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The Unfit Author - Week 2 February 23 - March 1

Monday, February 23, 2015

I decided today that I needed to add stretching to my workouts. I did one session tonight and need to be sure to space it out during the next few days. Reverting to dance class warm-ups, particularly ballet. Taking it very slowly and being extremely careful. I don't want any pulled muscles, strains or sprains because those are not fun!
Regardless of what exercise I'm doing, I make sure to put music on that makes me want to move. I set myself up a playlist on YouTube of songs that make me want to dance. I am constantly adding to it. One song that makes me want to dance every time I hear it, is Jingo Lo Ba by Carlos Santana. If you've never listened to it, you need to. I recommend the version where he plays with Eric Clapton.

Below are the songs I danced to 2/23/15:
Duration Song & Artist Time
3:10 Dance Tonight – Paul McCartney 12:16
7:57 Jingo – Carlos Santana 12:48
4:12 I Wish – Stevie Wonder 1:58
3:40 Thinking About You – London Beat 8:31
3:17 You Don't Have to Believe Me – Eric Hunchinson 10:20
4:30 Jingo (half) Carlos Santana 10:59
26.06 Total

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

I didn't do very well today. I wasn't feeling very well and had to work on a paper with my son, so I only danced once.

Below are the songs I danced to 2/24/15:
Duration Song & Artist Time
7:59 Jingo – Carlos Santana 11:36 AM
Stretched 10:00
17:59 Total
I did stretch 10 minutes, so the day wasn't a complete loss, but it certainly wasn't great.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Wednesdays are always tricky because of Fun in Writing. I lead a small group through the Council on Aging and it takes up a big chunk of the day. Also, ever fourth Wednesday, I have my Blog Talk Radio show, What's Write for Me. I did manage to stretch for 10 minutes, but that was the extent of my day.
10:00 Total

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Today was much better. I actually got a pretty full day in. I did more stretching after each dance and that seemed to work pretty well.

Below are the songs I danced to 2/26/15:
Duration Song & Artist Time
5:16 Low Down – Boz Scaggs 11:39 AM
Stretched 1:30
4:18 Do I Wanna Know? - Arctic Monkeys 12:28 PM
Stretched 1:40
9:44 One Fine Day – Zach Deputy 2:20
Stretched 1:30
3:26 Batuka – Carlos Santana 3:12
Stretched 2:00
28:04 Total

Friday, Febrary 27, 2015

Friday wasn't too bad either. I still got stuck doing some work with my son, which interfered, but I did okay, though obviously not my best day. Since my time is frequently interrupted with needs of the family, phone calls and errands, I get off track. The important thing is to be as consistent as I can. You can probably tell by now that I really like F**k You by Ceelo Green. It's got a great beat and it's not too long, so I don't get overly tired. Besides, it's a fun song and relieves a little stress when I sing it loudly as I dance.

Below are the songs I danced to 2/27/15:
Duration Song & Artist Time
4:13 I Got a Line on You – Spirit 11:36 AM
Stretched 1:25
3:50 F**k You – Ceelo Green 12:44 PM
4:33 Zion – Fluke 1:50
5:00 Concrete – Revivalists 2:58
Stretched 1:00
4:06 You Know What I Mean – Jeff Beck 4:24
23:27 Total

Saturday, February 28, 2015

I took the whole day off. My son's paper is due soon and we worked on that a lot of the day. Also, just plain didn't feel like it. I managed to talk myself out of it really well, which shows me that I need to make sure I don't do this very often.
0:0 Total

Sunday, March 1, 2015

I didn't do very well today either. I think some of it was laziness, and part of it was that I got the idea for two new books, so I was busy writing those and forgot to reset my timer. I did get a little bit of dancing in, but not nearly what I needed. I did get in about 10 minutes of stretching, too.

Below are the songs I danced to 3/1/15:
Duration Song & Artist Time
4:13 Vampires – Ballroom Thieves 3:20 PM
3:40 Dance in the Graveyard – Delta Rae 11:40 PM
7:53 Total

Overall, didn't have as good a week, but I am still trying. I noticed that I get very tight and sore if I don't do the stretching at least once a day. I think that's why I had some trouble during the week, I wasn't being careful with that. I still managed to drop about a pound, so I take that as a win! Here's hoping that next week will be better!

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