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The Nature of Reality A Guest Blog Post by Michelle Devon

I'm delighted today to turn the board over to Michelle Devon, author of CELESTE. Michelle has a few things to say about reality and perceptions. Michelle, welcome to the Writer's Sanctuary. We all have a slightly warped sense of reality. You should fit right in! ~ Dellani

One of the things I like about being a writer is that I can create my own reality. Sort of. Okay, maybe I can't always create my own reality, but I can create the reality of my characters, who are very real to me. I live with them during the writing process, from creation to the final release of them into the wild.
My family accepts this at face value, and we often discuss my characters as though they are real people. But outside of my immediate family, these characters in my stories are not so real. That creates an interesting conundrum in my life. Let me explain.
One evening, my mother was in town and came for dinner. While we ate, I said something to my friend, Lynn. "Right, like Brent did…"
My m…