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Love Among the Lumber

Got this idea when I was shopping in Home Depot a few weeks ago and finally felt compelled to write it down. Gist of the story thus far: Arden Templeton is a secret shopper for Home Improvement Super Stores. She used the job to pay for college. Now, she's got her first college teaching job and attended a "meet and greet" party at the college president's house where she meets Jak Foster. Arden is more than a little bit drunk, so Jak makes sure she gets home safely. He can't drive standard, so pays a student to drive her home, where he meets up with her.

Arden made sure the car was locked, the alarm set, before trying to get to her porch. Strong hands caught her when she stumbled over the brick walk. Jak's scent filled her nostrils. So it had been him, not the honeysuckle. It was the sexiest scent she'd ever smelled. Sort of like honey, sunshine, spice and hot, sexy man. Sex on a stick. "Hm?" "Shit, did I say that out loud?" "Depends…

Chatting with J. Conrad Guest

How much of a story do you have in mind before you start writing it?
I start with a protagonist and his conflict; most times I have the ending in mind and simply write to it, although often the ending is amended depending on what happens prior to my getting there. Everything before that -- the digressions, the journey -- are discoveries that, hopefully, translate as discovery for the reader. I’ve never written from an outline. I haven’t even tried to work from an outline; I feel it would be too restrictive to me.
What is your writing schedule like? Do you strive for a certain number of words each day?
Raymond Chandler, one of my favorite novelists, despite Faulkner (no stranger to drink himself, Faulkner butchered the screenplay for The Big Sleep) calling him a “world class drunk,” wrote Alcohol is like love. The first kiss is magic, the second is intimate, the third is routine. After that you take the girl’s clothes off. My writing schedule is like that: the first sentence is magic, the…

And Then The Werewolf Dialed In - Barry Eva

Back in February 2009, after appearing on a few radio shows, and with experience of running a couple of local TV shows narrating stories from my romance book as well as filming local karaoke, I thought… why not try your own radio show. Loving a good old “chin wag” as we say in England I thought it might be good fun, little did I know just how much.Here we are almost two years later and over 270 shows later the show is still going strong, is proving more popular than I ever expected, and I love every minute of it…well almost.My show I called “A Book and a Chat” which is basically what it is, anybody who knows me will tell you I am no literary chat person, I am not one who goes into styles of writing etc, I just love to sit and have a chat, learn something and hopefully have some fun at the same time. As the show description goes…"A Book and a Chat" has proved a hugely popular radio program with people of all ages. With two hundred shows already recorded, Barry…