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Let's Talk Trivia with Dellani Oakes

As some of you may know, some author friends and I started something a few months ago, known as the Fantastic Blog Hop. The first was five days of posts and fun. The second became nine days. This time, we decided to do something different -- a two day Facebook event.

We're going to be playing games, chatting with readers and giving away prizes. One of our games will be author trivia. The answers to our questions will come from our blogs. So take a moment and read my short answers and you'll be ready for my trivia.

The event starts next weekend. Join us!

How long have you been writing?

I've been making up stories since I could talk. I began as a child telling stories about my imaginary friend, Snowy Green, and our adventures are Rainbow School. I was four – so, way longer than I like to think about.

Which of your main characters is your favorite? Do you have more than one?

I do have more than one favorite character. Over and above all, Teague McMurtry from The Ninja Tattoo. Why? I'm not sure. He's a great guy, takes charge, he's protective and in control. He doesn't treat Vivica like an adornment, but as an equal.

My other favorite is Wil VanLipsig from Lone Wolf and Shakazhan. He's a cold, calculating bastard with a heart of gold underneath. WAY underneath. He's honorable, loyal, reliable and dead sexy.

Where do you find inspiration?

I find inspiration in everything. Sometimes, it's a conversation I hear in passing. Mostly, I just get an idea in my mind and run with it. Sometimes, it's inspired by real life. The Ninja Tattoo was one of these. I got the idea when I had a very strange encounter on the road one day. The first few pages, where Teague is followed by bikers, came from a real life experience.

What kind of music do you listen to when you write?

It's probably easier to tell you what I DON'T listen to: rap, hiphop, pop and twangy country. I have been known to listen to Funky Cold Medina, maybe some Faith Hill and Willie Nelson, but that's my limit. Mostly, I'm listening to The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Santana, Jimi Hendrix, Black Sabbath, Metallica, ZZ Top, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Clapton, Zeppelin, Rammstein, Slash, Guns n Roses. . . .

Name a famous author you've met, nearly met or wish you'd met.

I was fortunate, when in college, to attend lectures given by several famous authors. I met and conversed with Robin Cook – Coma, Richard Brautigan – Trout Fishing in America, Edward Albee – Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf. I also saw Harlan Ellison speak. I didn't get to meet him, though.

What is the weirdest thing a character ever did in a book?

My characters have done some strange things. I think the weirdest that one of them ever did, was the villain in New at Love. She was mad at her ex-husband for dating a new woman (even though, she herself, had cheated on him) So she broke into the new girlfriend's apartment and shaved the cat before taping him (the cat) to the hood of his car.

Who really wrote the book, you or your characters?

My characters always write every book. I can't take credit for anything but typing really fast. They do it all, dialogue, action, pacing, story arc – all them, always.

How many books have you started and how many have you finished?

This is such an unfair question. I demand a recount! Oh, wait, that's what you want, isn't it. Umm (counts)
Finished Novels: 44
Finished Short Stories: 22
Unfinished novels: (mumble-mumble) 66
Giving me a grand total of (drum roll) 132 novels/ short stories. At least, that's the number of things I have notes on. There are probably close to 150 altogether.

What's the hardest part with writing: the writing of the story or the editing?

The hardest thing for me is finishing – as evidenced by my numbers above. I get a great idea, run with it awhile, then get another great idea, and another. (later, rinse, repeat)

How many books do you have published?

I have five books published so far.

Indian Summer – historical romance set in St. Augustine, Florida in 1739
Lone Wolf – sci-fi romance set in outer space in 3032
Shakazhan – book 2 in my Lone Wolf series
The Ninja Tattoo – contemporary romantic suspense, set in present day Florida.
Under the Western Sky – retro-romantic suspense, set in western Nebraska in 1976.

If one of your books could be made into a movie, which would you choose and who would you cast?

Wow, hard to pick. I think they would all make great movies. If I were going to pick just one, probably Lone Wolf. It's a sweeping sci-fi set in space with lots of cool aliens, spaceships and fun stuff like that. It's quite different from Star Trek, or Star Wars, though the characters are out to save known space.


Wil VanLipsig – Warren Christie
Matilda Dulac – Angelina Jolie
Marc Slatterly -Eric Dane
Rebeckah Grammery – Amy Smart
John Riley – Ronnie Cox
There are many others, these are just the major players

What are your current projects?

Currently, I am working on Fly by Night, my NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) novel. It's a story of a young woman who is in a car accident and starts having nightmares where she is in other accidents, reliving it from a victim's perspective.

You say you're involved in NaNoWriMo. What other books have you written during National Novel Writing Month and are any of them published?

I've written six other books. One of them, The Ninja Tattoo, was published last year by Tirgearr Publishing. They have also picked up an option on one other. I hope to get all of them published eventually. I think I've done some of my best writing during NaNo.

What's your greatest strength as a writer?

Dialogue – hands down. This is what I excel at. I've been told my love scenes are good and steamy too. I also think I do well at fight scenes.

If all of that is entirely untrue (which I hope it's not) One can't fault my grammar. I won't say it's flawless, but it's pretty good! I'm proud of that.

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