Th…

Writing Tips by Fran Lewis

My guest blogger today is author, radio host and reviewer, Fran Lewis. Welcome, Fran and thanks for sharing your words of wisdom with us today!

Writing a Non-Fiction Book
1.When writing a non- fiction book that is not an autobiography you might want to start by doing research and getting information related to the topic that you are going to write about. Before writing my first Alzheimer’s book I researched the disease and got information from many doctors, organizations and websites to include in the medical part of the book. In order to understand the illness and the stages I had to find the information needed from different sources. 2.By doing research you will have some idea of what you want to write about and how you might want to present this information. 3.You need to decide on your audience. Are you targeting all adults, young adults or children? 4.Is this book for someone who does not know much about your topic or is it for someone with some knowledge? Knowing your audience will h…

What is Fantasy?

The following article is by guest blogger Kira Morgana and is used with her permission.

What is Fantasy? A Lecture by Miss F. Writer

Cue ABBA song –
“I have a dream, a song to sing.”
Don’t all Fantasy writers? We slave over our keyboards, burning our fingers with the force of the dreams in our heads. Characters, dialogue, action, romance, horror, comedy, growing up – it all happens in Fantasy.
*Mr. Pernickety Agent raises his hand*
“Wait a minute, Miss Frustrated Writer. Fantasy is just about dwarves, elves and humans fighting an evil overlord with the aid of medieval weaponry and Magic.”
Ah. The classical definition of Fantasy. First brought into the publishing mainstream by the Master of High Fantasy, JRR Tolkien.
(Look we can argue about where Fantasy came from later – I’ll stick a pin in it and maybe you can just let me get on with this please?)
Just because THE LORD OF THE RINGS exists and it’s author is considered the founding father of the Fantasy Genre doesn’t mean that it…

Presenting Rachel Reuben!

I'm excited to have Rachel Reuben as my guest on Dellani's Tea Time this coming Monday, June 11 at 4:00 PM Eastern on Blog Talk Radio. If any of you missed my review of Rachel's knockout YA novel, Hag, I've included it below.

As an added bonus, I'll be running the switchboard. If you thought the shows were funny before, just wait. I've proven myself completely incompetent with the switchboard on more than one occasion, so it should be interesting to see if I can handle that and the interview without breaking a nail, disconnecting my guest or poking myself in the eye.

Tune in Monday!

                                   HAG – Rachel Reuben
Audrey Saldano has learned to be tough. Living on the less posh side of Cleveland, she's learned to defend herself. The only thing she can't defend herself against is the pain she feels when she sees her ex-boyfriend, Desmond, with his new girlfriend, Raquel…

Learning from the Best - Kira Morgana

I recently asked my author pals on Facebook to help me out with this site. I needed input badly! Fortunately, the talented and creative Kira Morgana volunteered to send me two articles. The first is below. Read, enjoy and learn! Wonderful article, Kira! Thanks for helping out.
~ * ~

I'm currently reading "Sometimes the Magic Works: Lessons from a Writing Life." by Terry Brooks. I've read it before of course - about three times! Each time I read it I discover something new, or it kick starts my brain into writing something new. At the moment, TB has got me thinking about the NaNoWriMo Novel I did last year. I haven't finished the story line, but that was because I got lost in the middle - I was trying too hard to push it through, mostly because I wanted to get over 50k by the end of the month.

I'm going to break off about my current work and dive into the way TB and other seriously successful authors write...

TB follows these rules -

1) Write what you know.
2) …