Tuesday, November 25, 2014

I Love Dialogue - We Are the Champions

Asher Wilkinson works for an improv group called Cheesers Champions. They work at a club several nights a week. One night, he has the good fortune to meet Ruby. That same night, Asher has a confrontation with a woman in the group, Marissa. He used to date her, but broke it off when he found out how crazy she is. She still acts possessive and was jealous of Ruby. During their confrontation, she scratches him on the back, causing him some serious problems. Ruby, a doctor, helps Asher with his wound. A couple nights later, she's at the club to spend time with him.

"Full house tonight," Clay told Asher as he walked in.
"Already? Show isn't for an hour, yet."
"I know. Crazy. Apparently someone filmed the lip sync thing and put it up on You Tube. It's gotten a hundred thousand hits already."
"No shit?"
"They keep talking about the guy with the great ass. Hansel was sure they meant him." Clay winked.
"In his dreams!" Asher laughed, heading to the dressing room.
Ruby was waiting in the hallway. She ran up to him, kissing him, carefully avoiding touching his back.
"You look a lot better. Come inside," she insisted.
"The guys—"
"Aren't here yet. Let me look." She lifted his shirt, taking it off him before he realized what she was doing. A flip of a switch turned on makeup lights so she could see his back.
The door opened and Hansel walked in. He did a double take when he saw Ruby with Asher's shirt in her hands.
"Excuse me. I don't mean to interrupt, but I need to get ready."
"It's okay. Ruby's just checking my scratches," Asher explained. "Turns out—she's a doctor."
"Really?" Hansel flopped on the worn loveseat, long legs in front of him, hands folded on his lap. "Do tell."
"Apparently personal shopper is sexier than being a doctor," Asher explained as Ruby checked his back.
"I didn't say sexier, I said more interesting. Does this hurt?" She poked him.
He yelped. "Yeah! Kinda a lot, Doc!"
"Oops!" She smirked at him. "It looks a lot better. I do good work."
"You do. Two shots later, I sure hope it's looking better."
"Oh, did you give them in his ass?" Hansel sat up straight, leaning forward.
"Why are you asking about my ass?" Asher asked. "Are you checking out my ass?" He grabbed at his bottom with both hands, trying to cover it up.
"Bitch, please," Hansel said. "Just because I'm gay doesn't mean I'm checking out the ass of every hot guy I meet. Doctor Ruby, do you, as a woman, check out the ass of every hot man you meet?"
Ruby blushed, pressing her lips together. "Actually—I kinda do. And I'd like to lie and say it's a totally professional way, but no. . . . It's really not."
Asher held out a hand as if presenting her. "Liar? I think so! If a woman does it. . . ."
"Okay, I've examined your ass, but only for comparison purposes." He thrust out a hip at Ruby and struck a sexy pinup girl pose, his hands on one bent knee. "What do you think, Ruby?"
She made a vague gesture with her hands, mouth working as she tried not to laugh. "If you weren't gay, Hansel. I'd totally do you."
Hansel stood, tossing his head, before strutting out the door. Asher raised an eyebrow.
"I see the truth now. My lady doctor is a horndog."
"What? I'm not!"
"Totally are, babe. A complete horndog. I get it. You're only interested in me for my tight ass and rock hard abs." He slapped his stomach.
Asher laughed when she protested. Her cheeks flushed and her mouth opened in protest.
"Such—a lie! Liar!" She pounded feebly on his broad, muscular chest.
Asher held her hands, placing the palms on his pecs. He held them there, massaging her knuckles in a very sensual way.
"Did I say I minded?" His lips twitched as he tried not to laugh at her consternation. "You think a body like this happens by accident?" He raised one hand, kissing the center of her palm. "A lot of sit ups went into these abs. Gotta do a bunch of squats to get an ass this tight." He kissed her other palm, placing her hands on his chest once more. She left them there, unresisting, as he pulled her hips close to his. "All six foot two inches of hard body has been carefully sculpted in order to put that look on your face."
He leaned over to kiss her. Someone clapped loudly and slowly.
"Very well done. How long have you practiced that speech, Ash?" Riker walked by, glaring at him.
Asher let go of Ruby, putting himself between her and Riker.
"You back to stay?"
"Sorry to disappoint, but Maggie and Katie convinced me they can't do without me."
Asher nodded. "Gotcha. All this—whatever it is—this is because I slept with Kate before you even met her?"
"No." Riker turned around from the rack of shirts. "This is because you're a conceited ass who has to be the best. At acting. At womanizing. At everything. You go out of your way to upstage people and make the rest of us look bad."

© Dellani Oakes
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