Tuesday, October 06, 2015

I Love Dialogue - Beach Babe

Fiona Cartwright is an actress with her first TV series. From North Carolina, she is getting used to Florida, where the show is filming. She has four handsome male co-stars, and has a bit of a crush on three of them—most especially Australian actor, Dechlan Albright. She and the guys are out for the night and she's taking turns dancing with them.

The band had switched to a mellower, bluesy sound and they were playing a favorite song of mine. All three men stood up, but Dechlan was the least drunk and the best dancer, so I dragged him back out. Hugo and Cole didn't seem to mind. They continued to discuss their production companies.
Good tune,” Dechlan said, pulling me close. “Midnight in Harlem. I love this song.” He hummed along with the keyboards before the vocals started. As the frontman began to sing, Dechlan crooned along with him.
Dechlan is an old style actor. By that, I mean he can sing, dance and act—sort of like Fred Astaire, if Fred were six foot three and a half inches of blond, jacked Aussie. He did a tight spin, pulling me close as he turned.
You're a good dancer, Fi,” he complimented softly, his face by my cheek. “How many hours of lessons?”
More than I can count. You?”
Mum's a dance instructor. I partnered her once Dad left. I was fourteen.”
I lost my balance, which I think he did on purpose, and fell against him. My face nearly collided with his chin. His full lips twitched and he laughed.
Sorry. Just enough alcohol to make me clumsy.”
You totally did that on purpose,” I countered. “No way you're that drunk.”
Maybe I just want you to think I'm drunk so you'll take advantage of me,” he replied with a wink.
Wouldn't that work better the other way around?”
Logically, one presumes, but you're not drinking.”
And I'm not seducing you.” Not that it isn't incredibly tempting. Oh, so tempting.
Hm?” He pulled me close, his cheek next to mine, as another, slower song started.
Cole came up, tapping his shoulder. “My turn, Dude. You can't monopolize the dance time.”
Dechlan reluctantly handed me over to Cole. Hugo was too drunk to care, so I danced the next two songs with Cole. Next to Dechlan, he was the best dancer, but only on very slow songs, or very funky ones. Anything else, he was hopelessly lost. Hugo could dance if given specific instruction. I had no idea about Matteo. He never went out with us.
Humming with the vocalist, Cole also sang softly. He had an even better voice than Dechlan. He seemed to caress the tune, making it soulful and sad. His lips brushed my cheek and he pulled me close. If I'd had any doubt that Cole was interested in me, that one small action shattered it. Oh, the man was blessed! It was incredibly tempting to take him to bed, too, but I'd already told Dechlan no. I wasn't going to diss him and take up with one of the others. I'd go to bed alone with my Mongoose before I'd hurt their feelings.
After the second song, I decided it was time to go. If we hadn't had an early call the next day, I would have stayed out dancing half the night. Besides, Hugo was wasted. He needed to get home and get to bed.
We all threw down for dinner and the tip, before Dechlan and Cole helped Hugo outside. I drove the car up so they didn't have to walk him across the parking lot.
That was fun,” Dechlan said, spreading his long arms across the seats. His hand rested on the back of my neck.
I didn't mind, but it seemed like an overly intimate touch in front of Cole. I didn't need to worry. A glance in the mirror assured me that both he and Hugo were sleeping.
Yes, it was. You're a great dancer.”
I do other things great,” he offered.
I have no doubt you do,” I replied, pulling into my parking spot. “But how do you expect a girl to decide between the four of you?”
You could give us all a try,” he suggested with a smirk.
Oh, and how would I go about it? If I went with the most persistent, I'd have to bed Matteo first.” I wrinkled my nose. “If I went alphabetically, I'd have Cole before I got to you.”
Not if you went by last name. Albright comes before Wilson.”
Albright always cums first,” Cole said as he raised his head. And Wilson cums last. Which of us do you think makes a better lover?”
I giggled, glancing at poor, sleeping Hugo. “The one who cums at the same time. Chang and Cartwright, pretty close, alphabetically speaking.” I got out of the car, leaving them to figure out how to get Hugo upstairs.
You could do us all at once,” Cole suggested, not seriously, I hoped.
I don't have enough orifices,” I replied.
The men exchanged a look.
You've got enough for three,” Dechlan replied, winking at me.
He and Cole held Hugo between them, their shoulders under his.
I bite,” I reminded him. “And I gag. What fun is it if I bite down on your dick and vomit?”
The men chuckled, shrugging.
Merely a suggestion,” Dechlan said magnanimously.

© 2015 Dellani Oakes

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