Monday, March 09, 2015

The Unfit Author Week 3 Beginning Monday, March 2, 2015

I knew if I started this week as badly as I finished the last one, I would probably continue to do badly. Since my son's paper is pretty well done, I was able to conduct my day better. I didn't go quite every hour, but I did pretty well. I didn't always remember my timer, but I checked my times and remembered better than I anticipated.

Below are the songs I danced to 3/2/15:
Duration Song and Artist Time
3:45 Vampires – Ballroom Thieves 10:56 AM
5:07 Sing Sing Sing with a Swing – Benny Goodman 12:03 PM
6:56 Battle without Honor or Humanity – Tomayasu Hotai 1:07
2:33 99 Problems – Hugo 4:04
3:28 Long Skirt and Short Jacket – Cake 6:24
:30 Hawaii Five O theme 8:10
Stretched 10:00
8:17 Butter You Up – Zach Deputy 10:02
4:36 Call Me Al – Paul Simon 11:00
43:52 Total

Tuesday, March 3, 2015
I didn't do too badly today. I had hoped to do better, but developed a late afternoon migraine. I can't seem to escape the sun. It keeps hammering at me. I felt enough better later in the day to dance one more time, but I didn't get as much in as I'd hoped.

Below are the songs I danced to 3/3/15:
Duration  Song and Artist Time 
3:32 Haven't Done Nothin' – Stevie Wonder 11:51
3:42 Higher Ground – Red Hot Chili Peppers 12:00
5:30 Crazy Benny – Safri Duo 1:30
4:07 Into the Ocean – Blue October 3:38
(migraine set in and finally went away after supper)
5:50 Wake Up – Arcade Fire 10:38
16:11 Total

Wednesday, March 4, 2015
I did pretty well today, despite the fact that it's Fun in Writing day. I had a great time at writing group and enjoyed the fact it was overcast. I suppose I should explain this battle I have with sunshine. I get migraines that are brought on by bright light, particularly glare, but a zap in the eyes from the sun, is also really bad. I realize the irony of my living in Florida with this condition, but it wasn't this bad when I moved here.

Below are the songs I danced to 3/4/15:
Duration  Song and Artist Time
2:15 Spin Me – Dope 7:34 PM
3:14 Die Mother F**ker, Die – Dope 7:40
5:26 Like the Way I Do – Melissa Etheridge 8:43
3:21 Ain't No Grave – Crooked Still 9:46
3:23 Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy – Big & Rich 11:10
17:35 Total

Thursday, March 5, 2015
Wasn't too bad a day. I had more time at home. Although I had a slight headache, it wasn't bad enough to keep me from exercising. I got a new idea for a story, so my times got a little erratic.
Below are the songs I danced to 3/5/15:
Duration  Song and Artist Time
2:17 Hotel Song – Josh & Larkin 10:39 AM
3:59 Food Chain – Eric Huntchinson 11:30
4:07 Happy – Pharrell 12: 28
5:27 This River – JJ Grey and Mofro (stretched) 12:33
3:13 Rumble & Sway – Jamie N Commons 4:28
4:07 I Don't Care – Patrick Stump 12:23 AM
22:38 Total I realize that this one is actually on tomorrow, but I was still awake, so I counted it here instead.

Friday, March 6, 2015
Today wasn't quite as good. I kept getting interrupted. It was a very frustrating day, all things considered. I had to pick up my son from work, then he had to go shopping, so I drove him over there. The traffic was horrendous because of Bike Week. I had to take a back way and it slowed us down. At least I wasn't stuck in stop and go traffic for an hour.
Below are the songs I danced to 3/6/15:
Duration  Song and Artist Time
2:19 Sleep – Alan Stone 12:00
4:03 Money for Nothing – Dire Straits 8:20
2:29 Me & Julio – Josh Turner 9:11
8:51 Total

Saturday, March 7, 2015
Today was a lot better. It was quiet and I was home by myself a lot. I was able to crank up the tunes and cut loose—and I did. It was a great day all around.

Below are the songs I danced to 3/7/15:
Duration  Song and Artist Time
5:50 Smoke on the Water – Deep Purple 11:45AM
4:20 Heaven Nor Hell – Volbeat 12:45 PM
Stretched 1:30
2:00 (about ½) Into the Jungle – Jamie Commons 12:58
3:39 Name of the Game – Crystal Method 1:55
3:13 Rumble & Sway – Jamie Commons 4:45
3:16 Into the Jungle – Jamie Commons 4:49
3:54 Du Hast – Rammstein 9:48
4:33 Surfing With the Alien – Joe Satriani 10:49
30:55 Total

Sunday, March 8, 2015
Today wasn't too bad. I had more people around, but it was still a pretty good day.

Below are the songs I danced to 3/8/15:
Duration  Song and Artist Time
3:23 Walking on the Sun – Smashmouth 12:00
Stretched 1:00
3:07 Into the Jungle – Jamie Commons 1:19
3:53 F**k You – Ceelo Green 4:56
3:16 Rumble & Sway – Jamie Commons 8:02
2:17 Amos Moses – Jerry Reed 8:05
7:33 Lazy – Deep Purple 9:51
3:48 Heavy Clouds, No Rain – Sting 11:06
27:37 Total

You may notice that I tend to favor certain songs, like F**k You, Rumble & Sway and Into the Jungle. This is because they have a good beat and aren't too fast. They are also ripping good songs and I enjoy them. I am particularly hooked on Into the Jungle. It has a great bass line and lots of drums. It makes me want to dance.
The important thing here is to find things that make me want to get out of my chair and move. I've put together a playlist on YouTube that I call “Songs that Make Me Want to Dance” When my timer goes off, if I don't have a good song on the playlist I'm currently listening to, I pull that one up and grab a song.
I have noticed that my body is responding to this exercise positively. I notice when I haven't done as much in a day. I get stiff and sore.
I do need to work on getting the posts done more efficiently. It's almost Tuesday and I haven't gotten this post up yet. Ah well.

I didn't get my measurements or weight done today. I had a show this afternoon, and that set off my schedule considerably.

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