Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Let the Fantastic Madness Begin! Fantastic Blog Hop - Fall Edition

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Fantastic Blog Hop – The Birth of a Legend

The Fantastic Blog Hop was born out of desperation in March of 2013. A few broke authors got together and decided to try their hands at organizing a blog tour for themselves. And so the Fantastic Blog Hop came to be. We began our maiden voyage in April of 2013.

Never let it be said that we didn't know what we were doing. (We didn't, but never let it be said!) We jumped in with both feet, only to sink into the muck up to our necks. We're still digging our way out.
The hop was fun and moderately successful, so we thought we'd try it again, only this time with a bigger group.

In addition to our first Fantastic Blog Hoppers: Rachel Rueben, Karen Vaughan, Ruth Davis Hays, Crimson Kildare, Kat Marlow & Dellani Oakes, we've added Juli Morgan, Stephanie Hussey, Kristen Duvall & Karina Gioertz.

We're having fun getting to know one another and we hope you'll enjoy getting to know us too. The big, yellow bus is gassed up and ready to roam. The tour starts on August 15th. Be watching for messages about the Fantastic Blog Hop and catch a ride on the big, yellow bus as we travel North America.

Dellani Oakes - Featured Author August 15
Crimson Kildare - Featured Author August 16

Look for Crimson at Kat at

Kat Marlow - Featured Author August 16

Look for Crimson at Kat at

Kristen Duvall - Featured Author August 17

Look for Kristen Duvall

Ruth Davis Hays - Featured Author August 18
Look for Ruth Davis Hays

Juli Morgan - Featured Author August 19

Look for Juli Page Morgan

Karen Vaughan - Featured Author August 20

Look for Karen Vaughan

Karina Gioertz - Featured Author August 21

Look for Karina Gioertz

Stephanie Hussey - Featured Author August 22

Look for S. A. Hussey

Rachel Rueben -Featured Author August 23

Look for Rachel Rueben:

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