Sunday, March 27, 2011

Love Among the Lumber

Got this idea when I was shopping in Home Depot a few weeks ago and finally felt compelled to write it down. Gist of the story thus far: Arden Templeton is a secret shopper for Home Improvement Super Stores. She used the job to pay for college. Now, she's got her first college teaching job and attended a "meet and greet" party at the college president's house where she meets Jak Foster. Arden is more than a little bit drunk, so Jak makes sure she gets home safely. He can't drive standard, so pays a student to drive her home, where he meets up with her.

Arden made sure the car was locked, the alarm set, before trying to get to her porch. Strong hands caught her when she stumbled over the brick walk. Jak's scent filled her nostrils. So it had been him, not the honeysuckle. It was the sexiest scent she'd ever smelled. Sort of like honey, sunshine, spice and hot, sexy man.
Sex on a stick.
"Shit, did I say that out loud?"
"On if you were referring to me or the kid."
Arden giggled, collapsing in his arms. "You see anyone else here?"
"Okay, then...."
Jak unlocked her front door, helping her to the living room to their left. Arden collapsed onto the couch, sinking into the soft cushions. Jak stood in front of her as if he didn't know how to continue. Arden patted the seat next to her.
"Have a seat. You've worked hard. You deserve it."
He chuckled seductively. "If I sit, I can't guarantee...." He inhaled sharply, rubbing his face with his palms. "You are—the most beautiful, exciting woman I've ever met, Arden. You take my breath away. And if I continue the way I want to...."
"If you continue the way you want to, I can still tell you no," she concluded, patting the seat again. "Sit down. We can talk a few minutes."
He sat very carefully on the opposite end of the couch. Arden laughed.
"I don't bite, Jak."
"I do," he said with a very serious tone. "Figuratively...."
"Not literally? Shit, I thought I'd met a genuine vampire."
He burst out laughing, rocking his head against the back of her chintz covered couch.
"If you don't bite, do you kiss? You know how, right? You're not simply this amazingly tantalizing package with nothing inside it, are you?"
He raised a curious eyebrow at the word 'package'. Deciding she didn't mean it the way he wanted to interpret it, he smiled, moving closer.
"I'm a tantalizing package, huh?"
Arden pushed at his face, laughing. "Well, that's certainly part of the tantalizing part... When we were dancing, you almost kissed me."
He nodded slowly, agreeing. "I did."
Arden grabbed his lapel, tugging him close. She closed her eyes, lifting her chin. Ready, she waited for him to make the next move. She didn't have long to wait. His breath was warm on her face and neck. Taking his time, he moved closer. His lips brushed her neck, his nose tickling the contours beneath her left ear.
She tilted her head, allowing him greater access. Jak spent a few more minutes kissing and nipping her ears and neck. She felt his fingers on either side of her face and finally, his lips descended on hers. Arden's head whirled as he kissed her. Heart fluttering, she opened her mouth to accommodate him. He captured her mouth with his, diving deeper. His passion took her by surprise. Arden drew away. Jak followed her lips, but she turned her face.
"What?" He was shocked by her response. "What'd I do?" He murmured, nuzzling her neck.
"Too much," she gasped.
He moved until his forehead met hers. Holding her face, he kissed her lightly. "I need to go. I didn't mean to scare you. Sometimes....when there's a strong attraction...."
"I know. I've never...."
"God, don't tell me you're a virgin!" He groaned.
"No! No. I've never kissed a man I hardly know."
He smiled, stroking the back of her head. "Then I guess we need to get to know each other. I'm gonna write down my number. When you're sober, call me."
"I will. I'll call you tomorrow."
"I'll be expecting it."

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