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Unfit Author Week of April 27 - May 3, 2015

This picture is why I started doing this. I hate how I look!
I know that on the surface, this seems like rather a dull post. I mean, who cares what songs I danced to or if I bothered to exercise? Obviously, not the point of posting. As I said at the beginning of this journey, I hope that by posting here, I will hold myself accountable. It gives me motivation to continue. Also, I hope that others will join me on this journey, find a little inspiration in my struggle and maybe find some good music in the bargain.
The dancing does more for me than just give me a little exercise during the day. When I'm tired, feeling low, I can listen to a song, dance a little (like no one's watching, cause that's the only way I can dance) and it gives me a lift. Fit of the sleepies? Dance. Feeling blue? Dance. There are certain songs that I can't be miserable when I listen to them. I recommend them to everyone:

Uptown Funk – Mark Roson and Bruno Mars
F**k You – Cee Lo Gree (written with Bruno Mars)
Love the One You're With – Crosby, Stills, Nash
Suite Judy Blue Eyes – Crosby, Stills, Nash
Pick Up the Pieces – Average White Band
Play that Funky Music – Wild Cherry

There are so many others, I can't name them all. This short list represents my go to songs to fight the blues. They are funky, fun and get me moving. My lists reflect my musical tastes as well. I don't stick to any one genre, as you can see from the list. I listen to rock, blues, Southern rock, funk, outlaw country, heavy metal. . . . Pretty much anything but rap and twangy country. Just never developed a taste for either genre.

Below are the songs I danced to 4/27/15:
Duration Song & Artist Time
5:55 Criminal – Revivalists 11:27 AM
4:30 Mary Don't You Weep – Theresa Anderson 6:44 PM
4:00 Tenderoni – Chromeo 11:07

Below are the songs I danced to 4/28/15:
Duration Song & Artist Time
5:55 Criminal – Revivaists 11:23 AM
3:30 Devil in Me – Jamie Commons 2:33 PM
4:18 Pick Up the Pieces – Average White Band 8:52
3:07 Jungle – Jamie Commons 11:22

Below are the songs I danced to 4/29/15:
Duration Song & Artist Time
3:16 Jungle – Jamie Commons 10:40 AM
4:31 Do It Again – Steely Dan 5:01 PM
5:34 Wake Up – Arcade Fire 6:03
4:13 Vampires – Ballroom Thieves 6:29
3:43 Lido Shuffle – Boz Scaggs 11:24
3:51 It's All Over – Dan Skinner 12:22 AM

Below are the songs I danced to 4/30/15:
Duration Song & Artist Time
5:48 Love of My Life – Carlos Santana 11:05 AM
5:55 Criminal – Revivalists 12:11 PM
3:04 Love Somebody – Revivalists 12:21
3:41 Another One Bites the Dust – Queen 4:08
6:01 If I Lose My Faith in You – Sting 5:04
3:38 Flower – Cody Simpson 6:02
20:00 minutes stretch while watching Supernatural on Netflix 7:23
4:20 Sad Songs – Elton John 11:10
3:13 How You Like Me Now? The Heavy 12:03 AM
4:17 Pick Up the Pieces - Average White Band 12:49

Again, you will notice that I got into the next day with a couple of my lists. This is because I'm still awake. My day starts around 10:00 a.m. (Sometimes a bit earlier or later, depending upon how late I stayed up the night before.) Although it is technically, by the clock, tomorrow, I count it that day.

Below are the songs I danced to 5/1/15:
Duration Song & Artist Time
4:08 Flower – Cody Simpson 10:10 AM
5:18 Concrete – Revivalists 1:22 PM
4:41 Closer – Nine Inch Nails 4:00
3:57 Bubble Toes – Jack Johnson 6:32
20:00 Stretched 7:22-7:42 I am trying to do this when I watch Netflix or I won't move

Below are the songs I danced to 5/2/15:
Duration Song & Artist Time
3:59 Rumble & Sway – Jamie N Commons 11:15 AM
3:16 Jungle – Jamie N Commons 12:27 PM
3:58 Fuck You – Cee Lo Green 3:45
3:35 She Hates Me – Puddle of Mud 8:27
4:49 Luz Amor y Vida – Carlos Santana 11:35

Below are the songs I danced to 5/3/15:
Duration Song & Artist Time
2:34 Sleep – Allen Stone 11:57 AM
3:49 John the Revelator – Gov't Mule 2:46 PM
29:00 Stretched while watching Netflix 8:28-8:57

© Dellani Oakes 2015

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