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Tooting My Own Horn - Dellani Oakes

First stop on the Fantastic Blog  Hop is sunny and hot Daytona Beach, Florida. Is that a shark fin?All kidding aside, it's the home of Dellani Oakes - author and instigator of the Fantastic Blog Hop.

I'm shy.

I know it doesn't come across that way. I seem very extroverted, and I am -- in certain situations. I was a very shy child. My older sister was the one who could walk into a room of strangers and be everyone's friend by the time she left. She can still do that. I'm the one who sits and watches for a place to fit in. I don't always find one.

Until I started writing. Put me with a bunch of other authors, I won't shut up. Anyone who's heard one of my shows knows that. When I chat with other authors, I'm deep in my comfort zone. I love it there. I can discuss books I'm working on, things I've read, and bounce ideas around for something they're working on. I will talk myself hoarse under those circumstances.

I'm not one to talk about my work with people who aren't authors. I don't loudly announce that I'm an author in a group of people I don't know.

Why? I'm shy. Really!

When it comes to publicizing my own work, I won't say much. I'm not one to stand up in a crowd and yell "BUY MY BOOKS!" Which is kind of necessary if you want to sell something. People need to know who you are, what you've written and where to find your work.

Today is my day on the Fantastic Blog Hop and you can find out more about me by following the links below. Participating authors are:

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You want to know about my books? I'm listing them below with a short blurb about each. All books are available through my publishers Second Wind Publishing and Tirgearr Publishing, who have links to all the buy sites.

Indian Summer is my historical romance. Set in St. Augustine, Florida in 1739, it's full of spies, love and intrigue. Gabriella Deza, youngest daughter of the Spanish Governor, has just come of age. By an odd series of circumstances, Gabriella finds some damming evidence about a British spy in their small village. Her information puts her in danger and it's up to her fiancee, Manuel Enriques, to stop the spy and protect the woman he loves.

Indian Summer is available in e-book and paperback from Second Wind Publishing.
Lone Wolf is the first novel in my sci-fi series. Set in 3032, humans have settled in space. Two major guilds hold power, the Navigation Guild and the Mining Guild.

Matilda Dulac and her partner, Marc Slatterly work for the Mining Guild. When their tiny, remote station is threatened, they call on their guild for help.

Enter the Lone Wolf. Former Galactic Marine, currently working as a mercenary and Merchant Marine, Wilhelm VanLipsig comes to their aid. Together, the three embark on a dangerous journey. If they fail, will the universe ever be the same?

Lone Wolf is available in e-book and paperback from Second Wind Publishing.

Welcome to Shakazhan! Book two of the Lone Wolf series begins where Lone Wolf ends. Three years of chasing John Riley should have paid off, but Riley gets away. It's up to Wil and Matilda, with the help of their friends, to track John Riley before he can find and release the evil Kahlea.

Shakazhan is available in e-book and paperback from Second Wind Publishing.

Is hot and spicy romantic suspense more your speed? Then pick up The Ninja Tattoo. This fast paced novel is set in small town Florida. Teague McMurtry is fresh back from the war. He thought he'd seen the end of death and violence when he returned home.

Little did Teague know that meeting the sultry, beautiful Vivica Rambo would mark him for death. He must put all his skills to work to save himself and the woman he loves from a vicious biker gang. If he fails, someone else will sport the coveted Ninja Tattoo.

The Ninja Tattoo is available in e-book from Tirgearr Publishing.

Put on your dancin' shoes and do the hustle! It's small town Nebraska in 1976. Bobby Menendez and his new girlfriend, Libby Marshall, are just getting used to their new relationship when Bobby's cousin is brutally beaten. His crime? Dating a white girl.

Bobby's best friend, Danny, has been approached by a violent, white supremacist group. Has Bobby also been marked for violence because of his relationship with Libby? Danger lies Under the Western Sky.

Under the Western Sky is available in e-book from Tirgearr Publishing.

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