Tangled Web covers

By leaving a comment below, vote for your favorite cover. Random drawing will be held for a free, signed copy when the book is published!

Cover #46

Cover #45

Cover #44

Cover # 43

Cover #42

Cover #41

Cover #40

Cover #37

Cover #36


patsy said…
I like #43 sweetie. I think its really neat how you did the spider web's on it. Plus the colors are good too.
sherriehansen said…
I like 44 best, but I really like elements of 40, too.
bertrampat said…
I like 37, but I would like it better if both the title and the author name were parallel.
kathy.skip said…
42 is my favorite,,,but they are all good!
Tracy said…
The cover that screams, "READ ME!!!" is #40. If I was browsing through a bunch of books, that's the one that would grab my eye.
it's a toss up between 44 & 42. I love the colors on those ones.
Dellani Oakes said…
Well, I've been asked to publish this one with a different pseudonym to set it apart from the other books. Therefore, the new name will be Lillian Belle. I just didn't want to redo all the covers.

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