Tuesday, January 13, 2015

I Love Dialogue - The Big Sleep

Roger Findley made a mistake. He got drunk and had hot sex with a woman he didn't know. The bad thing is, he can't remember it. He's in an on again, off again relationship with his friend (and boss) Siobhan. She and Amber are aware of one another and have accepted it—Roger didn't lie to either woman. Now, they're all out to lunch at a very exclusive restaurant. The women take advantage of the fact that Roger's gone to the restroom.

While he was gone, the women talked about him in very explicit terms, comparing his performance.
"Oh, he did that with you too? I thought he'd spanked me raw," Siobhan exclaimed.
"It was so naughty! And so hot. I don't usually do that—you know, go off with some guy I barely know. But I'd seen him at the club a few times. We'd chatted, danced some, but never anything more. He was so handsome and charming, he swept me off my feet."
"Was he there a lot? Roger hates clubs. Crowds make him claustrophobic."
"He didn't seem to mind. He was out there on the dance floor with me and a few other girls. He was in the middle of six of us having a wonderful time. I guess that and the tequila got him pretty hot, next thing I know. . . ." Amber blushed, ducking her head away. "God, I'm embarrassed to tell you."
"What?" Siobhan leaned forward. "Don't tell me, you did it in a stall?"
"Never in my life before! Humping in the bathroom like a couple of drunk teenagers."
Siobhan laughed loudly, green eyes sparkling. "That's so unlike him. I mean, he'll do it just about anywhere, but he's always been picky about hygiene."
"I guess any man will lower his standards if he's horny enough."
"I feel cheated. He never did me in the bathroom." She pouted, giggling.
The women were laughing and talking when Roger came out of the restroom. He was glad they were getting along well, but—they were getting along—well. A little worried, he stood by the restroom, watching. He might have continued to do so, but he heard his name. Not one of the women he was with, a decidedly masculine voice.
"Roger! Hey, are you deaf?"
His old school buddy, Lionel Pettigrew, whose parents owned Sarducci's, was sitting at a quiet corner table with a beautiful brunette. Roger walked over and found himself enveloped in a hug. Lionel pummeled him on the back.
"Damn, it's good to see you! It's been what? Four, five years?"
"At least. You left me far behind, Leo." He used the nickname that their circle of friends had adopted as kids. "I'm smart, but shit. You make smart people look dumb."
"I want you to meet someone. Arista, this is my old pal, Roger Findley. He kept up with me better than some of the others."
"Yeah, I did duel enrollment while he worked on his Masters," Roger said, smiling at the attractive woman. "Pleased to meet you." He noticed she looked to be about four months pregnant. "So, Leo, you and Arista?"
"Getting married next month. Mama was kind of pissed we waited, but we've been busy."
Arista grinned. "We took a sabbatical to go on a dive. Ran into a few problems along the way."
"It got crazy," Leo explained. "Can you stay a minute?"
"Can't. Your cousin is waiting for me."
"Oh, hell. Don't keep Shiv waiting. I suppose I ought to come say hello. Honey?" He helped Arista stand. "My cousin, Siobhan. She's great. Not psycho like some of the others."
They walked with Roger to the table. Roger and Leo made introductions.
"Why don't you join us?" Siobhan suggested. "Have you eaten yet?"
"No, we were waiting. G's fixing us something special. Arista had a craving for artichokes."
"Have you had a lot of those?" Siobhan asked her. "We're currently trying," she admitted with a blush.
"You and Roger? Congratulations! When's the wedding?" Leo sat next to Arista.
Siobhan and Roger exchanged a look. "Well, there probably won't be one. I wasn't planning on marrying Roger. . . . In fact, he was kind of dating Amber."
"I don't think one night of wild sex constitutes dating," Amber said.
Roger dropped his head to the table, groaning. "See the problem with having two women you've been to bed with at the same table? Never do this to yourself, Leo. Not ever."
"Oh, but Roger, honey," Arista said, patting him on the back. "Leo knows all about us, sweetheart! It's not a secret, the love we share."
Roger started to laugh. "Did you have to find a woman with as twisted a sense of humor as you? She'll fit right in. Has she met Cullen?"
"He's singing at our wedding," Arista replied. "And yes, he hit on me."
"Cullen hits on anything with breasts," Roger replied, taking a sip of his wine.
"Can I meet Cullen?" Amber asked.
The others laughed loudly, drawing attention from other diners. None of them cared.
"Do you think she can handle Cullen?" Siobhan asked Roger.
"She survived a night with me, I imagine she could hold her own. I thought he was marrying Sabrina."
"On again, off again," Arista replied. "That man doesn't know what he wants. Brie's pretty sure she wants him, but won't trust him. And he hits on anything with breasts."
"She'd better make up her mind soon. She's due in what, six weeks?"
"Something like that," Leo replied.
"She's pregnant too? Are all my old friends going to be fathers?"
"Brodie's got a kid, another on the way," Leo explained. "Duke's engaged, Finn's married."

"Duke and Finn? My God! Duck, honey," Roger said to Siobhan. "The world's coming to an abrupt and catastrophic end."

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